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How do I view the spelldocs I have unlocked?



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A "spelldoc" is simply "knowledge of a spell" as opposed to the actual magic that happens when a spell is cast.  Unfortunately there is no physical "document" that shows the spell or explains exactly what happens.  Search the forum for articles, or ask someone about that.

If you go to the compass and select "Magic" from the whirly menu, then click on "Outer Circle" you will see a list of "spelldocs" you have (titles only).  You must chose and enter the words or phrase you wish to use to activate each spell.  Don't use this phrase in everyday chat. It also shows how many casts you have used, and may use maximum, each monthly reset cycle.

You can also get an abbreviated version of this list as a reminder of your magic phrases directly, by scrolling down below the chat and clicking on "~Spells~".

To cast a spell, you must have 300 or more heat, and type the chosen phrase followed by the exact name of your target, no punctuation.

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What @Fyrd Argentus refers to above as spell docs are actually just "outer magic" spells. Spell docs, or spell pages, are something different, related to "inner magic". Spell docs were originally awarded by the game master @Muratus del Mur and other players of a special class known as RPCs (RPC meaning role-playing character, though only certain players were promoted to this group, and nowadays there are no longer RPCs). You can search the old announcements in game for "spell docs" to read more of the history. Today they are rarely seen, but some players still possess the ability to award them for quests. 

You can read more about "inner magic" by clicking the "More info" link at the bottom of the "Magic" page (which is below "Fights" in the actions navigation interface). As for viewing your spell pages, the action bar at the bottom of the page has an icon that'll take you there if clicked (hover over the different icons to see tooltips describing what they are). This page also has an "info" link that'll tell you more about inner magic and spell pages.

Do note that the work on spell docs is far from complete, and actually casting inner magic spells requires not only the requisite spell docs, but a wishpoint, synthesis of the knowledge from the spell docs, principles, and the intervention/implementation of someone with the ability to actually make it happen such as @Muratus del Mur or @Chewett.

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