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Dear All,

Well being kind of new I would still like to know the officail Alliance formation, a whos who.

Could someone make a quick list of all the active alliances and who is the leader and second in command and recruiter. No need to get into history or anything as it is stated on other pages.
All a bit confusing at times. This person quits, this war happens.....and so on.

Just a simple list with names and whereabouts.

Thank you


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I don't know the recruiters... but here are the leaders and second in commands.

[b][u]Golemus Golemicarum[/u][/b]

Leader: MRWander
Second in Command: MRHoly (?)

(MRD is the TRUE leader, but he has appointd MRWander as leader of the alliance)

[b]Guerilla Golemicarum[/b]
Leader: .Yrthilian.
Second in Command: .Grido. (currently in Savelites)

[b]Kelle'Tha Order[/b]
Leader: .Akasha.
Influential Member: .Shadowseeker.


[b]Necrovion Sentinels[/b]
Leader: .Peace.
Second in Command: .Marvolo.


[b]Guardians of the Root[/b]
Leader: .Firsanthalas.

[b]Children of the Eclipse[/b]
Leader: .Tarquinus.

[b]Savelites Church[/b]
Leader: *Princ Rhaegar*
Overlooker: .Grido.

Leader: .Kragel.
Second in Command: .Udgard.

[u][b]Marinds Bell[/b][/u]

[b]Seekers of Enlightenment[/b]
Leader: .Chewett.

[b]Knights of Bell[/b]
Leader: Liberty

[u][b]Magic Duel Archives[/b][/u]

Leader: .Pamplemousse.

[b]Legend Speakers[/b]
Leader: Keith Moon

[b]Soldiers of the Inner Sun[/b]
Leader: .Muratus del Mur.

[b]Dimensional Shifters[/b]
Leader: .simplyzero.

Leader: Memory (?)

[b]The Artisans Guild[/b]
Leader: .GlorDamar.


[b]Shattered Illusions[/b]
Leader: dst

Did I miss anyone?


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[quote name='stormrunner' post='30538' date='May 7 2009, 06:35 PM']they are ledah's not real alliance, not to be put on the list[/quote]
Ah yes, Ledah the Bob hater, having seen him for a while actually

Thank again all for the above info.


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I will post when I change the list.

And hopefully I will be getting this list in my K document, with information about the alliances soon. By soon I mean within the month. A long time, but it's a lot of work.

Peace is now the leader of Necrovion, and Marvolo is second.


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  • 2 months later...

I updated a lot of the leaders and second in commands.

So my prior promise didn't really happen, mostly because there is no way to get a public K document. However, I will start working with the descriptions here.


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