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Muratus del Mur

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So, we moved to a different domain, slightly different forum software due to its licence and changed options. Now let the bug reports flow.

I am sure there are still issues with it, so if you encounter any please post it, so me or @Chewett can work to fix them.


The new forum has several advantages over the old one, and i am hoping to finally be able to make it bring new players in MD. The old forum had a traffic restriction, and possibly the google rankings where severely affected by it.

Also, as a future plan, i intend to connect the forum much better with the game itself, and i already have a list of ideas i want to implement.

..but first lets make it work as it is :)


I really hope you like the new domain, myself i like it very much, i am glad i could find such a domain.

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Ann. 5376 - [2021-07-09 19:49:52 - Stage 16] - Permalink - Posted By Chewett   0 likes   

Forum Permissions problematic
After performing a review of the new forum it appears that all groups you were a member of have been lost. This will mean a lot of forums you could previously see will now be hidden. I am working with Mur to see what we can do to restore them.


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  • Root Admin

Game (code) links pointing to the new forum
All hardcoded game links should now be pointing to the new forum. Please post on the forum if you find another link.

Although I have found all the hardcoded links, there are possibly ones stored in the DB and other places that I have missed, so if you do spot any please post them up!


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