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Since there is no system that will decide war, becasue system which we knew as war mode is no more we have to do it like this. This has been agreed by leaders of involved sides.

One big fight at Gates of Despair inside Necrovion will decide war. This fight will happen on day 266 (thursday this week) at 21:00:00 serv time. Only players with 3 badges involved can influence war (KOB, NS and COE) any other players aren't allowed to influence war, so i ask everyone else that they don't even come to battlefield and mess in there, it has been also agreed that any neutral messin of any sort will result in nullifying all results in this fight and fight will be done again as much times as needed to make it clear without any interuption. Spells were at first meant to be all allowed, but since its not so easy to say who is casting them, and ones that fight dont really have time to cast it during fight, it has been decided to turn them off since most of spells will be casted by neutral players which want to get involved.

Rules are as follows, allies wait at Caves of Torment while defenders wait at Deathmarrow, leaders of 3 allys waits at Gates of Despair, when scheduled time hits, both forces come into battlefield by jump-to-leader and can start fighting. Wins and victs on attack count as kill, wins and victs on def dont count. Fights after you got killed won't be counted, bursts are forbidden as well because then we don't know if ya killed somebody, player using burst damages his own team. After fight is over every player involved must post in this topic his/her burst page (summary of all battle logs). In case that he gets close to 14 fights overall, s/he is required to step back to its camp (Deathmarrow for defenders and Caves of Torment for allies) take screenshot and then get back and continue fighting, next screenshot must contain at least 2 same lines from last screenshot. Players from one camp arent allowed to go to camp of other forces and vise verse.

Surviving side wins war, if there are survivors on both sides (not likely to happen, very very very slim chance for that) then they will fight round2. Surviving and dead players are counted like this; if one player attacks and gets win or vict against other one at 12:01:08 defending player is dead, and if defending player attacks and gets win or vict against some player but his log shows 12:08:09 that doesnt counts becoz he got killed at 12:01:08.

mod please close this and reopen it before war starts, i would also ask mods to keep this topic clean of any comments, in here only logs are allowed, write your comments in other topic in which war was declared, tnx

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I died pretty quickly :P, wasn't fast enough with changing my def rit
I did kill raven though :D

Ugh, the thing won't let me use the full editor, so I can't re-post the image. I didn't upload it the first time apparently.

Someone merge/delete my posts?

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~V~ ~L~ Player You lost Enemy lost Rounds Time
IN X Guybrush Threepwood 4128 64455 1 24-09-2009 21:07:52 replay
IN Sparrhawk 3608 38844 1 24-09-2009 21:04:48 replay
OUT X Jester 3410 26148 2 24-09-2009 21:04:31 replay
IN .Pamplemousse. 4128 0 0 24-09-2009 21:04:25 replay
IN Falen Angel 0 2436 0 24-09-2009 21:03:48 replay
OUT .Pamplemousse. 4128 0 0 24-09-2009 21:03:45 replay
IN .Ailith. 4326 0 0 24-09-2009 21:03:33 replay
OUT Guybrush Threepwood 4326 0 0 24-09-2009 21:03:28 replay
OUT .Raven. 4326 0 0 24-09-2009 21:03:14 replay
OUT X .Ailith. 64874 4785 1 24-09-2009 21:02:53 replay
OUT Jinta Shook 0 95 0 24-09-2009 21:02:40 replay
IN .Akasha. 0 0 4 24-09-2009 20:40:12 replay
IN Amoran 0 0 4 24-09-2009 20:38:05 replay

(3 logged wins) OK
You triggered 18 bursts so far.

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well this sucks.. before i took a screen shot.. of my wins so many people attacked me.. that all my wins went under :P
anywho am sure it wont matter since we lost :D
ok i went to broswer selected the paint picture in my desktop and pressed attack this file but it doesnt work

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I have sifted through the logs to determine the outcome.
As defined by the agreement, you are considered killed when you have an IN attack which you lost, your are considered to have killed when you have an OUT attack with a victory or win and have not yet been killed.
Please correct me if I have misunderstood, or if I made a mistake in the logging.

Allies: Knights of the Bell.
Metal Bunny
Jtz Champion
Handy Pockets
Death Ring

Defenders: Necrovion Sentinels, Children of the Eclipse
Guybrush Threepwood
Falen Angel

Action Time Winner
Liberty killed Falen Angel 21:00:21 Allies
Liberty killed Tarquinus 21:00:39 Allies
Liberty killed Amoran 21:00:53 Allies
Pamplemousse killed Liberty 21:01:07 Defenders
Pamplemousse killed Cless 21:02:32 Defenders
Guybrush Threepwood kill Death Ring 21:02:39 Defenders
AqlBeat killed Jinta Shook* 21:02:40 Allies
Jtz Champion killed Sparrhawk 21:02:41 Allies
Jester killed Handy Pockets 21:02:56 Defenders
Jtz Champion killed Jester 21:02:58 Allies
Metal Bunny killed Raven 21:03:28 Allies
Ailith killed AqlBeast* 21:03:33 Defenders
Guybrush Threepwood killed MetalBunny 21:03:59 Defenders
Guybrush Threepwood killed Jtz Champion 21:06:32 Defenders


Kill ratio for Allies:Defenders

Note: I am checking for possible draws.

* denotes result was derived from non graphic battle log, AqlBeast or Ailith, please post an image for your logs.
Can someone supply a list of participants so we can see whose logs need to be posted and who the survivors are?

According to the list, it appears that all Allies were killed and thus the Allies lost.

Edited by Rendril
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