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What is the most wanted new feature/bugfix/change that you wish for. Only one?

(mods, feel free to edit this topic in any way, add polls, update this post with the winning wish etc, thank you)

EDIT: Mod for overview.

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  • Root Admin

[quote name='Death Bell' date='31 August 2009 - 10:24 AM' timestamp='1251710689' post='40515']
i would say fixing tokens and creature auras are meant to be fixed first.. since more player count are in that area.. and you will satisfy more players if you solve that area first.

actually if you go by the poll it should be tokens and then factions, But since factions seem a way off and tokens are very tricky, Let Mur fix what he wants, he has to have some fun with this.

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ohhh okie.. just to clear stuff up when i say player count i meant players ingame not on poll counts... there are more alliance less people than people in alliance right.. thats what i was trying to say, more people are in mp3 and mp4 than in mp5 and those people will love if the creature auras are fixed. (birds, BP, unholy priest, etc) :D okie me out

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