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i am angry

Muratus del Mur

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I can not get angry on you, MD population, because your actions are a mirror of my actions. If you fail to do something, it is because i have failed to provide a path for that something to happen. I understand that A25 team is overwhelmed by the amount of changes that happened recently...that i can fully understand, even if it makes me absolutely sad and depressed to see major features getting ignored entirely, not even a little feedback... but i understand where i failed with that... so i can live with it.

I will probably need to slow things down, present important stuff better, not in a technical way but in applied and documented examples ..i get it... but in my excuse i have to say that the amount of effort to do that is a couple of times more than i need to code those features, and doing it alone, code, documentation, examples, quest implementation...its ..well.. too much. The only thing i could do for now was to continue making improvements, documenting hundreds of features, and so on, without flooding the announcements with what i did. I start to get the feeling that too many announcements was what made most of you ignore the entire thing.


What i am really angry on, is the MD land weapon. I don't care about it so much anymore, so i can spoil things a bit (warning). It was designed for team work. You got all the details, tested and functional, you even got copy/paste spell words, and stupid-proof clues, but you are not told a single thing, namely, that you need to assemble a team to make it functional. It is not told, but its is damn obvious. If you follow the clues, there is no other way to do it but to do it in a team. You all play solitary even if you pretend you are not. If i give you one thing, you expect it to be for you, and if its a group effort, you let others do the first step, wait and see what happens. I am so angry on this ignorance. Yes, i am judging all, and probably this is totally unfair, i know, but in the end, i don't know any of you that at least tried to get something organized to complete this challenge. How else could i feel when a major thing in the realm, that is the outcome of years of code that finally came together, is completely ignored, or superficially tried. 

There was no reward at the end, and that was on purpose. I wanted something so powerful not to be motivated by a selfish reward, but by a more elevated thing, a thing that the md community once knew to value... knowledge. I remember the times when land wars happened without the benefits of a coded and flexible land weapon, and it was more fun than now. I continue to dream of a md realm that is open to anyone that follows the clues. It is far from being that kind of realm, but in the past couple of years it got incredibly closer to that concept.... but the md people remained stuck.... and i don't know how to unstuck you.


This will eventually fix itself probably. Having really motivated and passionate people with access to A25 (that btw is easy to get by anyone passionate about it enough), things i code now will slowly be discovered and put to good use at some point. I know i am unfair to expect a reaction to things i do "now" but require probably months if not years to be properly integrated... but i also think its fair to you to know how i feel about all this... because knowing this will explain my next actions.


I had a wrong image of how the relation me/chew towards md population is. I imagined a sort of partnership between me and you, i do what i do best, create tools, code, and you enjoy using these, put them to good use. I was delusional. The way things work are that i/chew code, A25 plays with the results of this coding, and the rest should be kept in the dark and provided only the path to the candy. 

I will start to shut down, care less, do more drastic changes without much explaining to anyone that is not directly involved with development.


I will start by doing the next major things in md un announced. If you feel you care about md, or consider yourself a veteran, or an active youngling, be advised, i am turning you all in fossils but at the same time i will open the path for anyone that really cares, through actions and involvement, to do and achieve a lot more. You are used now to be told what doors get open, and you are so lazy that you don't even visit those doors announced open... well this is hurting me, so i will start opening doors only for those that look for them, not for those that expect md to be revealed in the daily morning newspaper.



-- Mur

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  • Root Admin

Out of compassion for the people that can't read that much, summary:

Mur angry on you being lazy. Many important announcements on my part will be skipped, if you want to discover the good stuff from now on, for a while, you will have to discover them on your own.

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I think I understand the reasons of your anger / frustration.
But, in support of the lazy ones (we are legion 🤪), allow me to underline a few things:

- The community is quite small. If you don’t consider MD’s birthday, those online are few and scattered. Therefore, playing solitary and setting individual goals is often a necessity.
Moreover, as far as I understand, some land weapons were implemented (MB’s and LR’s), others are not.
Personally, I would love to see how they all work, but I am not a citizen of those lands. If I were a land leader, I’d not allow an outsider to see how my own very special land weapon work.

- The coders interest and focus vary at a pace most people don’t follow. One might be interested in something that isn’t your priority right now, one might be frustrated by something left unfinished, one might realize the full potential of a feature months after you finished it.
This can be frustrating on both ends, but I think it’s inevitable.

- Sometimes misunderstandings happen.
For example, see:

Perhaps it’s not among the reasons of your anger, but this can be seen as another symptom of laziness. But, as Fyrd pointed, the big red warning sign at the beginning made me (and probably many others) think this topic was to be intended as a 2nd step. Like, first you have to be approved / confirmed somewhere else, then you can post here.

- Last (actually this is little more than a joke): sometimes you are (admittedly) unfair. Sometimes someone gets cool stuff just because they were in the right place at the right time. Why should one work hard when they can just get lucky next time? 😜

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Lashtal mirrors my exact thoughts on this post, there are some conclusions you've drawn there Mur that aren't quite accurate though I can see how you've got there and why you'd feel fustrated.


The Land Weapon is an odd one, and I've seen that some have appeared to get close, group and everything but were missing a single member. People were certainly trying. However, and this is a big however, MD has always been a territory vs territory game.. PvP. You can see that in the past easy enough, but it puts a certain thing in mind - Helping a land other than yours find a Land Weapon is disadvantageous. And the Land Rulers probably wont want outsiders knowing how. This gives a problem, the playerbase is too small to find an active group in that number in the same territory and playing in the same timezone.

My own feeling is that people are interested in what you've built and the landweapons, but are waiting for their chance to create a group of their own land and find them. Whether we should be more cooperative with this is another question, and not one I'm going into here.


Also yeah the magic item thread I took the same as Lashtal, plenty of people are interested and fascinated by them, as seen by the Focus thread. I think it just needs more time for people to brainstorm.


Short Version: I believe the interest of players is manifesting in a way that you didn't expect. Land Weapons being for Territory vs Territory makes them currently a hard one to access.

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  • Root Admin

Ok, more time for the enchanted items thing , afterall its summer and i plan for a vacation, so there is time.

The MB land weapon was not restricted to citizens, it was/is open to all, and knowing what "the enemy" could do, is in the advantage of any land. Especially because there are not many people active, i made the weapon accessible to all, and playable as a sort of quest. 

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  • Root Admin
On 6/20/2022 at 1:35 AM, Muratus del Mur said:

How else could i feel when a major thing in the realm, that is the outcome of years of code that finally came together, is completely ignored, or superficially tried. 

I am quite late replying top this but:

I think you missed this, but Handy and Myself were working towards getting a team of MB people together to get this. She had some problems with the forum (which I think she still does) and wasn't able to bring the people together she wanted.

But I do know her, Mag, and a few others have worked it out mostly and Handy was doing good work to try and draw a team together. But it was secret Marind Bell stuff and you were not informed. Would you like to be informed in the future?


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