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No real surprises here. Many including I have already complained that the battle system has major bugs, like the frozen alliance counter, and also mechanics that do not work well with player behavior (the honor system). My stupid hope was that the game developer was planning to begin changes to the combat system early if he was going to do something like give everyone a balanced counter and 5k honor, (it is kind of stupid to do it and not make changes while calling it a "gift" when it does not really help anything much) but it does not seem like it.

So just think of it as a nice gift that basically tells you alliance members (and anyone else who keeps a balance), stop thinking of combat as part of the game, at least not a part you can enjoy, until those promised changes come. Whenever they do. Who knows, others might rejoice because they envy your unfair advantages in the head contests and will not think about how they themselves are being affected.

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I rather think that Mur thought he might be able to change the behaviour of players with his gift, because being in balance is really useful and should therefore be something that a player should want. Maybe he thought the reason why so many players were out of balance was that they had troubles winning at all, and were thrown off balance without themself wanting it, and just didn't manage to get back to balance.
I myself don't understand why people rather choose to have too many losses, but i guess it's about not being attacked, which is quite useless, because if you don't want to be attacked, you can set defs that scare other people away or just log off.
The real trouble is of a totally other nature: there are players who stay in balance, but those (me amongst them) log out when they leave the computer, so they don't loose too many battles and get off balance accidentaly, so the chances of finding someone who gives you honor as long as you are in balance yourself are rather slim, and so you are in trouble when fighting because those few who are online all the time give loads of neg honor, but there's no way of getting all that honor back from people who are a bit over balanced.

To topic: I myself have no troubles even though i'm in balance most of the time, my counter is not frozen, if i stay idle at willow's for 3 hours i can get all the honor i want =P

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yea this problem is killing me, and i am in big dilema what to do i cant fight at all only against few alliance members, so no xp and no wins for me in long run, and still i get kicked by this non alliance.... ~censored by me~ players, like lightsage :P lucky he is now in alliance (eh ex necro leader in gg :P ) so if i attack non alliance player i get from -50 to -500 honor

in short two more attacks on non alliance player and i am toasted

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