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Allow Other People To Edit Your Papers


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When i was RPC, and we could edit other people's docs, for either offences, or because they asked us to do something, other people found it helpful for us to perhaps do something on the papers that they couldnt.

Now obviously RPC's arent around anymore, so there arent people that can help out with papers or whatever.

My suggestion would be to have somewhere where you can enter the name or ID of another player that you allow to edit your papers, this would be helpfull for players who want html on their papers, but perhaps dont know how to code it themselves. They would be able to add the name/ID of a player that does know html and that player would be able to work on the code on the papers for them.

This all make sense? Would other people find this a good idea?

LE: Suggestion would be on a tab like where the AL/Top lists etc are

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[quote name='Shadowseeker' date='10 January 2010 - 08:12 PM' timestamp='1263150760' post='52446']
There once was even an announcement asking for this..paper shaper or so? I don't remember too clear anymore.

Might be interesting to give some people the ability to edit, best would be those really versed in coding and wanting to help others.
There was a request for someone to become a sort of paper editor RPC, to help with html and stuff.
The paper shaper is a contest we held twice and might (I myself don't have much time right now) do again.

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  • Root Admin

[2009-03-07 03:25:41 - Alpha 8]
Public role request.
Someone is needed for a dedicated RPC role that will be responsable with enhancing, editing, improving and customizing personal pages on request. The person selected for this will reeceive requests from other players for such personal papers customizations and will have a dedicated role as an "Document Editor" and they must be ready to fully dedicate to this role. This person won't be able to mix this role with an other one, at least not in the official description and tag. Candidates must present their personal pages to prove their skills to customize them. The uniqueness and beauty of their pages will be the main deciding factor for this role, next factor is personal reputation. This will be a full featured RPC role like any other, with wishpoint reward capability, quest editing and so on.
(The editor will only edit the look and feel of the pages, not the content. The content will be provided by the charcater requesting the modifications. The Editor can deny requests based on any reason, but must have an overall constant activity in helping others with this)[/quote]

Most of you wont have been playing when this was asked for, but i remembered Mur asked for something like this.

I cant however comment if mur still wants such a person still, considering the massive changes that have taken place.

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Aye. One particular area I myself found this useful for was alliance papers. I could change the alliance pages of people within the alliance, which was really handy.
I'd also like to take the time to point out that I never heard of anyone complaining about their papers being edited against their will or anythign bad being done in that regard. Hopefully this is the case and it shows that the people with the ability were able to use it well.

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I would welcome this as I find it a great idea. I do have some html knowledge but at same time the last time I did anything on that part is somewhere in the past and I dont even remeber half of it.
I simply dont have time to venture into html again (even if it seems that I do,but I do other things alongside being "loged in") so help on that departement would be quite welcome.

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I like the idea of chosing who to allow to edit your papers. As requesting of someone to edit them for you, here you give them explicit access, thereby preventing someone from editing/removing your papers without consent.
Maybe they could get your papers listed in addition to theirs under the papers window, thus they get the same interface but it will show only for you and without abuse.

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I like this idea but I think that it souldn't be that you can access the papers of the player you're helping as if they were your own papers with the player not being there (although convienient). I think this should be possible only if the player you're helping is in the same location, even if offline. 'Long-distance' edits should be reserved to people with your allience.

I remember when I forgot to close a script tag in my comments on self paper and rendered the paper unreadable and ineditable. I was messaging mur and countless LHO's by the live help opperator button until I found Grido (during his time as RPC) who was kind enough to sort it for me.

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I was thinking about this and the only non abusable solution I could come up with would be to have an option in the Option Panel that would allow you to...allow a person to edit your papers. This would have multiple advantages imo and as I said: it would be non abusable.

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