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Day 103 Year 17, MD Birthday Day 1 - In Memorandum


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Full log of the event:

[14/04/22 22:33] Chewett:Today the day is titled "In Memorandum"
[14/04/22 22:33] Chewett:This is the first time we have ran this event on the first day, but I think it is fitting.
[14/04/22 22:33] Chewett:The first day is sometime when we can look back on where we have came from, and then we can look forward to the future we all have.
[14/04/22 22:34] Chewett:Today is also sometimes a sad day. It is to remember friends no longer present.
[14/04/22 22:34] Chewett:But we must also remember that those who we met, and knew, we were able to spend time with them.
[14/04/22 22:35] Chewett:So for today I am thankful for everyone who I have met and got to know in MagicDuel
[14/04/22 22:35] Fyrd Argentus:Hear, hear!
[14/04/22 22:36] Chewett:This is the time of year that my mind drifts back to the many people that I have met here
[14/04/22 22:36] Chewett:There are so many friends who I have got to known, many of which I am thankful for.
[14/04/22 22:36] Handy Pockets:I am thank you for the same Chewette and I miss Guythrop {I think how he spelled it.} And Awiiya and of course Rendril
[14/04/22 22:36] klawdees:grapefruit
[14/04/22 22:37] Chewett:Cutler was a great friend, sadly no longer with us
[14/04/22 22:37] Handy Pockets:And Chewett.. oh yeah and Mur scared me.
[14/04/22 22:37] Fyrd Argentus:Cutler was definitely one of my heros.
[14/04/22 22:37] Fyrd Argentus:Him and Windy.
[14/04/22 22:37] Chewett:Ah I think Mur scares many people Handy!
[14/04/22 22:38] Fyrd Argentus:The one taught puzzles, the other Role Play.
[14/04/22 22:38] klawdees:mur still scares me
[14/04/22 22:38] Fyrd Argentus:By doing, of course.
[14/04/22 22:38] Muratus del Mur:bah..i'm not scarry...am i? :))
[14/04/22 22:39] :Chewett hides from Mur
[14/04/22 22:39] Handy Pockets:You were back a bit
[14/04/22 22:39] Chewett:Speaking of Mur, while he may be scary at times, he is one of my oldest friends.
[14/04/22 22:39] Chewett:Thank you Mur for your work on the game, and thank you for letting us into some of your madness
[14/04/22 22:39] Muratus del Mur::D the pleasure is all mine :D
[14/04/22 22:40] klawdees:you aren't as scary as you were...but..."still waters run deep"
[14/04/22 22:41] Chewett:I remember back in the day, Founding the Seekers of Englitenment with Renavoid, that takes me back...
[14/04/22 22:41] Handy Pockets:so true, so true
[14/04/22 22:41] Muratus del Mur:i'm all fluffy and warm now (due to the little one, otherwise i can't guarantee :) )))
[14/04/22 22:41] Fyrd Argentus:I miss Ungod, don't know if he'll be back soon, but he was the one person who regularly set even weirder quests than me.
[14/04/22 22:41] Chewett:And not to mention the various Kings and Queens of MagicDuel!
[14/04/22 22:42] Chewett:I must say its a pleasure to see you around Handy, alongside many of the other people who have rejoined us
[14/04/22 22:42] Chewett:That Fyrd fellow does sometimes cause me a headache, but his heart is in the right place!
[14/04/22 22:42] Handy Pockets:little ones have a way of doing that Mur
[14/04/22 22:42] Muratus del Mur::)
[14/04/22 22:43] Chewett:Now if the other people who give me a headache would do it like Fyrd does, now that would progress MD so much faster!
[14/04/22 22:43] Nepgear:I miss Lintara, but since I regularly go to sleep for 6 months at a time I can't really complain, haha
[14/04/22 22:43] Chewett:Queen Lintara is a kind and gentle soul, She reminds me of your Handy so much, both amazing people
[14/04/22 22:43] Handy Pockets:oh I think that name was Guy Threepwood
[14/04/22 22:44] Chewett:Thats the one!
[14/04/22 22:44] Handy Pockets:I have to meet these people, I think i am on a different time zone
[14/04/22 22:45] Chewett:Timezones are ever a trouble with these things!
[14/04/22 22:45] MaGoHi:did i miss it?
[14/04/22 22:45] Chewett:Would anyone else like to name any more people they wish to remember?
[14/04/22 22:45] MaGoHi:congrats to whatever happened
[14/04/22 22:45] Chewett:Dear MaGoHi, we missed you, not the other way around!
[14/04/22 22:46] MaGoHi:with every bullet so far :D
[14/04/22 22:46] klawdees:Z
[14/04/22 22:46] Fyrd Argentus:Missed Fang, sort of.
[14/04/22 22:46] Nepgear:Uhh, I haven't seen Fang in 10 or so days so I kinda miss him
[14/04/22 22:46] Nepgear:Right??
[14/04/22 22:46] :Nepgear chuckles
[14/04/22 22:46] Else:has anyone already mention Pamplemousse?
[14/04/22 22:46] Muratus del Mur:I can't name any because it means i forgot to name the others... but i sure miss some.. I wonder what they do...some i have on FB , so vanished and forgot about md
[14/04/22 22:46] Chewett:I miss Fang too! I hope he is ok
[14/04/22 22:47] MaGoHi:i miss dst
[14/04/22 22:47] Chewett:I miss dst too!
[14/04/22 22:47] Fyrd Argentus:Grido
[14/04/22 22:47] MaGoHi:grido too
[14/04/22 22:47] Chewett:Ah Dear Grido, the second MD'er I met in person!
[14/04/22 22:47] Handy Pockets:yes, me too, dst
[14/04/22 22:47] Nepgear:Also Eon was a fun villain but don't tell him I ever said that, haha
[14/04/22 22:48] Chewett:Eon, one of the strongest fighters!
[14/04/22 22:48] MaGoHi:Eon!
[14/04/22 22:48] Muratus del Mur:Z ...
[14/04/22 22:48] Chewett:Good ol Z! Mr Bob himself :D
[14/04/22 22:48] Muratus del Mur::))
[14/04/22 22:48] Fyrd Argentus:Wish Kyphis was around more.
[14/04/22 22:48] MaGoHi:Syrian too
[14/04/22 22:48] Muratus del Mur:the tree is there waiting, will always be
[14/04/22 22:49] Handy Pockets:Is that the one who was in the Libraay building?
[14/04/22 22:49] Chewett:Zleiphenir, he looked after Bob the tree :D
[14/04/22 22:49] MaGoHi:also Aeoshattr
[14/04/22 22:49] Chewett:Aeoshattr, hopefully they are doing well
[14/04/22 22:49] Muratus del Mur:90% of what md means to me is on the missing list, i wonder what to do to change that, but its clearly not something i know how to change
[14/04/22 22:50] Fyrd Argentus:Thinking about Poppi Chullo makes me sad.
[14/04/22 22:50] Chewett:Ah Fyrd, I'm sorry to hear that
[14/04/22 22:50] Chewett:Would you like to say anything about Poppi?
[14/04/22 22:50] Else:DG?
[14/04/22 22:51] Fyrd Argentus:He seemed distant for a good while, couldn't draw him in.
[14/04/22 22:51] Chewett:Demonic God, Oh I do wish he didn't do what he did
[14/04/22 22:51] Fyrd Argentus:Never really got to know him.
[14/04/22 22:51] Chewett:He is welcome back, under an assumed name, know that Else
[14/04/22 22:51] Else:we all do
[14/04/22 22:51] Chewett:Maybe you could persuade him ;)
[14/04/22 22:51] Nepgear:DG's spirit is still with us (on Discord!)
[14/04/22 22:51] Chewett:Equally it sounded like he is better where he was
[14/04/22 22:51] Chewett:Where he is going sorry!
[14/04/22 22:52] klawdees:here i thought it was deliberate, Fang and AmberRune both talked about how when someone gets a role it's a warning they're soon to leave. there are exceptions i guess
[14/04/22 22:52] Nepgear:But yeah I wish he didn't go out guns blazing
[14/04/22 22:52] Chewett:Oh and friendly Sagewoman! Who could forget her
[14/04/22 22:53] Fyrd Argentus:Yes, though I knew her alt better.
[14/04/22 22:53] stavaroiu:Is Grido still around?
[14/04/22 22:53] Muratus del Mur:there are interesting patterns to people behaviour...facing md situation for so many years with so many different people, its impossible not to notice the patterns ahead..maybe one day i will detail
[14/04/22 22:53] Chewett:Sadly not, he has beeen busy in RL, He got married!
[14/04/22 22:53] Fyrd Argentus:Then there are Mallos and Lazarus.....
[14/04/22 22:54] Marvolo:Hearing all these names is getting me proper nostalgic.
[14/04/22 22:54] Fyrd Argentus:Two peas in a pod?
[14/04/22 22:54] lashtal:Hey Marvolo
[14/04/22 22:54] Chewett:Lazarus is still with us I think! Mallos too
[14/04/22 22:54] Marvolo:Hey hey
[14/04/22 22:54] Sunfire:seeing you is making me nostalgic Marv *chuckles*
[14/04/22 22:54] Chewett:Obviously its great to see Ol Marvolo here!
[14/04/22 22:55] Fyrd Argentus:Yeah, but not HERE and living on the fringe of things.
[14/04/22 22:55] :Marvolo waves
[14/04/22 22:55] klawdees:azull
[14/04/22 22:55] lashtal:Good to see you, you were one of the very first friend I met here
[14/04/22 22:55] Else:Manda and Spartiatis if remember his name correctly
[14/04/22 22:55] Chewett:Manda and Sparta! I remember them both well :D
[14/04/22 22:55] Handy Pockets:Liberty
[14/04/22 22:55] klawdees:or did someone mention him? he told me to get laid once. not sure it had the intended effect
[14/04/22 22:56] Else:I remember hiding with them here to do GGG battles
[14/04/22 22:56] Chewett:Liberty4Life, what an insande individual!
[14/04/22 22:56] Fyrd Argentus:Burns I remember fondly.
[14/04/22 22:56] Sunfire:Lania, and Guillak
[14/04/22 22:56] lashtal:Peace, Indyra, Brulant, Jester... I miss them all... All of them mentored me at some point...
[14/04/22 22:57] Handy Pockets:Amoron
[14/04/22 22:57] MaGoHi:Astir too
[14/04/22 22:57] MaGoHi:SirBlut and Witty
[14/04/22 22:57] Marvolo:Not sure if Khalazdad has been mentioned yet (was late)
[14/04/22 22:58] Sunfire:Shemhazaj, nimrodel, and aelis
[14/04/22 22:58] Fyrd Argentus:Innocence
[14/04/22 22:58] MaGoHi:JadenDew
[14/04/22 22:58] Else:true Aelis.. he was here last year
[14/04/22 22:58] klawdees:Zyrxae
[14/04/22 22:58] Nepgear:Right, Shemhazaj helped me a lot when I first came here.
[14/04/22 22:59] Handy Pockets:oh my. There is no other lands like MD. Friends we miss and friends we can see again.
[14/04/22 22:59] klawdees:and rophs
[14/04/22 22:59] Fyrd Argentus:Jester did a lot for MD.
[14/04/22 22:59] Sunfire:and ofc the childhood drama class of Keida and necromancer mortis
[14/04/22 22:59] MaGoHi:i sent rophs a happy birthday today
[14/04/22 23:00] Chewett:Is it his birthday MaGoHi?
[14/04/22 23:00] MaGoHi:according to forum
[14/04/22 23:01] Chewett:What a funny coincidence!
[14/04/22 23:01] MaGoHi:he also said thanks so i guess its ok
[14/04/22 23:01] Nepgear:True
[14/04/22 23:01] Chewett:Thats good to hear
[14/04/22 23:01] Muratus del Mur:a friend of mine living next door has his bd also today ...for years i thoguht i am celebrating md with him and he thought i am celebrating his bd, such a confusion
[14/04/22 23:01] Else:Has someone mention the N word?
[14/04/22 23:02] Invie:Amoran K Kol
[14/04/22 23:02] Handy Pockets:There is funny Mur.
[14/04/22 23:02] Chewett:Amoran! Who could forget, and Tarq!
[14/04/22 23:02] klawdees:N word? you mean No one?
[14/04/22 23:02] Handy Pockets:That was her name, I wrote it wrong,
[14/04/22 23:03] Muratus del Mur:no, i think he means that virus
[14/04/22 23:03] Chewett: *chuckles* It is an odd sort of person that does so much that Mur himself knows of them!
[14/04/22 23:03] Chewett:You have certainly made some.... impact... if Mur can name them!
[14/04/22 23:03] Else:the unmentionable
[14/04/22 23:04] Chewett:Is there anyone you would like to name Mur?
[14/04/22 23:04] Sunfire:no one dst and eon, some chaos brigade they were
[14/04/22 23:04] klawdees:i honestly can't figure out who you're talking about, unless it's N for Granos
[14/04/22 23:04] Marvolo:Granos wow
[14/04/22 23:04] MaGoHi:well Granos is probably here somewhere
[14/04/22 23:04] lashtal:Most likely..
[14/04/22 23:04] Chewett: (sent you a PM Klawdees)
[14/04/22 23:05] Else:Asterdai gave me my first ever silver coin
[14/04/22 23:05] Else:also an angien egg and I completed the 3 for a rit
[14/04/22 23:05] Fyrd Argentus:Metal Bunny, another one here but not....
[14/04/22 23:05] MaGoHi:Tal and his wife
[14/04/22 23:05] lashtal:Eara!
[14/04/22 23:06] MaGoHi:let me work my brain for her name
[14/04/22 23:06] MaGoHi:xD
[14/04/22 23:06] Chewett:Tal and Eara!
[14/04/22 23:06] MaGoHi:YEAH!
[14/04/22 23:06] Handy Pockets:Spine-chilling
[14/04/22 23:06] Marvolo:I feel like I only remember the names when someone mentions them and then I am wondering how I could not remember them.
[14/04/22 23:06] Sunfire:Aeoshattr and Adiominho
[14/04/22 23:06] MaGoHi:Aeoshattr i mentioned
[14/04/22 23:06] Chewett:I heard word from Eara, Tal and her are ok but their family were still having some issues with the conflict. Our thoughts are with her
[14/04/22 23:06] lashtal:Yeah I talked to Eara as well... a few weeks ago
[14/04/22 23:07] Sunfire:i was fashionably late so didnt hear *grins*
[14/04/22 23:07] Chewett:Some people eh!
[14/04/22 23:08] Chewett:Although I must admit that I was rushing to finish some things, and the timezones caught up on me!
[14/04/22 23:08] Fyrd Argentus:I was here but my memory is crap - Rendril?
[14/04/22 23:08] Chewett:Rendril Indeed, mentioned before but mentioning again is good!
[14/04/22 23:08] Chewett:BFH!
[14/04/22 23:08] Fyrd Argentus:Never met him, but his name is all over the archives.
[14/04/22 23:08] Chewett:Or Mr B as they are known
[14/04/22 23:08] Sunfire:Jubaris, and ofc Zleipneir
[14/04/22 23:08] :Else annihilated Nepgear and took all ☻4 heads.
[14/04/22 23:09] Fyrd Argentus:And BFH who kept changing his name... a very good friend and ally back in the day.
[14/04/22 23:09] MaGoHi:MRF
[14/04/22 23:09] Marvolo:Renata and Raven
[14/04/22 23:09] Chewett:BigC!
[14/04/22 23:09] Nepgear:Sushi the master artist!
[14/04/22 23:09] lashtal:She was so talented
[14/04/22 23:09] Handy Pockets:Pamplemouse. i think that is spelled
[14/04/22 23:10] Else:Pample!
[14/04/22 23:10] klawdees:grapefruit
[14/04/22 23:10] Muratus del Mur:i can just dream how md would look with all these people here, with the new tools and all, ...i can just dream..
[14/04/22 23:10] Chewett:Pampy!
[14/04/22 23:10] Handy Pockets:my mind is not typing what i want it to
[14/04/22 23:10] Else:I hope she comes to say hi eventually
[14/04/22 23:10] Fyrd Argentus:Who had the avy of a big shy horsish guy....?
[14/04/22 23:10] Marvolo:Well I'm off everyone, see you all next year! Good luck with everything.
[14/04/22 23:10] Chewett:Best wishes Marvolo, feel free to step in anytime!
[14/04/22 23:10] Sunfire:be well brother
[14/04/22 23:10] Chewett:And if you are not on the Discord and have it, join up!
[14/04/22 23:10] Fyrd Argentus:TTFN
[14/04/22 23:11] klawdees:Numerius Felix, am I allowed to miss my own former self?
[14/04/22 23:11] Chewett:The past is another person Klawdees
[14/04/22 23:11] Fyrd Argentus:Why not, I miss my sanity?
[14/04/22 23:11] Else:Jubaris?
[14/04/22 23:11] Chewett:Jubba!
[14/04/22 23:12] Sunfire:assira the black, and sephirah caelum
[14/04/22 23:13] Chewett:Both good friends!
[14/04/22 23:13] Chewett:My my, so many people
[14/04/22 23:13] Chewett:Well, for everyone who is here, thank you for coming!
[14/04/22 23:13] Chewett:Please feel free to keep naming people, I will be placing a forum thread later today to name anymore else, I am going to make a small memorial image/post with all their names on it
[14/04/22 23:14] Handy Pockets:It was a wonderful time. I must go,
[14/04/22 23:14] Handy Pockets:Good bye for now
[14/04/22 23:14] Chewett:Wonderful to see you again HP!
[14/04/22 23:14] Chewett:Be well!
[14/04/22 23:15] lashtal:Bye bye Kets
[14/04/22 23:15] klawdees:bye :)
[14/04/22 23:16] Fyrd Argentus:45 minutes until the Easter Knator is released. Just sayin'.
[14/04/22 23:16] Sunfire:passant the weak, and valldore nal
[14/04/22 23:17] lashtal:Valldore!


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