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Semi-Competitive/Cooperative Alliance Manipulation Pastime (SCCAMP)

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22 hours ago, Fyrd Argentus said:

I have devised a team sport.  Rules below.  Let me know if there are enough people interested.  I'm not going to code all this unless there are.


Could you paste in the text? My screen reader is having trouble OCR'ing the text so I can listen to it.

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Semi-Competitive/Cooperative Alliance Manipulation Pastime (SCCAMP) Rules

This is a game combining clicky searching with team building, negotiation, spying, and poaching from other teams.

1.    Physical boundaries will be set.  A large number of very small, hard to find clickies will be used in these boundaries, and the number of clickies may be increasing during the game, with new clickies possibly being created over time.  A single password for all the clickies will be given when the game begins

2.    Each player will initially declare a team name, and hunt for these clickies.  Players are encouraged to recruit more members for their team, and to negotiate with the other teams and players to maximize total prizes.

3.    “Goals” will be achieved each time a new record team score is made.  Team score is the number of players on the team TIMES the number of clickies found by the least successful player on that team.  So if 3 team members each found at least 10 clickies, the team score is 30.

4.    Each time a new Goal is reached, each member of the winning team gets an individual reward point (provided that there were at least 2 on the team).  All players get their “found clickies” record wiped clean, and must revisit them.  All players get their team name reset, but those of the winning team have their team name set to their player name, so they can’t be on the same team next round.  All other players are free to form up new teams, or join those winners as they see fit.

5.    Note that because the teams are constantly changing, it is NOT to your personal advantage to reveal the locations of clickies you have found.  A large personal total gives you leverage in negotiations to recruit good teams.

6.    When a long period of time has passed without new goals being reached, the referee will signal a countdown then declare the game over.

7.    Players with the highest personal reward scores will get wishpoints, up to square root of the number of players in the game.  So with 9 players, the top 3 will get wishpoints.  If there are more than 1 wishpoint given out, there will be a bonus for the very top player, and for the highest scoring player that did not get a wishpoint.

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Revision: Winners will be assigned random team names for the next round, so that others can't leech off them by joining without permission.  Team names should only be shared willingly.

Also, of course, one player/alt per real person.

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51 minutes ago, Ungod said:

only clicky hunting

a) The clickies will be very hard to find, as clickies go.  And new ones will be appearing so you have to repeat searching.

b) It's more about teams and negotiation than about the hunting.

Edited by Fyrd Argentus
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