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Bugged Lr Back Entrance


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[quote][2009-10-27 17:34:12 - Alpha 9]
Players that unlocked LR back entrance from wish shop might have an issue with accessing it. If you are in this situation please gather all together and once i have a list of affected players i will go on and fix each one. Sry for the trouble but this is because i had to change some things to prepare for the new mdscript.[/quote]

that would be me, anyone else?


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  • Root Admin

Thank you Cryxus, very helpful.
I am giving you a wishpoint for this, and i am doing it publicly so that people will understand wishpoints are also for such things not only for quests.
I know there are no more regenerable wp , but such rewarding goes good your image :) makes the one rewarded fell GOOD, so its worth giving.


p.s. Giving it in private for some obscure bad documented reason might be interpreted as cheating (trading of wishpoints) so be careful how you do it, thnx.

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[quote][2009-10-30 01:03:11 - Alpha 9]
Players that had the LR back exit blocked after the key change, got it fixed today. In this process i had to summon them to that location, sorry if i pulled you from important business.[/quote]

Seems to be still blocked, at least for me.
I tried the most obvious things (clear cache + refresh, revisiting the location form both ways) but may have forgotten something necessary?

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I'll resend IAB and Nex to Mur, he likely got the additions after he already made the change... Also I still have to test the LR back entrance spell so I'll add you two along with what i find with that.


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i think it's easier to have everyone still having this problem write in this threat than seperately PMing mur. this way everyone can be fixed in another go.

to sum it up (correct me if necessary):

I am Bored
MRV - 103641
CrazyMike - 48895
Junior - 43448

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