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Error Messages?


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When I'm roaming the land, I get error messages all over the place ^_^

They're not allways the same, but are allways similar.
I play many games, and surf the net a lot, but this is the only site I get it from.

I attached some screenshots in .png so you guys can have a look. If you need more shots, just ask, as they pop up all the time.
Even just now when I'm in the forum on a different tab, the error pops up and takes me to the other tab where i was exploring.

When I press enter, the error goes away, and everything seems to function normally (as far as I can tell)...
But it's very anoying :P

As I read some other remarks on other kinds of grey screens in the forum, perhaps I should mention that I'm runing under Windows 7, Firefox 3.5.5, latest Flash (10), Have DSL-connection and I cleared my cache regularly.

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From time to time you'll experience such messages. We consider them "normal" sort of...Means that Mur is working. Rarely means that he broke something. Don't worry about them. Usually they do not affect the game. But it is indeed a good thing to report them so they can be fixed.

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On every location I go to, I get this error.
Every minute that I stay in any location, I get the error again...

And I don't see any online players in any location at all... I checked all the way to somewhere deep in the Lands of the East, and now I'm stuck there withouth AP :))

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A lot of players are reporting errors like this of the table being full.
The "foot prints" are also staying after a player has already left a location.
I think the problems are related, and due to the optimisation yesterday.

After fighting the same person repeatedly, this message came up.
The fight went as normal but said this at the top:
Duplicate entry '44582-103641-repeatedattack' for key 1

The "link expired" message is for people that I try attack when it is not the hourly interval. Seems to come and go.

I have also noticed MD logging me in automatically from various computers.

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i know the errors, wha ti try to do is to see when it will give table full for everybody, but for now server crashed and i dont know at what limit, something is clearly wrong

to make it clear, i am intentionatly causing these errors to test it, they will be gone when its done, what is wrong is with it crashing at around 220 which is way to low

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