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Guys Only Quest


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[i][color="#2e8b57"]This is not a contest where size matters, because it doesnt! Its what you do with it that counts! :)

This month is the month of Mo-vember, where guys around the world are growing moustaches to support Prostate Cancer Awareness.
This quest will require you to grow a 'stache and submit " before" pics to register.

At the end of the month, post a pic of what you have created with your stache and the winner will be duly reward with a WP

Post your before pic on this thread, and at the end of the month, post your after pic.

'staches will be judged on both length and creativity... so style em as you wish (hair gel and ribbons are also welcome)

Prizes will be awarded for second and third place.

Edited for spelling.

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I just shaved yesterday, to get ready for doing this! :D

I encourage all men everywhere to join in, even if your stache grows a millimeter in a month, you should all post before and after pics.

Just do it. For Prostate Cancer Awareness. And teh lulz.


[Edit] Do we need a timestamp?

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[quote name='Nera']
To be fair, we should have a breast cancer awareness quest afterward:D

You do know that the breast cancer awareness is shaving your head bald to represent radiation treatment (kemo).

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Awesome Quest :P

I can't enter for work reasons, sadly, but best of luck to everyone else :D

I encourage all the men who are gonna enter to also join the Mo'vember fundraiser [url="http://www.movember.com/"]Here[/url].

A tip: Shaving very thoroughly and several times a day often helps stimulate hair growth in that area ;)

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[quote name='Fyrd Argentus' timestamp='1288713671' post='71340']
My mustache is older (33) than the average MD player, so I'm gonna pass on this one... though I have bought 3 copies of the Big Book on prostate cancer and given/loaned them all out.
I'd say your mustache is older than the average...mustache. 33? I don't know whether to commend you, commit you, or recommend a nice shampoo/conditioner blend.

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[color="#2e8b57"][i]No goaty's , no girls, no hairy armpits or unshaven legs...

If you want to use your brother/dad/best male friend, bear in mind they will have to be playing MD to get the wishpoint and you cant collect it on behalf of them... (that would be cheating)

Girls if you wanna grow a 'stache...well it would look rather unattractive but im not gonna stop you if you really wanna do it.

Remember, registering for this quest is a submission of a "before" pic
Come on Guys!! dont be shy grow out the 'stache for Mo-vember!! :D[/b]

Oh if you already have one, you can still compete! the more creative you are with it - the better!! :D[/i][/color]

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here is a picture lake, you'll know why the bizarre. contemplate thoroughly to know the answer. the picture taken last november 21, 2009 [attachment=2174:IMGP0032.JPG] and september 10, 2010 [attachment=2284:Img00002.jpg]

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