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Alts Being Banned



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first of all this topic should serve as a warning because i am sure the same thing could happen to a lot of people here.

ok so to start. almost all my alts got banned because i used them to store creatures. originally i did it because i bought token. i send all my creatures on Lifeline to alts to get the token on the correct crits. because i didnt need my other crits and wanted to keep the highest possible age i just left them on the alts. that were for example a soulweaver, 2 nutcracker, one of the oldest angien from before they got released to teh public and others.
but now to be honest i have to admit that i started buying tormented souls and put them on the alts as well. lots of tormented souls...
i never knew, like everybody i talked to, that it was forbidden to store crits on ur alts. of course u are using multiple accounts for ur gains but whenever i read that rule "not to use alts to benefit ur main account" i interpereted it as giving wins to ur main and stuff like that and not sending crits back and forth.

ok so to make it short i fully understand that those accounts holding only 16 tormented souls and similar stuff shoudl stay banned. i understand that that is abusive indeed and that is why those accounts should stay banned. but i would like to get my beloved mp3 back that didnt store any crits at all. its just a mp3 with normal mp3 creatures. and the 2 accounts with the old creatures from Lifeline. i kept my age old aramor, barren soul and all those crits because i love them i cant replace them anymore... if i loose them then i will loose the only crits i am willing to fight with. before teh CTC i used to always have a full profile because i kept at least the first crit of each type i ever trained and played with. i never sacced them even when they had 1000wins i send them to an alt because i love them. they have a place in my hearth and cant be replaced buy new crits i recruit ...sorry for the spamming i am just a sentimental fool who cant get over his lost babies

well i am making a poll just like unbelievable power to get those 3 accounts back that only have my old (2accs) or normal creatures (the mp3 i play on sometimes) that i will never trade away anyway. the other accounts can stay banned that is fine with me, i will loose all my old angiens as well but that is a price i am willing to pay

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I think Lifeline deserves a chance, considering how much you've given in this community I do honestly believe you deserve them back.

As a side note: If a person uses two accounts to balance each other would it be considered as an offence?
And did UP get his alts back?

Honestly, I personally HOPE that alts wont eventually be banned, there's a lot to abuse but there's also alot to learn from having one.

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[quote name='Chewett' date='11 September 2009 - 08:04 AM' timestamp='1252649057' post='41496']
Can we have some more infomation about your alts? since really most people will be guessing now about what they think

i am not quite sure what u mean but if u need more info sure.
1 mp3 that got banned that has normal crits archers grasans elemetals ect. it was never involved in any trading (i think 3 month ago i did 1 trade on it or so cant remember)or anything at all (the mp3 i speak of i would like to have back)
then 2 mp3 accounts that never fought a single battle expect against the shades in the prologue. i just made them to put my creatures from Lifeline on it when i bought token on Lifeline. i never transfered the crits back. (my old original crits 1 of each from the first day i started playing. including a lot of premium crits)
and the rest are accounts that have only fought the shades in the prologue no other battles and had stored masses of 1 single creature. for example 16 tormented souls. those accounts is were i broke the rules i never knew would apply like that. so i fully understand that those accounts stay banned. but the mp3 for example had nothing to do with anything at all. and the 2 others that hold Lifelines old crits were never meant for any trading benefit or for whatever they could get abused. just to keep my old crits on them until i need them again. i didnt want to lose any more age on them so i just kept them on the mp3 accounts and didnt trade them back

i didnt understand why they were banned and asked mur. he told me because i used them to store creatures... hence only to benefit my main.
so again i ask to ban all those accounts that really did store creatures in an abusive way (liek 16 tormented souls) but i would like the 3 accounts back that were never meant to deal any harm in trading or whatever. those that just have my old creatures which i left on them

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Lifelines alts were banned for doing something everyone does or has done. While the amount of tormenteds might have been a little ridiculous, this is another situation where i believe a little warning about the problem wouldve served better than banning. Lifeline is a very smart guy. If he would've known this was a problem he wouldve rectified it. People, come together and support one of the best players MD has ever had. And perhaps the guidelines on alt use should be revised so that others dont commit banable offenses. I don't feel like Lifeline has done anything serious enough to warrant a ban. Many have did much much worse. And keep his words true to your heart....this could be you in his situation.

And to answer the above question, my alts that i actually play were all returned (except for one slightly younger than UP, but he was a dirty mp3 and probably better for you all hes banned) Join me in helping out another great member of this community. Vote for the return of his alts.

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[quote name='Guybrush Threepwood' date='11 September 2009 - 11:07 PM' timestamp='1252703245' post='41555']
For some reason I feel that Lifeline was not the only one two store massive amounts of TSs on alts... Is there something more to this? Or was it explicitly stated that that is exactly why, storing these TSs, was the cause for the ban?

i was really suprised to see my alts banned and didnt understand why so i asked mur. he told me they were banned because i used several alts to store and age creatures.

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The fact that RPCs have and done this and get away with it over the average players is enough to make me say yes he deserves his creatures back and makes me want to shout take a closer F-ing look at those you trust before punishing random people who have actually paid exuberant amounts to support md just to have accounts banned..

Also if you are going to ban and announce banning of accounts at least make sure you have to correct information. I understand that examples need to be made but why not actually focus on people who are actually problem players and abusers... ( note the amount of new mp6's and the amount of unique "active" players to md... )

Lifelines punishment was unwarranted and he is the type of person if he was simply told of his actions being illegal he would have taken actions to stop what he was doing and rectify the situation, which is MUCH more than I can say for the RPC choices of late and this year... So Kudos on making people who actually care about MD more annoyed while not targeting the people who should be the focus of scrutiny like the inactive RPC's or the RPC's not doing with their roles or positions despite their being online, no lets ban some alts of someone who wants to do something for MD... Brilliant..

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i think lifeline deserved a warning before banning his alts, since he wasnt breaking rules ... id recommend to give back the alts he desires, especially since those creatures are of sentimental value to him

.. define a new rule like... no creature transfers between own characters ... make it public and execute it ..

i myself planned to do something not far from that ... and found no rules speaking explicite against it .. but now im warned

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I think is hypocritical to say you didn't know you were helping your main account by storing creatures in the alts to token them or not to lose them

I don't know if everybody does it but I don't and it's not because I haven't thought of it

Alts should not be used to gain profits of any kind (adepts, trades, fights, alliances, more tokens to the right creatures)

I think the punishment as fair if you think Mur allowed you keep your main account (perhaps more than fair)

But if he decides to give them back to you (simply because you are you, Lifeline, old player,...)
it should be on the warning that you won't be able to exchange creatures between them or any other new alts again

I don't think however this thing should be allowed, that's just my opinion

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define rule-breaking...
is the rule already broken when you store a crit without even inteding to ever trade it back? like, to keep the crit safe because you value it for sentimental resons, not so much as combat-crit?
i agree that it's alt abuse when you store it away, put tokens on other crits, and then transfer it back to use its age for faster raising, i think Mur is totally right in deleting several accs which are clearly just storing crits to get age on them easily and are unused apart from that, and neither 'tons of people do it' nor 'i didn't know' are valid excuses, and what -I- personally think on that matter is that it would be nice if Mur sent Lifeline the CTCs of the crits he wants back and deletes the accs after Lifeline got his precious ones back...

after all, he knows now that he can't do what he did, and deserves a second chance with his old IDs imo... of course they should be lost if he does it again with another alt -.-

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  • Root Admin

im guessing it was this random clearup

so his accounts must have been


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u guys are awesome ... i wanted to make this simple and only state the important facts and u guys dig like crazy to reveal that even the banning was done totally wrong.
what am i supposed to say now? that the banning system doesnt work properly?
oh well now u will have to read a huge explanation:
as u can see in the announcement none of the accounts i really play on (Lifeline, LifeIine and 2 more i would like to keep secret) were mentioned? why? because mur never knew it was me. it is said that Yunain is the main account. the fun aspect of that is that i log onto Yunain maybe once a month and it isnt even my account.

so i asked mur what he did, why he would ban alts and even give the warning to an alt. his reply revealed that he really didnt knew it was me. i wanted to sort the thing out and decided to hurt myself even more and tell him that it was me. i gave him the best explanation i could why his system could only track 80% of my accounts and not the rest that i used at the very same day. as u can see from teh amounts of accounts i normally dont log into all of them at the same day. it was actually the 1 and only day in the month that i logged on all to activate them. that is why i exactly know on which day they were tracked. i was on 3 more accounts on the very same day and mur wasnt able to detect them. now dont worry those are also normal accounts that have nothing to do with any crit storing.

and please note the names. i obviously named them carrier ... the players from germany list was full of carriers so at least everybody from germany could see that somebody made tons of mule accounts. why did i name them like that? because i thought its legal to store crits on them. if i had believed that i was doing something illegal i would have given them a proper name IF i wanted to cheat.

but back on topic i told mur it was actually me who owned all those accounts and he told me the banning was because they stored and aged creatures. if i hadnt told mur he would have never knew that it was me and i would still not even have a warning...
why did i walk even deeper into the shit and told mur it was me? because i am not a person who wants to cheat. i never meant to cheat the system or do anything bad. so i felt i should tell mur that he couldnt track the main account and that his banning system has flaws.

also note the date when the banning was done. why did i made the topic 3 weeks later? because i didnt want to reveal that the banning system is faulty and gives u possibilities to go around it.

so now u got the whole story. i made the whole thing look worse than it actually was because i didnt want to reveal how much went wrong in the system here. i risked to appear more of a "cheater" and waited 3 weeks for that... but u guys now forced me to reveal the whole story

but to say something positive: thank u very much Granos and Unbelievable Power for ur words and also thanks a lot to all those who support me here

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by the way if u want to check those accounts i would like to have back they are:

CarrierC with my really old beloved crits (very first ones i ever bought)
CarrierD same as above but also withe expensive premium crits like 2 nutcracker and a soulweaver
Jareth mp3 i am playing since last year. i really love that account

all the other accounts including those that didnt store creatures can stay banned.

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[post='39070']My opinion on alts in general[/post] and [post='29475']Mur about alts and ctcs.[/post]
If you read the latter post, it is stated that using alts for storing creatures is walking the thin line between efficiency and abuse. "we will notice the damage on the way i guess." Apparently the damage is now considered to be large enough to warrant a ban of the alts involved. I don't think anyone that read the forum has the right to say this is totally unsuspected.

Furthermore the damage is not only the using of the alts to enrich one account, but doing it so openly that you are a 'rebel hero' encouraging other players to use the same methods. It is not a strange idea to use the most obvious offenders as an example. And I certainly don't think it is a good idea to publicly revoke that decision. Banning all carrier accounts is not much of a penalty but more like a hindrance to continue malpractice. If there are certain creatures of sentimental value that unknowingly got mixed up in this, I won't mind their release, but I will mind this to become a reference for future offenders. We already have one such case being referred too and the argument 'others do it too' is one I loathe.

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So let's start from the beginning
You have numerous alts and Yunain is one of them? Have I understand correctly ?
You admit using the rest of accounts to help Lifeline by putting tokens on the right creatures and storing others
And admit Mur hasn't found out about all your alts and all your dealings so far

You got caught cheating the rules and face the punishment (a very lenient one I might add)
and you come here wanting no punishment but, I quote "the one you are willing to pay"


And there are players that support what you did openly

That's what I heard so far... please do go on

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to Kafuuka and Sharpwind, Mur told me that if i want my alts back i should make a poll on forums and he will decided based on the result of the poll.
all my carrier accounts got banned as u can see. other accounts that mur didnt detect are nothing but normal mp3s or mp4s that have archers elemtents and the normal crits an account needs to survive here.

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