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Very inaccurate regeneration timer


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The regeneration timer seems to get out of sync with the server a lot very quickly. The deviation can be up to 5 minutes between two regenerations (10 minute period) on my system and varies with CPU load. I assume you use some internal tick timer. You should use some absolute time source like system time or sync with the game server.

Gentoo Linux, Adobe flash player 9.0.124, Intel Core Duo T2600 (1.66GHz).

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the timer is actually based on the server timer uuntil it tells your browser when it is. then the deviation is based on your internet connection. it it synced with your browser when you first load up the page. and then depending on how long it took to load that page and how long it takes to tell your browser the time it will effect how much it is off by.

I have 3M/768k ADSL line with stable 140ms ping to MD servers. The deviation increases with time so it has nothing to do with my connection. How often does the counter sync with server?

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I've always had this timer lag. Also with cable

The amount of tabs open doesn't seem to matter much.

But almost everything takes 'F5' to show correct data

Timer, healing creatures, heat, AP, ...

I know it's supposed to update at regular intervals, but it doesn't always do that.

It's better with firefox, but fights are really slow for me with FF

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I don't know much about this stuff. For me, the timer doesn't get that inaccurate unless it's been a couple hours of playing. The stats always update when they should for me, and that's when the bar on the little circle under the stats reaches 12 o'clock position. I think it reduces server stress this way.

From what I understand, the only counter is never synced with the server time after you first load. It makes sense that the deviation increases with time, doesn't it? You know, because each time the counter lags because of slow loading, it adds to the deviation. And as time passes, the deviation incrementally builds up. Unless you mean the rate of deviation generally increases as time goes on? I thought you said it seemed to be based on CPU usage. Internet connection and memory affect how much time objects take to load, don't they?

Do you often have something else running in the background? Other programs, or some other flash webpages in those tabs you have open?

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right this is all guesswork because i dont know how it worked but i think that gla you have hit upon it.

the server will sync when you load the page. after that it is the browsers job to change the seconds. if you were using a lot of cpu power it will change the one second slower. so the gap between the change will be one second but the change will take 0.05 seconds to complete. so this will mean every one second change there will actually be 1.05 seconds on the md server.

and depending on the cpu usage the lag will be less/more

Could you get some hard facts about the counter instead of repeating what I've guessed in the first post of this topic? <_<

If the counter uses internal tick timer and doesn't sync with the server, it would take like 5 minutes to switch it to system time based counter and thus fix the problem.

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  • Root Admin

well i never considred the counter accuracy so important since the real counting its done on server and does not shift. THe coutner its just the display for the actual values. I will defenetly try to sync it better, but its not a priority for me now. I appreciate your comments they are usefull to help me to figure a solution for this.

If you remember the coutner was much much worse some time ago , i think now its much better, so as you can see progress is done :)

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