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Can't Cast Positive Or Negative Votes In The Forum


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Well as the title says i can't cast any positive or negative posts in the forum..

I keep getting the message "Action failed: You have reached your quota of positive/negative votes for the day" but the thing is that i never (not once from day one in the forum) have cast any votes!

at first i thought that this issue might be browser related (in work i use mainly Opera and IE) but i tried from home as well (there i use mostly Mozilla and Chrome) and the same thing happened. Any ideas?

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  • Root Admin

Pm chewett, He knows what to do...

and i would pick carefully whose advice you take, they are all different :D

You need 20 posts to be able to plus/minus rep from people. So be patient and you will one day achieve that number.

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Ohhh didn't know that...I was just checking the profile posts..guess i will have to wait for one more post in order to check again..
but ..wait a sec...this post is number 20 ;):D

thanx Chew!!!!!!!!

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