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Issues With Broken Pattern


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Mist Thereof (ID:171042) has no orange piece to start with
Freddy Krueger (ID:163024) doesn't have one, either

what do you mean it being no bug?
well, i guess it doesn't hurt to keep track of them either...

people who know more can easily ignore it or have it deleted XD

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Upon completing the puzzle I got a popup stating:
"Invalid solution. Possible Illegal action reported #code 28741."

This may be due to my popupblocker firing the first time I completed the puzzle. I completed it a third time and got the same error message. No wishpoint has been granted. (I have 0 and I'm below my 60 active days required to spend any)


Solved the puzzle in Firefox and it worked. Might be some bug with IE or with my settings... anyways you can disregard this bug report.

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