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The new mp2 system and Golemus.


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This aren't precisely bugs, but more side effects of the new system:

The new system of mp2 players appearing in Golemus has brought with it a complete seal of the island.
Where once the way out was open for any who found their way in, there is now no way to leave for most people.
The problem, however, is that some people do manage to find their way in, and are then locked inside until someone can be found to take them back.
I'm mostly talking about people using the "jump to leader" option, and finding out that their leader is in Golemus, possibly logged off, and they have no way back.

Therefore, I suggest that the jump to leader option be changed so that it can't take players into Golemus, (and, for that matter, other inaccessible locations).

Another point is that the Live Help button tells you where to go to speak with the LHO that receives your message. However, it's impossible for a new player to go to an LHO who is on the mainland.

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It is an interesting idea, but i just think it creates a whole bunch of bugs, but if such a move would be made, why not instead alter the jump to leader so it shows where the leader is b4 you jump to the leader?

Now about the LHO in GG...im sure mur has thought of something? I mean...new players will most likely not know what a LHO is...but im sure there is a way to get out for new players once they accomplish the mission they are assigned to do in GG.

Then i believe they start yet again to complete and finish the quest by the paper cabin? I am not sure, i may test it out later, but im sure there is a way out of GG for the poor lost souls..

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[quote name='Liberty4life' post='20899' date='Nov 25 2008, 08:26 PM']eh what about mp2s using pillars and getting out :)[/quote]

That is possible:) bt lets just...NOT IMAGINE SUCH THINGS!!

but, im sure...mur has cealed the whole GG out? Only a few can pass in and out?

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[quote name='Liberty4life' post='20899' date='Nov 25 2008, 03:26 PM']eh what about mp2s using pillars and getting out :)[/quote]
That'll be great right up until everyone begins doing it and it becomes public knowledge, and that puzzle loses it's mystery forever.

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Why not just let everyone pass through from inside to go out? Its inevitable that the mp2s will fiddle with the pillars...thats a fact. Everyone loves fiddling about when they are new.

The pillars usually dont work when you just fiddle about, you need to know it beter so the chances are slim...are you sure that the mp2s walking about werent just...normal mp4s in illusion that ran away from mur?

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no they were actual mp2's who figured out the pillars, they had to be teleported back in, i heard about them in Golemus (i'm an LHO there)

a spell is used to promote players from mp2 to mp3 from which point the normal mp3 storyline proceeds, only about 3 or 4 players have the spell at the time of my writing this, though this will increase.

if you are silly enough to use jump to leader when they're in Golemus, then either use the pillars, or there are a few rpc's who will be able to teleport you out, but only if they happen to be online.

sealing it for mp2's only may result in bugs appearing, it's easier just to seal it against everyone, getting out isn't the hard part there are ways for each of us togetout, just no convinient way to get back in

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Hmm, i dont know...sealing players from getting in completly i think is not the correct move...but sealing those in it from getting out is not the correct move either...

Why not just make it impossible to get out when mp2? That would be the best solution?

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