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What If ?

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Dno really... There will be lots of options to choose from.

Learning to live with nature, would be one of them, yet again, you would be alone in the world. Do the animals survive?, do plants survive? But then again why dont they, why do only humans die out, exluding you. A pandamic that only affects humans?. You have to mention more clearly, on what lives and what dies, before i can get a definate answer.

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[quote name='No one' date='16 July 2010 - 04:59 PM' timestamp='1279292386' post='64012']
What would you do if doom day comes, [b]you survive[/b] and there will be no electricity available (at least not cheap) ?
Sounds a bit unlikely. I live in a 60 km radius of a nuclear power plant, so it's a bit tricky to imagine a world without electricity wherein I'm still alive and not glowing in the dark. If electricity prices were to steadily increase, accompanied by an imminent collapse of society, I'd spent my remaining money on printing/buying the anarchists' cookbook and a gun. Any knowledge and possession of explosives will be handy for what comes after that. I harbor no illusions about the intent of other men. Without electricity, people will get bored and have time to think about what'll come next. They'll realize food will become scarce (no refrigeration, lack of transportation, manual harvesting instead of machinery and most of all a chaos spiral) and without a way out (Belgium doesn't have large unurbanized areas)...
Good thing some of my friends practice at a shooting range and I know basic chemistry. We'll have a blast raiding liquor stores and making Molotov cocktails, then raiding more stores and burning what can be used against us.

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I would buy hamsters to run in their wheels to generate elecricity for me, i would then allow others to use some of my electricity for a cheaper than the public rate and slowly buy more hamsters and wheels and breed the hamsters together, as i get more and more hamsters i would be able to produce more electricity and gain a wider control of the electricity suply over the area.

once i am gaining a steady income from the region i would buy larger, more agile, creatures to run in bigger wheels, so that i can produce more energy for a lower price and gain control over a wider region. As i am the cheapest supplier of electricity everyone will come to me asking to get electricity. Eventually i will become the sole energy supplier to the country.

At this point, or during the stage of buying up larger animals, i will also buy circus and other trained animals, and train them to attack at my command. When i have become the sole energy supplier i shall then demand kingship over the land threatening to use my army of animals to attack anyone that protests, and also cutting off the energy supply should i be denied. Seeing sense the people of the country shall elect me leader.

As leader of a country and an increasing animal army size (as well as humans i guess, equal opportunities and all that), i shall make propositions to other countries to supply cheap electricity to them in return for animal supply and plots of land. Now having an income as well as a steady inflow of animals to both my animal army and to the hamster-wheels to produce electricity i can sit back for a little while, watching out for any aspiring people with similar ideas and sending my animal army after them, slowly all opposition will be quenched.

After a while i would want to settle down, and being the most powerful and rich person in the world, i would get a fair choice, although i would pretend to be someone else whilst looking for someone to be sure that they werent just after my money. I would start a family at this point to ensure my hard work didnt go to waste after i was gone.

Whilst on the steady road to retiring from the animal-wheel electricity business i would invest in redeveloping countries to go back to their previous technological status (or better in some regions), naturally maintaining control of the electricity supplies with my cheap cheap prices and my animal army. As well as this i would branch into other cheap energy supplies being sure to focus on renewable sources like solar and hydro power, with the reformed technology industry this should be possible again and will give a much needed break to the hamsters and other animals that have been used for so long.

The hamsters (who have already been trained a little) will then be put into use as my personal guard, jumping and covering anyone that i set them on or that posed a threat to me or my family which will from thence forth be referred to as The Emperors. As Emporers, we have control of the energy supply of the world and also the worlds technology, so there shall be no objection to our new title. I shall eventually retire to a nice house in the countryside somewhere whilst my children work together to control the company and it shall be that way for generations with the loyal hamster guard protecting them always.

LE: Just got shown a nice instruction manual for the hamster army;

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In the beginning they would not know what i was doing because it would be on a small scale, and would not be noticed by them as the people i would be providing it to wouldnt be able to afford the public source, and i'd tell them to keep it quiet, it's in their best interest to keep it quiet and keep the electricity after all.

And after a while, when they start to notice me, i'll have my animals protecting me. With this plan in mind i could not be bribed into quitting this goal.

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Who needs electricity anyways? Being Canadian, I would just live up North with the aminals :) Fresh water, food, I'd build a log cabin, and I'd be totally fine and happy just being out there with nature.

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