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New Ideas For Usable Items


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edit: answer to announcements

I've been wanting this since I joined MD :(

to the topic, I will start with my own item, Ritual Knife. Not sure what spell would fit it, but could you allow it to sacrifice my creatures without using an altar? not that I can use it in a good way like that tho... :( it would lead to alt abuse so not for that ability (i just mentioned it cause it fits the desc).

a suggestion, I was planning to mention two items in my future quests (will post the central data for current progress soon), seeing stones (made of those stone tablets if any of you remember), based on LoTR palantirs, it would allow people to see the location of the owner of second seeing stone, perhaps something more too

so the first item you make a suggestion but you also realise it will lead to alt abuse, then why bother? I could make an item to sacrifice a creature but the sacrifice reward will have to be calculated entirely different and THAT could lead to abuse or inefficiency. The palantir idea is interesting, not sure if to bind it with locate spell or earfocus. Both items functionality is far from i can do effectively right now but i will keep them in mind as possible ideas for later. Provide a more detailed and well balanced plan for the creature sacrifice idea and i might do it on the ritual knife.[/color]

[color="#0000FF"]answer to Mur:[/color]

thanks for your reply Mur :)

perhaps deleting the ability to gain any temporary points when saccing with the knife (that would erase
possibility that I would use it for alt abusing-i wouldnt anyway, but I plan to give suggestions so you dont
have to rely on my word), but in my opinion, it should have increased max VE for every creature that gives it by certain
percent? (I wouldn't dare to say 100%, but lets say 50% more gained max VE? so lets say creature X gives 400
max VE upon saccing, now it should give 600), cause it's a ritual knife and by saccing a creature I give its
vitality to me.

I also have drachorn scales... it says it fire-ressistant, dont know how will that be useful unless
fire-related spell makes it way out. so no idea about that one yet except maybe defense aura of increased def
stats to plus (random number) 300? or percent of my defense? or increase drachorns defenses? not sure about
that one...

about the Seeing stones (palantirs), locating spell would fit its role perfectly
I dont know what earfocus does, tho. Anyway, they should be more detailed and revelead in one of my (and my
"quest company" :P) later quests, when I finish those I will post the link here (or post the link via message
to you if you want). Among the mentioned abilities, can it be set that it has unlimited casts of locating the player
that has the second seeing stone?

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Seeing as how there isn't a topic yet for the new ideas for useable items, I made one here.
Please post your [i]new[/i] ideas here with additional comments about your own or others' ideas and suggestions.

My own:

The first one I had was more of a combination of the functions already suggested by Mur in the announcement.
Basically, it's a passport for a land, combining the key triggers for access to special locations, with perhaps profile adjustment (negative or positive, who knows?), or maybe more of a log effect with restrictions, such as disallowing people of the land to pick up torches from another land, forcing them to not blatantly perform a soft version of treason.

the second one is a new function, or rather, a restriction upon an item.
One time usage, or, proportional usages.
Beer would have a single usage, and then disappear, people could add the roleplay themselves, or perhaps temp ve goes up and temp ap goes down, who knows?
One time, 5 time, maybe 100 time usages per specific items (when they are crafted), would allow for protest against more powerful functions to disappear or dimish sufficiently enough. Such as (number three:) teleportation. A one time teleport to necrovion or loreroot or gg, or maybe a single place, such as the inside of sage's keep, without using up ap.
If you do it with, perhaps, a time limit, you get visa's.
Kings and Queens could earn some profit with tourism visa's :P (also applicable with a normal trigger that allows access, but you know, people would have to walk :()

Number four would be perhaps a variant upon number two; it places a restriction according to a certain location. For instance, an icecube.
If we had a place that was really cold, and a player had an item such as an icecube, and the player left the scene, the icecube would disappear.
If you put in a place that gave out icecubes, or whatever, you could create some new forms of quests and roleplay. For instance, a quest like; get an icecube to.. a fountain and click a certain item to complete the quest. The hardship of the quest would be figuring out how to get to that place, while keeping your icecube intact.
Or maybe the icecube only lasts a certain amount of time, or perhaps you need to avoid heat, or gain heat, all sorts of variations really, but they are all but suggestions.

Lastly would be the opposite of restrictions upon items; they open up or enlarge other things. Much like the key trigger, they could perhaps be a torch, a magical torch, with 5 uses, which, once you use them, give you 1k heat for free, or increase temp ap with 20, or something.
Heh, using nightshade could have funny consequences now.

i was looking for more exact suggestions. What can or cant be done with items i am fully aware of. Fixed number of uses is not yet possible and not desired on the long run. Imagine the used items will flood inventories without purpose. The way to limit item usage is by time. An item with one use for example could be an item with the use limited once a year. Making passports for lands is the only thing i can do from your requests list. I will send a few to random people from within an alliance of each land, leaving the use of them at their own decision.[/color]

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I have recently aquired this item

Chartreuse Cloak

A cloak of yellow and green, when worn in a forest you may shimmer, unseen.

I think that it would be interesting if it was usable as in could grant invisibility inside loreroot perhaps

item made usable. Not only that but its a very cool one. It can cast cloak on others and consume heat for the cast.

An other cloak item of someone else received same functionality (not sure who it was)[/color]

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I like those ideas MB. As for the beer thing, there could be one item that's like an everlasting keg or something, and it makes it so that you automatically get a pint of beer in your invent, and then once you either consume or give that beer to someone, another one will appear. Or you could even go so far as having ten or so beer glasses, filled when in the same inventory with the keg, and once consumed you are left with only the glass, which you then should give back to the person with the keg, or if you choose to, can steal or take the glass with you.

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I had an idea about beer. I was thinking that after you use the item it could cast a spell on you that randomly switched around some of the letters you had typed. Its not all that realistic, but it could be funny.

Edit: New idea
For my item Jester Sceptre, I was thinking it could teleport people to the screen 7_jestersdoor_1 by charging it with heat.

no teleporting items right now, maybe later. Teleporting is dangerous.
alcohol item done, its awsome, best i ever made so far :(

Edited by Muratus del Mur
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[b][b][b][b][size="4"][b][font="Arial Black"]Wood musical box[/font][/b][/size][/b][/b][/b][/b] that sings the MD song when opened. Manufactured in Loreroot in day 117 of the 4th year.

The box's mechanical musical device is made out of metal by a Golemus Wizard! It's magical proprieties consists in an activation of the GoE portal twoards the GG island! Whenever the musical box is opened, the device [b][font="Arial Black"]activates the GoE portal that opens a GG location[/font][/b] ( most likely the portal inside GG ).

The name of the wizard I forgot during my long term coma, but i shall REdoo my reasearch and i shall find out more about it!

Is it possible to make items with more than one use ? I was thinking besides the portal thing ( castable 5 times per 2 weeks ) it could also play the song everytime it is opened. This would require a second usage! OR It could play the song everytime it is open but activate the portal only when used near the GoE !

[b][font="Arial Black"][size="4"]Pouch of ash

Probably of organic nature. Something makes this ash special in a way, although it might be just normal fire ash.

Some sugested It could be the ash of the Wraiths inside the wreck in GG island. They could have burned either from Kelle'tha's fire, either from the burning rocks fired from the catapults that attacked the future to be wreck. Their remains was gathered in this pouch of ash. Due to it's organic nature the ash could be used to gain the powers of the wraiths.
Choice 1: [b][font="Arial Black"]Ghost spell[/font][/b] ( because wraiths are known to have no actual material bodies.
Choice 2: [b][font="Arial Black"]A boost to skills or stats[/font][/b] for a certain amount of time

[b][size="4"][font="Arial Black"]Bar of Soap[/font][/size][/b]

An un-scented, basic bar of whiteish yellow soap. Made from Grassan fat.
( I shall edit this when i find out more about them)

Of course it could be used as cleaning purpose, thus:
Choice 1: Used on a player it [b][font="Arial Black"]removes all negative spells[/font][/b]
Choice 2: [b][font="Arial Black"]Cleans all current vitality off[/font][/b] a player.

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Finally! The next step evolution to items =)

My first and foremost suggestion would not be about the items I own, but for other items I hope will come someday. I personally would like to see inner magic be put to use in the part where "items will be able to do everything a current spell could do". For example, a stone enchanted with the powers of healing via transposition. The power of the spell will depend on the level of knowledge on the Heal inner magic spell. It could depend on the holder's knowledge or the maker's knowledge, represented by inner magic docs (this way the item's power could either be made static once it is made, or dynamic depending on the holder). This could work with other spells, like an invisibility spell (seduction doc), an attack increasing spell (sword slash - this could even be made as an item that permanently increases the player's stats), a spell blocking/defense increasing spell (air ward), damage spells (timeless shot, circle of flames etc). There are countless possibilities here and it would also help put a use on the inner magic spell doc system that has been on hold for such a long time.
[b]Summary: tying inner magic spells with an items' abilities. Strength of item can depend on the holder's knowledge of the spell, so the item will rescale its powers automatically depending on the player.[/b]

My second idea is tied with the part where an item could affect a player's stats (when they are held by that person). Perhaps weapons and armors could provide some boost to player stats? This might collide with the already existant equipment system, but nevertheless, it has a great potential.

And now, for personal items.
The Golem I am working on has 4 stages (with a number of upgrade levels on each stage). The plan is to have each stage require an extra effort to unlock. The ability/knowledge to advance through each stage is bound with the player, and not the creature itself, so someone who already knows to advance to the 2nd stage can advance all of their golems to that stage. It would be great if we can use items that unlocks a key/flag to mark those who has the knowledge to advance to those stages.

I would request that my research journal has the abilities of the Golem Elementalist, so once/if I one day retire from this realm, those who found my journal may read it and continue the role of making golems. The ability would include:
1. the ability to craft a golem for someone
2. giving a player-bound, nontransferable "research log pages" (4 different sets of page, one for each stage) that would serve as the key/flag to upgrade their golem through the 4 stages.

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Highly agree. I'd love to infuse my silvery sphere (ID 12) or my Crimson Cross (ID:953) with some (inner) magic.

Would be fun to have the holder of the cross display the knight flag as well. (Not give the wearer the knightpromotion spell..unless I request it later.)

As for my silvery sphere..I'd enjoy imbuing it with circle of flames (which I happen to have a complete set of). I have..ideas, but it'll be hard to realise, not to mention the spell in mention, fireball, probably would not be given out. Still, there could be a weaker version of it, or just a nomulti spell.

Edit: It might be interesting to see something similiar happen to equipment, as in real equipment. And special types of them, unique by themselves transferable to others, giving more stats, or spells, etc.


Edited by Shadowseeker
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Ah, now i see why we all only talk about our own items... the announcement requested it XD

Wodin's Seal Fragments could have a permanent key to Gates of Ages and/or Howling Gates, living the spirit of the good ole warrior is a bit hard when you don't have access to your homeland to rest and no access to the enemy-lands to study their ways -.-

And, on the evil ole selfish note, the seal could be attached to a drachorn, giving a (untradeable, since fixed to the seal) Golemus-Drachorn to its beholder, and taking it away again when the fragment is given away ^^

My Rapier, like almost any sword, could have stat-boosting abilities... but honestly, that'd be boring xD
I'd like it much better if it 'killed' mystical beings like the description says... probably 1-2 uses per spell-recharge interval, time spent dead 10 minutes and stacking, meaning the first time you get killed it lasts 10 minutes, the second time 20, the third time 30 etc.
Maximum 1 hour at a time, though

Argh, can't keep it to myself: We have 'birth-stones' for almost all months, they could have the ability to give 200 luck for 24 hours once during their specific month, YAY for birthday presents!:(

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well i always wanted to perform sword slash inner magic with mine sword, and i just happen to have all 3 lvls :P so i should be able to make salami slices out of everything XD but since atm this isnt possible, i was thinking about prot-movelock lvl1, prot-nomulti lvl1, prot-freeze lvl3 and deals 20% (of max ve) damage to players actual ve, well since its sword its logical that opponent gets hurt thats why ve dmg, since mine sword has dazzling light aura it blinds opponent :( thats why movelock, but since in md fights are done with creats... then creats should be affected too, so 3 of them gets freezed, and other 3 get nomulti targeting but they should be happy that they still can attack, as for charges... args.. its sword.. its not battery :( so its logical to have infinite charges :) but that wouldnt be fair to others :D no? so why not give infinite charges to all melee weapons it would be realistic, but limit should be put on using it multiple times on same target, for example mine sword has infinite charges but i can use it only once on same target in same day

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I have a flute as an item. As Udgard said, It would be wonderful if the item could be used to cast spells with the help of principles. For instance, I would love it if my flute could use heat and based on my principles give healing or increased attack depending upon the type of music played. For instance, a strong, fast music would give attack which can be explained as giving the character a sense of morale boost for war, or calm soothing music which gives relaxation, peace and healing. But What if, like, the number of times I play a tune on my flute, meaning the number of times I cast the spell, would give me more experience playing the tune and I would learn to cast it better, Like about every 50 times I use the spell, the level increases by one. Of course, that would mean that the number of times I would use my flute for magic would be reduced to like 3-5 times in two weeks? I dunno.. I was just guessing... :(

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So with this new item ability thing now available, how do you think this item "could" be implemented, I have written a suggestion to Mur in game PM, but also would like to discuss here if you have any ideas, im not sure how "secret" the items use should be... whether everyone should know what it does.. as it might take away some of the excitement :(

item : Feather of dreams

This is a personal item that appeared when i was in a "dream like" state next to the path of lonliness.
After deliberation of possible effects we are unsure how the item can be implemented without being too powerful.

It is NOT a weapon of attack in general, it didnt appear in my inventory as that, and shouldnt appear as that when used, it should be an item of defence.

Usage : 2 uses per spell counter recharge

Effect on User(the person using the item) - Attack lock, move lock, weaken defence
(this reflects the users concentration/maybe dream like state when the item has been used, also this For RP makes the item interesting, a double edged sword as it were...)

Effect on person applied to - attack lock, move lock, weaken defence

(principles : cyclicity/transposition/imagination/darkness/time - forming a connection with the feather from a cyclicular day to day "use" and having experienced first hand the power of it on many occasions (the feather has distorted asterdais dreams in the past and has been the cause of the his Dream quest saga), Asterdai believes the feather to be lucky and to hold a great power, and people are aware of this. When someone looks at the item in his inventory everyone knows the feather to be The feather of dreams, and therefore when asterdai "uses " it people expect something to happen. The first part of the connection between the afflicted and the item already exists.. and this is where the power of transposition and imagination can take over...

Falling asleep, in his dreams the feather appears as real as when he is awake, and its existence in this state of "imagination" transcends the imagination/reality barrier for him to become something physical and real, even in his dreams. Like the example set in the transposition principle of voodoo, this item holds a power greater than what it is actually physically "made" of. Its the age old saying.. if you believe something to be true.. it more often IS true, for you at least, and what is more important than that!?

The darkness here is evident in how imagination and transposition principles can be used to "change" the "truth" that the item is nothing more than a feather, hiding this from affected.

The principle of Time is evident when the feather is used, through their imagination the afflicted get caught in a temporal stasis locking then with the user. A kind of battle of the minds which takes on a physical reality. Asterdai using his time, effort and energy in his imagination, which the afflicted can see and experience in front of them, they suddenly become aware that they are "fighting" against it, spending time and effort to overcome the power of the feather and asterdai's mind.)

While both are fighting against each other in this "battle" while still able to think and talk about other things, they are unable to fight others and runaway from the location. If the afflicted tries and suceeds in drawing himself away while the powr is still in effect they would allways wonder what they have lost and left behind... to lose a battle of the mind is not a very safe thing to do.

(edited for clarity on the use and the adding of how asterdai believes the principles are being used for him and others)

Edited by Asterdai
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[u]Flask with raindrops:[/u] I was thinking of Heavy Rain spell? or maybe healing becasue its the most pure water?

[u]The White Khalazdad Diamond:[/u] Chase Khalazdad looks good for that I think

[u]Red Spruce staff:[/u] Well, that could be any spell actually...

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Item-Chain of Mercy

Description-With a large spike on one end and a hefty locking cuff on the other. This chain was built to hold the strongest of man or demon. Could also be used as a devastating weapon for whose who would learn to wield it.

I would like to see it have 2 uses with recharges every month like spells are recharged every month

1. Movelock- Since it was built to hold someone down i think 5 movelocks a month would be awseome.
2. ChangeinWeapon- I would love it if i could change into a weapon, or be a large stat increase. 5 recharges, and the spell lasts 24 hours. If 24 hours doesn't seem like too much overpowering.

I have had this chain made and carry it as a part of my character for a long time. (200 dayish) I spent a Wish Point and about 30 days in questing for the materials for it, so I think it should be powerful, just not overpowerful.

item-Yellow herbs

description-Herds used for medicine. Yellow kind/

Either a small heal spell usable 5 times a month, or the ability to "cure ailments" like movelock, attacklock, and things like that.

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[u]Item:[/u] [b]Drachorn tusk[/b]

[u]Description:[/u] A tusk of the fabled creature drachorn. Sharp and pointy… Ouch!

[u]Uses:[/u] 2-3times/week

I was thinking one of the three (whichever is more reasonable)

1) [b]drachorn aura:[/b] give the player or a creature the aura of a drachorn ([u]duration:[/u] 6 hours)
2) [b]drachorn boost:[/b] give a creature an attack boost ([u]duration:[/u] 6 hours)
3) [b]drachorn sense:[/b] being able to sense how many drachorns an opponent has on his def ritual ([u]duration:[/u] 12 hours)

Edited by Sharpwind
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Lol @ grido continuously merging new topics.

Anyway, lovely idea for a new function, or rather, description of an item.

Cursed items :D
Example, I have a bunny scepter.
It makes a temporary, one usage, or anything with a limit on it, some form of... bunny brainwash or something. Maybe some sort of accursed bunny feet.

I can give the bunny feet to whomever I want, and they would be stuck with the accursed item for a fixed amount of time, say, 1 day, or 1 regen timer.
It has the opposite effect of a lucky rabbit's feet; -100 luck or something :P
The player can give the accursed item to someone else, or the player with the scepter, or limbless and lifeless bunny corpse, could 'recall' the item. However, the player with the scepter or mutilated and decaying body, doesn't feel the negative side effect.

Tada, long lasting fun involving morbid humor and decaying limbs of cute and furry creatures.

Anyway, the scepter-cursed item, is more like a curse version of a beer keg-beer. Which I see as a sort of master-servant relationship function for items.

but yeah.. accursed items, be they single usage (meaning they fade away after a single day, or something like that), or forever, but with very insignificant (except for roleplay), effects.
Like.. say..
A slime monster, or a bag of evergrowing goo. It's the master object.
It creates every.. week? or day, or whatever, 1 single glob of mucus/slime/goo.
That glob can be thrown at other people, temporarily reducing their briskness with 1. or something else that is quite insignificant.
Either way, the person who 'received' that lovely ball of nastiness, can't shake it off and will have to wait.. for, 1 day or maybe less, for it to dry up and fall apart.

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[b]The Spectral Shard

Abilities: [/b]Whom ever posses this blade suffers -200 to Briskness, but will gain the capacity to inflict minor skill damage[b].

Corrorded Guantlet

Abilities: [/b]Daily Event; Drains -1 to all stats on the owner of item, gives X amount for charges of givevital (renewable).


A Dusty Black Tome

Abilities: [/b]Requires 3 "key items" (one use items that vanish after use) to be made of actual use to its owner. Upon being unlocked gives X charges of random spell to holder upon being unlocked (spell random pool to be based on personal principals of item holder)
Every time item changes owner it must unlocked again.

Note: I commissioned and created the Corrorded Gauntlet knowing a purpose for it, although I currently do not hold it on my person.[/i]

As for the Dusty Black Tome idea, this is just a basic for now I can go into more details of its full design if needed but if done here it would be a notoriously long winded post possibly lead to people creating alts geared to having specific principals only for the sake of min/maxing this system.

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i agree...raw materials should not be allowed to have workings
I also think that items that were forged (mats gathered and WPs used) should take more imporance over the rest. The were the hardest to have made, so should take presedence on their power.

I have a question though....is it saying your items will be traded off to people when you log off? Or does it mean that when the item is passes the powers are passed along with it?

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