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(have to remove images of sold avvy's due to limit, sorry)

These avatars i have paid a LOT of credits for and im not ashamed to say it. They are not going anywhere but if you wish to buy them for in game coins or trade for items please make a suggestion
Some prices are negotiable, please put an offer and reason for wanting avy in the pm
Perfect idea as a christmas present for a friend!


[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/smexy.png[/IMG] Boots :P (1 gold)

[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/curledhelmetalien.png[/IMG] hmm how unnatural? (1 gold)

[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/wrappedhoodsparrhawksword.png[/IMG] wrapped up to shield from dust or to cover wounds.. (10 silver)

[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/scarecrow2.png[/IMG]redneck has worn, i love this (1 gold)

[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/hammerknight.png[/IMG] - previous owner Gremlin? (10 silver)

[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/reddersotherbendingoversword.png[/IMG] collection avy but im not sure its very "wearable"(1 gold) Seigheart has worn this one (which probably reduces the price somewhat... :P j/k)

[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/archerlady.png[/IMG] heavenly..wind archer.. (1 gold)

[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/ballandchainzombie.png[/IMG](1 gold)

[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/appleworm.png[/IMG] Generation 1 collection avatar belong to jonn... Famous?. (1 gold 5 silver)

[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/malearcher.png[/IMG]male archer (2 gold) 1 gold will be donated to Owner Mr Mystery.

[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/gravedigger.png[/IMG]Gravedigger, excavation help needed? (1 gold)

[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/blindseer.png[/IMG]traveller..(1 gold)

[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/dirtyrook.png[/IMG]Rook (1 gold)

[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/cleanrook.png[/IMG]Queen(1 gold)
[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/king.png[/IMG] King (1 gold)
[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/pawn.png[/IMG] (1 gold)

[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/Seigheart.png[/IMG] (ID 6) Rednecks old avy, "collectors" piece as appears on the avatars logo, for a worthy owner (2 gold)

[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/collectorthing.png[/IMG] also a collectors avatar for a special collection (ID 11) (1 gold)

[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/Darkgirl.png[/IMG] mysterious necrovion..feminine (2-3 gold)

[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/samorai.png[/IMG] samurai? head hung in contemplation (1 gold)

[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/ailithavy.png[/IMG]Avy looks exactly like a medusa/ water daemon, worn by Ailith. Reserved to see if she needs or wants it back.(not heard from ailith... 1 gold)

[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/Knight.png[/IMG] Handsome knight takes off his helmet for you! (1 gold)
Drawn by BlackThorn during his third set of avatars

[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/Ladywarrior.png[/IMG]Awesome female warrior (2 gold)
The female warrior with the shield. Morrel entered it as a part of a contest Glor had held to recruit artisans. This was one of the many works he entered. (Generation 5 (NOT 2 :P))

[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/womansword.png[/IMG] carmon sandiego? Adiallinda? (1 gold)

[img]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/snakedragonavy.png[/img] mutation, god, evil HQ avvy (price - 2 gold 5 silver minimum)

[img]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/boyswordavy.png[/img] cheeky chappy boy, small people, idea of innocence "playing with the sword" (price - 10 silver)

[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/kragel.png[/IMG] Kragel? dwarf? (10 silver)
Dwarf with a sword and shield - One of Glor Damar's earlier artworks.

[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/scarecrow.png[/IMG] first generation avatar, many possible owners? if you know anything about this one.. reminds me of Curiose!(1 gold)

[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/Horsey.png[/IMG]All about the horse..(2-3 gold)
Man on a Clydesdale Horse - One of BlackThorns earlier artworks as well. He spent a large amount of time working through the details of the horse.

[IMG]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/ladytwinrasiel.png[/IMG] ladytwin? Rasiel? (5 silver)
Fire woman - Yet another artwork of Glor's. He intended it to be drawn to represent Peace(DarkPriestess), as in her early day she worked quite closely with shadowy flames.

Prices are based on how much a person is willing to pay for a High quality avatar and how long they have been sitting in the shop. I had to pay to search and find them. i also paid 7 gold or so and a freind paid a wishpoint for one of my items. RP creating things are expensive


Knights order/KOB avy sold for reduced price to Aelis as clear and thought out role given (33 silver)

Violin man gifted to Brulant

Elf drawn by Glor Damor sold through RP to Nimrodel for 1 gold (and the retention of a plastic spork for a while :P)

"Weapon Master Aleron": This avatar was drawn by GlorDamar to represent Aleron,sold to Subzeroo for 1 gold

http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/Horse2.png Another of the well respected and rare art works from Morrel, his Avatar also - Sold to Amoran for 2 gold as she values the importance of it and will "keep it safe" not devaluing its meaning by derrogatory RP

http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/blackwoodforestbarbarian.png Will be sold to Blackwood forest for 15 silver

Wand-swinging woman sold to BigC for 1 gold

windswept avy given to a friend

"tricksy" avatar bought and gifted to Curiose

Adiomino's puppy was returned free of charge

Asked to get avvy for Xcerces as he searched for a year for it after someone else used it. Offered to him because of obvious reasons but he insisted on paying for it, thank you

http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/ailtih2.png Sold to NaylaRaynen (reduced the price to 10 silver as fits her well, and did belong to her before...)

[b]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/fairyavy.png Avatar 3 - "Smiling Fairy": This avatar is a generation 6 avatar, and Amoran believes it was from a commissioned set by an artist outside of MD. Uncertain of this though, she tried to find information regarding the generation 6 set quite some time ago and had very little luck. Sold to Amoran for 1 gold as she gave good reason and helped me with the other avatars information which is really nice

http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/DragonAvy.png[b]Awesome dragon avy - sold to Rensak for 3 gold 7 silver (price reduced as RP value)[/b]

http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/Rask.png - Rask desert character
The avatar was drawn by Black Thorn for a player named Sol. He has been gone for some time, but he was once a part of Golemus/the MR alliance. sold to Prince Rheaghar for 45 silver, i like how the cloak matches his own, nice choice

http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/wolfavy.png Avatar 2 - "The wolf": this avatar was drawn by a very old and very respected artisan named Morrel. It is one of the older avatars in the game and one of the few submitted by him. Sold to Marvolo for one gold his current avatar, the one he drew is awesome as well

Secret avy bought and given for Novice Golemus Golemicarum knight, paid in credits so that he could activate it too

http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/Fyrdavy.png previous owners- Fyrd Argentus given away - too much connotation right now...

http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/headscontest.png sold to Redneck for 15 silver, you look totally different with this then an annoying mosquito... :P (Mur institutionalised him into mosquito again :P)

http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/Pample.png transferred for a small "administration charge" no price asked for as suitable reasoning given, however Pamplemousse insisted she should pay for it

Rayth recieved Avatar through RP, really fun, strange thing though 9 silver fell from the ceiling

Asterdai enters and scans his finger along the shelves

: Asterdai pulls out a book and turns to rest it on the desk
: Asterdai opens it quickly and turns to a page
Rayth: Oh! A writing desk!
Rayth: Sweet.
Rayth: So this is the place huh? *walks around.*
Asterdai: it would be nice if it had an external window *smiles nodding* but it is quiet here
Rayth: Quiet is nice. I like quiet.
Asterdai: a good place to find strange things also! *indicates the book*
Rayth: So, you want to know why I'm totally spazzed over Necrovion, eh?
Asterdai: sure!
: Rayth pokes the top of the book, pushing it down to read the cover.
: Asterdai looks for a chair but heaves himself on the desk instead facing Rayth and swinging his legs
Rayth: Yeah, so.. I guess I could say that Necrovion 'tastes good' to me.
Rayth: I don't think how most of these loonies think.
Rayth: I won't go into any details but I've got a pretty messed up sixth sense.
Rayth: It feeds on fear and pain, and any feeling similar. See? Totally messed up.
Asterdai: *feels a little uncomfortable and shifts uneasily* um yeh?
Rayth: Though it benefits me in a pretty cool way too.
: Asterdai laughs nervously
Rayth: Helps me kind of..y'know.. get a 'taste' of how someone is goin' to be before I meet 'em.
: Rayth notices the guy's discomfort and moves closer to him.
Rayth: So, I think in flavors.
Rayth: And the worst part is..
: Rayth leans against the desk next to the guy.
Rayth: ..I really like it.
: Asterdai nods grimacing and trembling a little
Rayth: But, you know. I don't want anyone to know that.
Rayth: It'd freak them out, see?
Asterdai: hehe yeh hehe
Rayth: Like right now, I taste your fear of just knowing about that funky sense of mine.
: Asterdai slides himself away and hops off the workbench
Rayth: It's like a rich candy placed under my tongue.
Asterdai: you have a real way with Words Rayth *laughs*
Rayth: Oh yeah.. one other thing, dude.
: Asterdai walks over the the bookshelf but faces Rayth, leaning against it for support
Rayth: This sense of mine causes me to see death in a place where it probably happened.
Rayth: Thats one reason why I get stuck in places sometimes.
Rayth: I'll be there for like..four days.

Rayth: That ain't cool though.
: Rayth hops up on the desk.
Rayth: So now ya know.
Asterdai: *nods* i can see why necrovion would appeal to you
Asterdai: do you have friends there, you know pamplemousse well?
Rayth: Well, you know, those shade buggers are pretty appealing too.
Rayth: Yeah. She's my protector.
Asterdai: *smiles* same
Rayth: So what about you?
Asterdai: *removes his hat and scratches his head* i mean, like who do you spend most of your time with
Rayth: Got any weird quirks?
Rayth: I spend most of my time by myself.
Rayth: I try to keep away from people.
Rayth: Too many flavors and I pass out easily.
Rayth: But I guess.. Keith and Pample, but I don't see 'em that much lately.
Asterdai: i spoke with her recently, she makes me happy, i think asryn was there also
Rayth: I don't really talk to asryn much either.
Rayth: Guess I should.
Asterdai: have you spoken to Rasiel?
Rayth: Yeah.
Rayth: I like Rasiel. Nice chick.
Asterdai: yeh, she has um *looks Rayth up and down but in a friendly way* unusual talents like yourself
Asterdai: i wanted to speak to you about something
Rayth: Sure.
Asterdai: you came knowing that i had something for sale, well that is not exactly true
Asterdai: i spoke to Amoran about something which ifound in here, but we both agreed that we shouldnt speak of it, and that it wasnt safe for us to try it
Rayth: Try what?
Rayth: Amoran? Don't know that chick, really.
: Asterdai pushes himself off the shelves and walks next to Rayth and turns back to the book
Asterdai: this book speaks of Daimons and stuff
Asterdai: i dont really understand it much.. but there are also mentions of other sea mythology
Rayth: Ah yeah. Snake ladies.
Asterdai: it is rather confusing, when i read the book i felt enlightened almost, i thought that you should have a read
Rayth: Sure thing, I'll take a look.
: Rayth leans forward to get a good look at the book.
Rayth: You know.. I kinda identify with these chicks.
Asterdai: i should like have shown Rasiel, she may have been able to understand it, maybe you can make sence of it, it might have some kind effect on you
Rayth: *looks up at Asterdai.* Is it in another language or something?
: Rayth carefully takes the book from him, flipping it open to a middle page.
Asterdai: its the things it talks about and they way it talks about them, its not clear in my head, you know on one page im sure its describing some sort of transformation ritual or something
: Asterdai leans over to get a closer look
Rayth: You mean.. this? *taps on the middle of the left page.*
: Rayth skims over the page, reading a bit of it.
: Asterdai looks at the picture of what appears to be a medusa cross with a siren and the strange words glyph'd underneath
Rayth: That page..
Rayth: It's a ritual, yeah.
Rayth: From the looks of it, a pretty screwy one.
: Asterdai snorts a little bit of a chuckle
Asterdai: what does it say?
Rayth: So apparently, I need eight snake heads, four scales, a big ol' bowl, and a drop of my own blood.
Rayth: Then I need.. *flips through pages* ..pure fountain water.
Rayth: And I'm supposed to drink this junk once it boils.
Rayth: See? Screwy.
Asterdai: *gags a little* eww that sounds minging
: Asterdai looks at rayth and points out a line
Asterdai: but this one here.. there is a code, i wonder what it means
Rayth: Huh. Funky.
Rayth: No idea man, maybe it's something you chant.
Rayth: Though, that'd be sorta weird.
Asterdai: *reads out the code* (pm)
Asterdai: *stumbles a little over the strange letters* maybe you should have a go at saying it
: Rayth coughs to clear her throat.
: Rayth repeats the code, speaking each bit clearly.
: Rayth waits.
: Rayth looks around.
Asterdai: *smiles* ah well
: Rayth steps back while a bunch of coins fall from...the ceiling?
Rayth: Woah, okay.
Rayth: So.. it summons coins.
: Rayth counts the coins while they rattle on the floor.
: Rayth checks her pockets.
Rayth: Shoot, no. Those are mine.
Rayth: But I don't need 'em. They're yours if you want 'em.
: Asterdai chuckles
Asterdai: thats very strange, these books are odd!
: Rayth flashes her pearly whites.
: Asterdai winces a smile
Rayth: Think I'll be takin' this book.
Rayth: It's kind of weird, and I like that junk.
Asterdai: well umm.. of course! *looks litte longingly at the book* im just glad you like it too
: Rayth looks down at the book.
: Rayth pushes it into Asterdai's hands.
Rayth: You should read it, actually.
Rayth: I'll find something else.
Asterdai: *shakes his head* it belongs on the shelf here, im sure ill find something odd again soon
Asterdai: i dont feel i should like my coins to drop from the cieling *frowns a little grinning*
Asterdai: im glad it solved the mystery, i shall have to let my friend know, thanks for your help
Rayth: Your welcome, dude.

(if you wish me to remove picture ofyour avatar please ask)

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i have been contributing to MD in order to pay for them, people dont have to search if there is one here that they like

the prices are quicksale value, if you show interest and [b]if i think it suits your character i shall give it to you for much much less of course[/b]

An avatar is as special, if not more important than an item or a Drachorn, and i dont find that they only people that hold those are "rude" Chewett. They own them becuase they are veterns or won them in prizes, i own these avatars becuase i paid out of game money for them. Do you also dislike fighting people with Tokens?

Edited by Asterdai
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1g is still acceptable though and 2g for a really exceptional one would be still in price range, if someone liked it. Least that's how I see it , with the shop being flooded by so many less quality ones, plus you cannot see them all anymore. Instead of shuffling 10 times, 2g...can still be okay.

The rest however is WAY overpriced. WAY.

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i dont understand that these prices are outrageous, they are obviously high quality, even though even displaying them here really reduces their value, the longer they are here and the more they are seen without an owner, the more they lose RP "value" i understand that. But an Item or even an avatar which can help create a character as well as these.

i dont know if you saw that i gave one to Iridian, i have harldy spoken to that character,but i feels it makes me think of her

also i see it as there are 2 different people here, people that enjoy fighting and people that enjoy RPing. Avatars fit into both, and they are unique. So why shouldnt they be worth the same as a Wind Dragon?

Edited by Asterdai
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Giving one for free to someone you probably like, or at least enjoyed rping with, is hardly an excuse for making other avys so expensive..

If it were a gold avy you can ask for more, probably would get better bids. But this? Normal, B/W avys for so much? Unless you got offered this much by someone, it's hard to believe you will sell those. If you do..well, good luck, apparently your greed was coupled with luck.

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i really appreciate your comments on the price, i would feel upset if i sold an avy for less then 1 gold, i would have probably lost money on doing so
(joking - plus do you realise how LONG it took me to get the pics on here like that :P im rubbish at stuff like that)

PLEASE PLEASE tell me why you want the Avy and like i said we can discuss it

With no shop resets how else will i get gold or silver to trade for the items i like, or even a creature i cant get hold of?

Edited by Asterdai
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Would you all have preferred if he had stated 'will only sell for the right price' and kept his intent a secret? A lot of trades are conducted in secret and I am certain enough of them are for questionable prices, but if someone is willing to pay a large price, is it not the nature of capitalism to allow the deal? You don't have to like it, you don't have to partake in it..
However, if you're going to actually crusade against high prices, I ask you do it first and foremost against those that are trying to keep their opportunism unknown. I have seen far more shade deals than this and I am not even dissecting the trade logs to look for them.

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I did not say I am against it. I just wanted to let people know what I think about the prices. I think I can do that, right? :D

I'm more amused by the fact that he will decide how roles and avatars are matched :D. For example: if i am an innocent little girl I will never get the mean avy even if i might want to show my bad face from time to time :D

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sure you can :)

i even gave my examples of what i feel when i look at them! i have my own opinions with them i guess, i cant help it
but i didnt think about the fact that the avatar gives different personalitys and moods, your right about that

i like the fact you said that i am being honest with you all and not "hiding" my prices

If those that hold a lot of items put prices on them, even if they are character related a lot more things would be sold even at high prices, you know this

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[quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' timestamp='1289072624' post='71599']
"the cream of the crop" dragon is a very nice one. My suggestion is for Rensak, the Renavoid's Wind Dragon to take it :D

i did search for him when i got it.. then i realised how nice it really was, it should help give me some gold that i can use to buy a wind dragon some day.

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[quote name='Asterdai' timestamp='1289072155' post='71598']
sure you can :)

i like the fact you said that i am being honest with you all and not "hiding" my prices

If those that hold a lot of items put prices on them, even if they are character related a lot more things would be sold even at high prices, you know this

There is also supply/demand, common sense, etc.

May I remind you that an item crafting costs material + a wishpoint, and that trivial items go for 1gc just because they are rare. So an item would be a lot harder to obtain then an avatar, which you can ask an artist in md to do by your specifications for a lot less than 5gc, for example...

And these avatars, except for the dragon (and maybe the fairy) aren't actually all that good. No offense to the artists.

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i think they are all really nice

i think i was trying to say that if item owners put prices on ALL their stock and people who owned character roleplay items a lot more would be sold even if it was 7 gold for an item

at least i am putting a price on them and not just keeping them

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[quote name='Asterdai' timestamp='1289065270' post='71572']

Prices are based on how much a person is willing to pay for a High quality avatar. I had to pay to search and find them. i also paid 7 gold or so [b]and a freind paid a wishpoint for one of my items[/b]. RP creating things are expensive
How exactly do someone "pay a wishpoint" for your item?

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Information about a few of the avatars:

Avatar 1 - "Weapon Master Aleron": This avatar was drawn by GlorDamar to represent Aleron, the weapon master/weapon crafter. However, it can truly be representative of anyone. In Glor's opinion, when he showed it to me before it was released, he commented that it was one of his better bits of artwork.

Avatar 2 - "The wolf": this avatar was drawn by a very old and very respected artisan named Morrel. It is one of the older avatars in the game and one of the few submitted by him.

Avatar 3 - "Smiling Fairy": This avatar is a generation 6 avatar, and I believe it was from a commissioned set by an artist outside of MD. I'm uncertain of this though, I tried to find information regarding the generation 6 set quite some time ago and had very little luck.

As to the value of avatars, it's surely understandable that you have spent a long while gathering these, and that you may have dipped into your own funds to get them, but I would still consider the general value of an avatar. The avatars you buy in the shop are worth one credit, to sell them to the shop, you are given 3 credits. I'm not sure what this would process to in gold/silver/coin, but do keep the prices somewhat fair if you intend to sell them.

Normally I would not agree to this sort of 'buying and selling' at all, but I am glad to see some of the more detailed works being revealed.

These artists no doubt worked hard to create these, and I have said and will always say, let them be viewed.

Edited by Amoran Kalamanira Kol
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