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Max Heat Prevents Scene Loading

Fyrd Argentus

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Every time I hit max allowed heat either by sacrifice or by worshippers sending heat, magic duel freezes up and won't load the scene, no matter how many times I try, until an interval of time passes that suspiciously resembles how long it would take the heat to fall back in allowed range.

I hate watching the little blue arrow go around and around to no end.....

I do have the eroline device active.

This is making MP6 unplayable, please make this an urgent concern.

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I suggest trying to update your flash, if that doesn't work, reinstall it..

After that, still failing, make a check on your system load when you play MD..how much of teh cpu is running? It might be your specs.

I just tested myself, it's not the code, it's most likely you having issue with the max heat picture...a.k.a. flash screwing up.

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I agree with shadow. Its not an issue with heat. its something todo with your computer.

As you know when you reach max heat the flash animation transforms, If your computer is slow then it transforming may be enough to just knock out the flash and your browser as your computer cannot cope with it.

Bring up task manager and see what happens when you reach.. Try closing down programs since its definately not MD's issue.

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Well, it's more complicated than that. At one time, using Firefox, I watched cpu usage dance between 50-75 and spike up into the 90's, but no connection problem.

Just now, I sacced a couple heretics and MD choked. I tried to load the scene a couple times, then fired up the monitors -- cpu usage is flatlined, occasionally spiking into the 40's.

I switched to Internet explorer, and it says it can't even display the website. But I can see other websites.

So, something I am doing is tripping a switch-off somewhere.....

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Well, it seems to be under control again. I tracked it down to the following....

My anti-virus cast aspersions on a little program called "winhost" and asked if I wanted to quarantine it. I said yes.

I think that's when I started having the trouble, and occasionally had error messages pop up about "Generic Host Win32" crashing. Microsoft no longer seems to be supporting updates to Windows XP, so they were no help.

I un-quarantined Winhost, and life seems good again. Time will tell.

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I'm not sure of anything anymore. McAfree was not certain either - labeled winhost merely "suspicious". But the computer is running better now with it. Only issue is new browsers opening up with advertising from time to time. Microsoft seems no longer to be offering updates to Windows xp. Suggestions?

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Just a shot in the dark: I had an almost similar problem:browser was opening with adds. Somehow I managed to install a program that was popping up those adds. I can't remember how I identified it (I think I did it cause I know pretty well what I usually have installed on my laptop). I uninstalled that thingy and the adds disappear.

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Okay, when it chokes per before, I reboot my machine, reboot firefox.

I can immediately get on websites such as this one.

I can't get on the layout.php link that would take me directly to my former scene -- okay, you could argue it is a graphics/flash player problem related to the heat display....

BUT - I can't even get on www.magicduel.com --- the start-up screen.

This can't be a graphics/flash player problem. Somehow, the magicduel website is locking me out from time to time.

5 minutes later, I can get on.

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Okay, quarantined Winhost, already had adblocker plus and it did nothing, McAfee said I had a trojan it couldn't do anything about, so downloaded SUPERAntiSpyware. This thing found 15 trojans and 200 cookies and wiped them.

Now, MagicDuel is fast and responsive, no more weird lags....

A caution - it reset my proxy addresses and I had to juggle that to get back on the internet.

I still am getting these extra windows popping up, but..... at least you see them.

I think we can close this.

Thanks for the help & suggestions all.........

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