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It seems that DNA is going to be an important feature in the future and finding people with similar DNA is not yet available completely. You currently have to be completely the same and if that where to hold true your minds would work in a similar way. This is why i am posting this here. I want to see before hand who has a similar DNA strain to everybody else. For those who don't know where to find this it is under your general info and looks like a binary code. Mostly I want to see if anybodies personality type actually corresponds to a particular DNA strain. If you could actually predict with any accuracy if a person is similar to you. Ill be posting mine first and maybe once a week ill look through them and find DNA strains that are 80% percent similar and post them in a list. Maybe you will find a like minded individual. I would just like to experiment with this concept.

Note: Incomplete strains will be counted as similar for all remaining digits until updated by that player. Please keep this generally clean its already hard enough to sift through a normal forum topic. Update your strain by editing your earlier post and putting in big letters at the top The last date it was edited.


In game name:

DNA Strain:

Myers Briggs type:

Site for testing this(recommeneded for comparison):

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[b][font="Georgia"]And this is my DNA code: [/font][/b][b][font="Georgia"]100100001111011111011101011010101[/font]
[font="Georgia"]Kinda hard to believe that there will be any with similar dna... everyone thinks differently
but why not to try?

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i answered/picked those DNA choices randomly so my DNA would not really reflect how i think
more like just random pickings


no match

i doubt there'll be a match considering the long string of numbers
that beats lottery odds, i say

INTP btw

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Sept. 23/2010

Assira the Black


StrongWilled Legna


(I just realized that accourding to the General information I have only played legna 346 days out of 777 days about 45% of the time)

For the Myers-Briggs
I am a INTJ, I do not know my scores for each of my charaters. The program shows that no one has the exact DNA as my characters.

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Becouse of the huge amount of responces im getting its going to take me a little longer to sort through all this data. 19 May seem like a little but I have to sift through it number by number so that is 19 X 35 = A shit load (More commonly known as 665). Then I have to compare each one individually to each other so that adds up to alot more. I might try use excel. I will get back to you on the results eventually but it will take a bit longer than exspected. I'm still accepting responces though so if you would like to add feel free.

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