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Forum Re-Organisation


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  • Root Admin

Recently iv been working with the mods to make the forum a much easier place to use.

Here is a list of a few of the changes that have been completed:

There has been a new Groups and Factions forum created under no Mans land. This is for smaller groups that have not reached offical level but still want a place on the forum (you can contact me for getting a subforum under this title). Some of the smaller groups have been moved into it including

The Old University (more of an archive)
BOB forum
MDNP press
sparring ground

I have also moved the DS forum to Historic documents since its now history.

Contests has been renamed to Aventures and Quests, Post as previous.

Each land section should have a general forum. For most matters you can continue to use the No mans land one, But for matters specifically land related, Organising something or talking about something in that land, i would advise using the land specific one.

New Players Roles and Legends have been moved into one, these forums saw few posts so didnt have a good enough reason to have 4 separate ones.

Kings can contact me if they want any of their land forums changed in regards to Titles and descriptions. Some of them were written hurriedly and at rather late hours, so im fine if you wish any of them to be changed. As with anyone in charge of a section, any changes pm me.

[b]I will continue to post changes here, iv got a couple more things to do but would like some ideas on what other people think. Iv seen this forum for years so would like some opinions on how it could be changed to be easier to use.[/b]

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it is pretty simple and practical-enough.

sure it would be cool to have some sort of a pergament background, but would that damage the reading in a way or not, I don't know.

maybe if "tag system" would be introduced in future posts... (unless topic description below the headline is reserved for that?) when someone is searching some posts, you could have tags like "war; auction; art..."

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  • Root Admin

[quote name='Prince Marvolo' timestamp='1289672446' post='72048']
Actually, I was referring to the golden-yellow prehistoric forum ... >.<It had an artwork as header, winds sanct. if I remember right

yeah, I knew that, But you reminded me that this new header was broken and was just showing IP board.

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  • Root Admin

[quote name='Prince Marvolo' timestamp='1289744645' post='72103']
Is it possible to get a good looking artwork instead of just White-on-blue text?

Mur provided this latest recently, Getting good work that would fit in with the blue would be hard methinks.

and i havent seen any decent skins recently.

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