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Torch Competition Restriction


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For example, this is what i get for trying to aquire a creature from the War Hold:

"Torch Competition Restrictions

Carry your torch with pride because you won't be able to access such location while you are competing or if are taged during this competition.

Good luck"

The TC is long over !! Why do I STILL have this restriction ?!?!?!

EDIT: Oh, and yes, i cleared my cache, cleared my cookies, restarted FF .... still have the restriction !!

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Ok, since TC started again, I was able to releave myself from the restriction with a normal , take/discard the torch.
I ask the mods to close this topic ONCE this TC is over if I make no other posts about it.

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I picked up a torch and dropped it by logging out. Everything seemed normal until I tried to sacrifice a creature -- wouldn't even let me look at the list. I went back and got a torch and was killed -- then the Fenths Press was normal again.

Seems that things are not fully cleared if you drop the torch the wrong way.

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i am experienced the problem of having the torch restriction still today. Pretty much restricts me from everything. I tried clearing my cache and logging out and back in and still didn't work. ANy way to fix this? As picking up a torch right now is impossible

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  • Root Admin

This is an on going Issue. Latest Person is Emerald Arcanix.

Basicly he Logged out with the torch, and when he logged in after when the TC had finished he still had the restriction on buying things.

So it looks like it may be a combination of removing the torch and the effect.

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i finally got rid of the bug, i took a new torch and logged out but nothing happened, then i got a torch and got killed, this worked, after i was resurected i was able to acces items shops, altars and gain crits again, so all normal....

then i wanted so see if the restriction will happen again if i take a torch again and then log out, and yes, the bug returned, only way to get rid is to die again

it seems every time i get a torch and then log out the bug is back again....

droping the torch back in the capitol works as well, i have no restrictions after i drop it

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[quote name='Blackwoodforest' date='09 July 2010 - 05:22 PM' timestamp='1278656526' post='63692']
I faced this today as well. Grabed a torch, logged out, logged back in and now I cant click the clickable in the Wasp Tower interior. (itemdispatch)
The restriction is in fact meant to run until the end of the contest, regardless of if you still have the torch, so long as you picked one up.

This issue is only a bug if the restrictions are in place AFTER the contest is officially ended.

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