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Would I lie to you?


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Alright, with my cold getting better (hopefully), I can run the other event I was planning, namely a (mostly friendly) competition where being a good liar is rewarded. 

This is a team sport and I was thinking of 3 vs 3 or 4 vs 4; in other words, at least 6 participants are needed. the goal is simple - to make your opponent's team misjudge your story. The story has to have happened in MD, even if it...never did. In other words, you must either 1) provide a real story that seems like a lie, or 2) create a false story that seems to be true. After one of the participants tells their story, the opposite team asks questions about it for about 3 mins, then they deliberate and call your story 'true' or 'BS'. If they got it wrong, you (and your team) wins!

The rewards include: a pool of 10g to distribute among winners and losers, 2 weeks Death Patrol immunity & pack of 5 research clues for the winner team, 1 week Death patrol immunity and weather&silvertongue spellstones for the loser's team, as well as some crits I will not disclose now.

I'd like this to run in a few days from now, but we need to confirm the number of players. Write in this topic your name if you wish to participate; also (important!) if your story is a TRUE story, send me the details, because I will preside the whole show and I need to know :) 

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Format changed, but the event was run; I'm sorry for death ray, but...timezones. 

(As a note, Ledah quickly disrupted the 'truth or lie' judgement for his story with a famous conundrum I had forgotten about and I am mentioning his craftiness here as a warning)

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