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Mp3 Only Quest

Mya Celestia

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[color="#000080"][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"][color="#FF0000"]ATTENTION NEW MP3s!![/color][/size]

Have you finished story mode, solved Berzerker's puzzle, but cannot enter Loreroot yet? Looking for something more than training and exploring?

How about a Quest?

This quest is for [color="#8B0000"]new[/color] MP3s only. No alts.

This quest will be a series of mini quests about each of the lands and some important things every new player should know. You may have to do some checking and exploring to find the answers. A little fighting will be involved. You may have to talk to people, too.

Each segment will have a prize for completion from aged creatures to field trips.

How to begin:
Simply send me a message that you're interested in starting. I'm generally in the Paper Cabin or the park. If you cannot reach me, contact one of my fellow Guardians (the people with the little tree) and they'll let me know.

The fine print:
Fielt trips will be scheduled with the player that has the teleporting ability. It'll be your responsibility to be at the appropriate place when the field trip is scheduled. You will be informed when you've earned the trip. Creatures awarded are subject to change, but an appropriate creature will be given. No drachorns.

This quest is for MP3s only. Once you become an MP4, you are no longer eligible for this quest.[/font][/color]

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[color="#000080"][font="Palatino Linotype"]This is not geared to old MP3s. It is geared toward newer players that want to learn some basics about the different lands. Players over 6 months probably wouldn't be interested. I haven't refused anybody yet, but yearlings would have to have a very real reason for wanting to do it.[/font][/color]

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i think it would have been something i would like to have listened to/ been privy to, i love learning or listening to things about lands, even if im considered to old.

My reason for wanting to do it would be that i would like to see what you say about the lands, well actually what Anyone says about the lands

Hope it goes well Mya, sounds like fun

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I found Mini-quests very worthwhile. Well made, some parts easy, some more challanging. They covred a many different elements and those one knew was quick done, those new i learned from.
I think its very good quest for new mp3, partly for the learning and getting into roleplaying, but also getting the feeling of being on the way and getting things done. And also getting small rewards was nice. Getting on with evolving.
Its a good continuation on the first running around everywhere clicking on everything exploring, this was an in depth exploration of the realm and game.
So i will warmly recommand this to MP3 i meet.

Thanks Mya!

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I'm doing her miniquest...

Totally, recommend to Mp3 ...

I was looking for Quests ... I did lots of quests , not all of quests i couldnt finish ..

a kind of difficult for me...

Anyway, Mini quest was quite interesting ...

Indeed, It will be good start for newbie to understand MDA world...

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[color="#8B0000"][font="Palatino Linotype"]These Mini Quests are continual. All you have to do is meet the requirements in the initial post and message me of your interest :)[/font][/color]

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Yesterday I completed Mya's quest. It takes a long time and I think it is certainly worthwhile.

What begins with simple questions about the realm and some of the different lands, ends with meeting a lot of very interesting people and learning facts and opinions that illuminate the realm in many shades and colors.

Take your time. Vienna waits for you.

Highly recommended. :)

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[font="Verdana"][size="2"]after finishing Princ Rhaegar's and Mya Celestia's quests i'm way more confident in this world. in fact - i'm not sure if i'd be still here if not these two quests. now as i understand the basics of MD i'm able to stay around and try to dig deeper.

when i finished Princ Rhaegar's quest i thought that it should be made as default one and a must for every noobie. now i think the same about Mya's quest. you should merge them and put the beginning in the paper cabin. way more noobies would stay in this game after completing such quest. reward is the fun/knowledge/acquaintance itself.

welp, few parts/tasks should be removed, because they lead into some kind of *bump*, especially when you need to communicate with other people :) though that might be not a problem of the task itself, but a problem of those people *winks*

to put it simple - thanks a lot for the quest!


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I have just completed Mya's quest and I have enjoyed it. A lot!

It took me a long time. Because the quest itself is very deep, with a lot of steps to go through, but also because I am not a very fast person in anything. ;)

I would highly recommend that quest to any MP3. As said before, combined with Princ Rhaegar's quest, you get a much better knowledge of the realm. It helps you understand how open the game is, and how everyone can find it's own way within it.

Definitely a must and, should I rate it, it would get A+.

Thank you very much Mya.

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I am working through Mya's min-quests and they should indeed be listed prominently in the Paper Cabin. She not only imparts knowledge on the mechanics she also helps stretch the imagination as she introduces concepts like RP into the mix. I am thoroughly enjoying the journey and her kind help. Her questline and Princ Rhaegar's together provide a balance for this new MP3. Gave me the first inkling that there is more to Magic Duel than what is first apparent and the grounding they lay down will keep me here digging away to learn what else there is to learn.

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