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[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="3"][i]Ok, some of you knows me both in-game and on these forums, but few of you knows who I really am. I have committed many sins and a major one. I am Thomas Riddle, and I have many alts on the realm, so here it goes:

I am also:
Adam Riddle (also in forums)
The Ager (also in forums)
Furatus del Fur (also in forums)
Siberian I
Siberian II
Siberian III
Michael Jackson
Cain Banelord (in Mt. Kelle'tha, destroying the Tiny Men)
Necrovion Banelord (in Mt. Kelle'tha, destroying the Tiny Men)
The Necrovian
Jack Willow
Cain Sacredheart

And the infamous [b]Cain Baneheart[/b] who hacked Jazira's account on May 2009.

The sins:

I lied about Adam Riddle being my friend that died in an accident last June 10, 2009. The reason why I said that is because I am having some troubles with the creatures page, because I bought a creature when I Adam was an MP2, well I didn't know it because usually MP2's starts at GG when I registered my very first account Cain Baneheart.

I have promised Czez to do her story, but the fact is, I did not do it, because I am too busy in RL and I have huge problems to deal with. Also, I'm making 10 avatars to submit to GlorDamar as of now and I'm working on all of my alt's stories, ALL of them even the banned ones (except Cain Baneheart and Jack Willow).

I hacked Jazira's account because I'm too curious as of how it's like to be an MP5, and guess what, I discovered MANY things and figured out most about the battles, spells, etc.

You're probably wondering, how can I be Cain Baneheart? He's from Philippines isn't he? Well yeah, we just moved here in Canada because of me having some troubles in the Philippines, I'm just too good on pissing off people, and I applied it in here by spamming some topics and being a Necromancer in these forums. The first time I registered Tom in here, I pissed off Chewett, and I felt really good about it. But now, my visions has changed.

I am saying this because I want to start all over again, both RL and MD, and I am truly sorry about the people that I have pissed and as a punishment, you can ban all my alts, or ban me too if you like, but if it's possible, I want to keep Adam, Tom, and Lazarus, IF you give me a second chance.

Apoligies to all, I won't do it again ever. If I did something wrong again, ban all my accounts and my upcoming account, I know you can trace my IP so whatever account appears using this IP, ban it.

Thank you.

EDIT: I want to keep Lazarus' forum account if possible, you can delete all my forum alts.

Edited by King Lazarus
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I dont believe you actually said there why you said Adam was your friend and died in a car crash....

I truly hope you have turned over a new leaf, because those accounts that i banned, and i believe those accounts banned of yours were all my doing, had a good reason for doing so. I would be happy to assist in removing more of your accounts if they do anything wrong.

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  • Root Admin

So, When i say A year ago "we should ban all accounts related to the necrovian and cain" and then find all of your accounts, i was ready to ban then all.

But no, obviously one who knows less about the forum will make the decision that no they are most definately different people because they sound different. Not that people can play different roles or anything...


really, this is why i have taken a break from md, I am pretty annoyed at this.

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[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="3"][i]Because I can tell a story, and Shadowseeker is right. Personally, I'm a very nice guy, but online, I am really an ass, so all apologies goes to all of you, I am truly sorry about what I have done, specially to Chewett, Czez, and Mur.

EDIT: Oh crap didn't notice I was using this account... Well if your forgiveness needs to ban me for good in this game, then go ahead, it's fine really. I just love this game so much and I just f*cked it up, I hope you forgive me someday... :)[/i][/size][/font]

Edited by Thomas Riddle
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Somehow, I just don't care that much. While I was sad that Adam Riddle had died, now that you have unveiled your full set of lies, I don't have any emotion at all.

"Because I can tell a story, and Shadowseeker is right. Personally, I'm a very nice guy, but online, I am really an ass, so all apologies goes to all of you,"

This sentence explains full well why you don't deserve any of my emotional time. Because you can tell a story, you told a story about how your friend had died? If this is your idea of amusement, you need to re-evaluate. Frankly I don't believe you that you are a nice guy in real life, but rather that you can hide it better in real life than here because it's so easy to be yourself while being hidden behind your computer screen.

Here's to hoping you improve.


Edited by awiiya
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Contrary to what most people will say, I never cared about Adam. Watching people die on the evening news every day numbs your feelings. I did think it was sad, but that is not the same as feeling sad and the thought was followed by the question 'what if it happened to me?' None of the people I communicate with outside of the internet, know or care about MD.

The internet can bring out the worst in people and in me it enhances paranoia and skepticism. Why this sudden revelation? Why now? The offense made several people sad and now the confession makes people angry. Does the truth really serve us in this case? I don't believe you did this on a whim, and neither that you feared the truth would come to light eventually.

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I say its all premeditated and with such actions people tend to never change. If I had a ban button I would deffinatly hit it on this case. Lets not forget he also caused a well loved, and wonderful player (Jazzy) to quit the game. Hacking because you were curious about being an MP5? Not only is that about the only form of cheating in this game, but it shows your lack of gamership. This is exactly the reason why most all MMORPGs suck now a days. The true gamer is a minority, and you are left with whiney non-gamers who only want to be the best and will pay, cheat, lie, and steal to find the fastest way to the top.

*shakes his head* I feel dirty just having pictures that you drew on my papers.

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[quote] Why this sudden revelation? Why now?[/quote]

[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="3"][i]I had a choice, that is to reveal it or not. I revealed myself because I don't want any bullshit of mine remain untold and that is spinning on my concsience over and over again and all my lies in real life. My life is pretty fucked up right now, not just about the lies, but all the people who hates me. I've done so many wrong things in my life and I'm gonna change it for good, whether you believe me or not, I'll do it, it just seems you're not giving me any chance to show it to you guys. I feel humiliated and I get personal attacks from some of you, even in RP-ing on the realm which is I believe, is out of the question.

I don't care if you believe me or not anymore, I deserved this, I made Jazira quit the game, I made a lie about Adam's identity, I sworn about Mur and spammed the chat with bad words back when I was using Cain. I can't convince nor stop you guys from what you will say or think about me, but I am sorry, I TRULY am sorry about that, and that's all I can say, and I will gladly do whatever it takes just for you to forgive me.[/i][/size][/font]

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