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Alliance Chat Not Loading


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Im having problems loading the alliance chat, when I click on the alliance button it will say loading chat messages after that it will load one line of text and no more, I have tried typing in a few things and they do not seem to come up Is there some way to resolve this?

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I have no ideea why this is happening but because its not a constant issue i wont try to discover what is going on right now. I suspect there is a larger issue with the chat, if so i will find out what it is after i gather more info on it.

Does the "classic" refresh work? There is a few minutes delay between the times when a character changes locations, most of the time you do not notice it but sometimes you could be marked as beeing on the map even if you are in a dream or alliance chat. Alliance chat and dreams are tehnicaly a different location and you are simultaneosly in two places to be able to chat in alliance.

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