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Why close english topics?


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I hate to say it but I notice some REAL arrogance and hostility coming from moderators and developers on this game.

I'm sorry but you have no right to post "This topic R so get on my nerves, I close!!!" when in fact the people posting about English are correct. There are mistypes, misspellings, serious grammatical errors ect. For Pete's stake "Earth" is spelled incorrectly in the Elemental principal!

What I don't get is why there is all this hostility towards people who offer to assist with it. Clearly the creators are all up on their high horse about the writing and the story of the game (to the point of arrogance really), so why wouldn't they accept any effort to correct blatant errors that detract from the immersion into the story they have crafted?

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About the old topic of english: There are things at hand that need to be done before spelling corrections, and as long as you know that it's earth and not wrath, everything is okay, ain't it? =P

To your new topic: Nobody closes out of arrogance here, but there is only so much spamming one topic can take, and when that limit is reached, it's time to close.
When a topic has been open for months and there are no productive posts anymore (as it was for the english topic), closing is necessary to make sure nobody misses really important posts.

And that special topic just gets on peoples nerves because it was absolutely clear that this was leading nowhere because Mur won't give away the source for spelling corrections xD

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@poleritude: If you are talking about me closing the "spelling" topics yeah you're right. I do hate them. Why? Because there was (and I think there still is one) a topic in which it was explained to the players that those mistakes will be corrected in the future (they are not priority. Hey! I don't even know if they are on Mur's list...) But there are lot of players that started opening topics without searching the forum first about those mistakes (they were reinventing hot water). It was like this: "Wow! So many spelling mistakes and nobody is doing something about them! Maybe they did not even noticed! I will go open a topic on the forum! Wow! How cool I am for noticing them!". And I got tired of responding the same thing to all of them so I just went and closed them.
And if you check all (or almost all) the topics I closed you will see that before doing that I posted a reason why I did it. I didn't had to do that but I felt like I owe an explanations to the forum users. But it seems you only saw what you could use against me. And that's ashame..

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I think the main problem then is "double speak" or "talking out both sides of the face" if you will.

There is an entire forum based on language, and the official position is. "Well we need to code we don't care about Language"

So I guess thats why I feel the argument is idiotic. Its essentially no different from establishing a situation where you are asking "What do you think?" and the response to any comment is "We don't care what you think!" So why ask in the first place?

If you create an entire forum subsection about Language, its a bit "Intertarded" to get upset when they talk about language issues in the game.

If there was really 100,000 accounts, and even a small fraction of them were generating revenue, not only would the main dev have some lackey coders assisting him, there would be separate people working on translations, grammar, and artwork.

I'm just hearing (reading) a lot of inconsistencies with what's being put out there as fact, and what is viewable to the naked eye. And a lot of saying one thing, but doing/meaning another.

In general it is REAL bad form to ask for help on an alpha/beta game, then get pissy when people offer to assist. Its the same level of maturity as the 14 year old DM who runs a Dungeons & Dragons game, because he gets a kick out of killing of his friends characters (as opposed to trying to provide an enjoyable experience).

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Look, it's one thing to get pissy at moderators who have been putting up with something for months and have grown fatigued by the discussion. It's another to complain about spelling mistakes and bad grammar in the game when your own English is not exactly perfect.

"ect" should be "etc".

The word you want is "Principle", not "Principal" (huge difference).

The subjunctive of the verb [i]to be[/i] is [b][i]were[/i][/b], not was.

In general it is very bad form to use slang such as "real bad" when discussing bad form and "netiquette".

The spelling, grammatical, and stylistic errors in the game do not ruin the game; I have come to be grateful, very grateful, that so many players make the effort to play a game in what is not their first language, that they are more intelligible than otherwise, and that so many aspects of the game are original enough to allow excuses for less-than-professional language content. Playing some of my favorite video games, I see dangling clauses constantly, and it drives me nuts. These dangling elements do not impact the sales of these games in any remotely meaningful way.

Finally, it is not only perfectly valid for moderators to close topics started by people who haven't taken the time to research what has been said, but it is equally valid to say that professional-quality English is not a development priority for this game at this time. Writers are needed - for content and translation, not for English grammar.

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[quote name='poleritude' post='18378' date='Oct 14 2008, 10:05 AM']If you create an entire forum subsection about Language, its a bit "Intertarded" to get upset when they talk about language issues in the game.[/quote]

Just a point I noticed - this board is called 'Translations'. It would therefore stand to reason that the board is entirely about translating MD into other languages from its main tongue English rather than commenting on the English its self. If you were actually to read some of the topics that have been closed, you will have found the stance taken on spelling corrections repeated over and over.

I personally don't even notice most of the spelling mistakes, and I like knowing that the game isn't perfect (Had you taken the time to learn a bit about the game you would understand that it is still in Alpha). But if you really cannot put up with the trivial issue of spelling mistakes that badly, I suggest you don't play.

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