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New Armor/gear

Dmik King


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When first MD started there was no money (silver and gold coins). The only way to buy gear was all about VP VE and action points. Now it all changed there is money and its not easy to get it like VP that gets regenerated every certain amount of time.

I want to suggest new ability to buy Armor and gear with silver and gold coins from shops. Right now everyone got same armor set and its very easy to buy it from the shop for almost no price (just Value Points) - most of mp5 got it!

Isn't it too boring that everyone got same kind of set??

Also I want to point that the money in MD (silver and gold coins) are much less valuable then they were before and they value decrease daily:
I remember when you could buy Drach for 60-70 silver - now no one wish to sell it even for 160 silver!

With this way coins amount in MD will decrease drastically and bring back the value of money. New kind of sets (epic) the only one that can be bought with real MD money and not silly requirements will be released - bring more interest to the game!

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[quote name='Dmik King' date='12 June 2010 - 11:42 AM' timestamp='1276339330' post='61728']
New kind of sets (epic) the only one that can be bought with real MD money and not silly requirements will be released - bring more interest to the game!

So, what about the people who dont pay for credits in the game? will these people be able to afford the armor along with other things like drachorns where they can only get them from these coins.

Unless the requirements are low, then it will mean it will be even harder to get armor, and interesting creatures unless they pay for credits.

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Nothing would change, there'd still be all the same armors on everybody, it's just a matter of time until everyone bought the same sets again.

Also, ever heard of inflation? :P

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Mur wants all content to be available for free, but he doesn't mind if it takes a bit longer, which why you can get credits if you vote.
To need silver to get armor, shouldn't be an objection in itself, it's the fact that everyone will end up with the same armor at the end, which is the problem.

It's better to create sets of armor that boost certain stuff, or certain tactics, such as;

Armor that helps you freeze, or anti freeze stuff.
Armor that nullifies part of the enemy's creature boost/aura boost or token power.
Armor that multiplies your creatures stats (100% vit influence included), instead of your own power. (actually this one doesn't really.. make much of a difference from our own sets of armor)
Armor that actually boosts a certain type of creature, in the way that creature boost does. Sun God armor, creature boosts... let's say fire elemental. And instead of just increasing the amount of VE it can steal, it also gives it scorch damage, or a burning initiative (extra normal damage, or higher initiative)
What about turning the medusa armor into a water daimon/freeze booster?
It'd make sense to me, medusa petrifies her enemies, and it looks like a water daimon :P

What about armor, only for certain land citizens? It gives boosts to creatures from that land (GG shouldn't get any, the drach is already overpowered ¬_¬)
LR (medusa?) armor boosts scout, knator and water daimon power.
MB (sun god?) armor boosts fire elemental, heretic (<-- or not.. it'd already has creature boost..)

What about armor (I'm not done yet) that is cursed, it takes away 50% attack stats and 50% initiative, but lets you fight with a summoned army, or a creatureboost for a strong creature, that has none yet. Or gives you access to certain areas? Or even changes your own limitations. A cursed armor that gives you 5% or 10% extra max ap, I know a lot of you want that. (hehe, even 10% max ap more is still 99 for neutrals), or even an armor that downplays /yet untouched/ game limitations!

We all read about the berserker's way, about the berserker's who did stuff (:P).
What about a berserker armor, that increases your own initiative by 15%, attack by 50%, but it also decreases your defence by 100%.
That may not sound great, but if you allow the berserker to attack people every 4, or even 3 minutes, and alliance members every 10, or even 5, I bet you can get a lot of people who will have to go for a new strategy.
Imagine the new tactical play here.

We already have so many armor and weapons, it would be useless to get more armor that does the same.

[size="7"][b]C'mon be creative! Don't just think about what would be cool, think about what would change the game, what would not only be cool, but increase playability!


IS MUR LOOKING YET?[/b][/size]

:D, also, powerful armor, or armor that changes the game itself, such as that berserker armor, should perhaps be limited for to mp5, so that the newbies won't be confused.

GG should get bunny armor, it increases awesomeness by 1×10^googolplex% (which, unsurprisingly, still doesn't make anyone else more awesome than me, even when I am not wearing the armor) and increases all stats of the player, and of all it's creatures by 1×10^googolplex%. On a different note, only a suave player, with an awesome name, such as Metal Bunny, get to buy it.

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We could put stats & effects on some of the existing useless armor in the Necrovion shop.

I'm all for new ideas for effects here.

For example, I'd propose that a certain shield increases the targets of your creatures using the Defend ability to All.

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[quote name='Wolper' date='13 June 2010 - 06:24 AM' timestamp='1276410240' post='61766']
Metal Bunny is the greatest.

I'm backing her proposal. I only disagree with the citizen constriction for special armor.

Now that Metal Bunny is a girl we have to be extra careful ! Think about all the baby bunnies that could be running around shortly if we aren't. :D All new meaning to a bunny army!


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