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In Memorandum: Spirits of the Past

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I'd like to welcome you all to this fine day, one that grows ever closer to MagicDuels 17th birthday (they grow up so fast ;3;)

This time around, I'm thinking it's only fair to pay our respects to those we miss, those that are gone, but never forgotten.

This quest is simple. To be fair, all my quests are. That's their entire point, quests everyone can do from day 1 to day 1000. 

All i ask is for the following. Write a Document, in any format you prefer, that pays respect, pays homage to a Soul that affected you among the most throughout the years.

I will also be writing my own Document for this, but my application will be made purely out of respect, as I will not be participating for rewards (aside from those for quest creation itself).

Take your time, craft something that truly means something to you, and be proud when you show it to the world. We will judge based on certain criteria, but all applicants will be rewarded in the end, some will just be rewarded more heavily for their willpower and performance :3 💞

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1 hour ago, Nepgear said:

Just to clarify, is this strictly MD related, or can we write about anyone who influenced us greatly (even IRL)? 

Hrm, a valid question... Normally I'd say it could be anyone at all, but as this is for the Birthday, I'd suggest keeping it MD themed if at all possible, although out of realm applications will still be accepted and judged equally 🤔💘

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  • Root Admin

I have heard that Fang has stated that he "refuses to return to MD" so I will take over finishing off this quest.

Fang has not told me of anyone else who participated publicly on the day so I will assume Fyrd is the only entry. Many thanks Fyrd and I will give you 20 plushies for your work :) 

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