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post here

LE: by voluntary i mean no money, but there will be benefits offered by the respective games, gifts to share and such.
The assabled team might be on long term and then things could also be different regarding the voluntary aspect.

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Wow... i cant tell you how odd this is, ive been creating characters and making them legendary... now is my time to show off!!

in "funorb" and "runescape" i own a character called Firen water, in runescape and funorb i have highscores, 4 top tens in funorb. Also, but less impressing, i have a miniclip player "pwned12233" that is considered one of the top players in funorb with quite a collection of awards and highscores, dominating 98% of player scores. I can totally help you out Mur, and im totally for it :)!

Just finished and now i have all my screenshots, at your demand mur!





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  • Root Admin

if what you say its true, it is awsome.
please think that if you provide false info other gamers will know and it will be very bad for my credibility/reputation after. imagine a stranger claiming on an other site he is a md king or such.

prepare screenshots with date of your achievements just in case there will be some frustrated competitor to claim otherwise.

I must say i didnt expected to get such replies, and you will love what i have in plan for you :D (all those in the above posts are acceptable for the task)

waiting for more, there are plenty seats and any game is acceptable as long as you "ruled" it in some way.

There will be MD representatives also but those i will name based on my own criteria.

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I frequently played flash games at http://www.kongregate.com/ and when I was not working, I would easily be up on the daily/weekly point leaders. Play games, get achievements, achievements are worth points based off of difficulty, etc. I frequented Kongregate so much that I got offered moderator status... twice... but had to deny due to other responsibilities at home at the time. Can't say I "ruled" the site because they're others that are higher level than me, and I never have much time to just sit and play flash games all day no matter how much I'd like to. I have however played many various games/sites including runescape/funorb, tribal wars, arcadeboss.com(a few long standing highscores), zOMG(mmo game on Gaia), FlyFF, to name very few, and excelled at them... that is... until I got bored of them and quit xD

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I'm not so old player, these are the games played:

[*]1 Ikariam Italian server Alpha (it.Ikariam.com), nick Asgardh, ally LOTO playing around 2Y,8M. Played other server, accounts were donated to other players.
[*]1a Ikariam Test server (test.ikariam.org) 2 account Asgardh and Xenator. Used to test any update and strategy to grow better and help between accounts.
[*]2 Tanoth Italia server 1(s1.tanoth.it), nick Asgardh, gilda Walhalla playing around 2Y and 1/2. Highscore 260
[*]3 Shakes & Fidget relative new couple of month., Start helping my son to understand better how to grow his character on server Nr 1.
[*]4 Runes of Magic Server Draiotcha second year characters Asgardh (Druid/Warden 50/55) and Senator.
[*]5 Magic Duel No comment. Since last November. Lot to learn and to do (:D )
[*]6 1100AD Server Grail (PVE) towns 6, pt 1653662. Few months, still under investigation.
[*]7 Shaya Beta Italian release. Few days doing test on game

Games left:

[°]1 Pokemoncraft to slow and "stupid" cause they don't use the fight difficulties
[°]2 Ogame (few rules to let new player survive oldest).
[°]3 Battleknight UK server. Boring due to long time needed to reach any interesting items at level reached and poor chat communication

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well, after we started the competition of votes in bbgsite found this game very interesting, which is very close to good old Heroes of Might and Magic III:[i][b]9 Empires[/b][/i]
There are eight rankings for each aspect of the game, while I'm standing out in 2:
Leaders Belief: 47
Main sub-city population: 76
I'll go back and edit if achieve a better score.
I've played many MMORPG, but any hold my attention for a long time to figure in a top 10, I'll see what this reserves ....
I also have around 8h daily free time to play :P

edit:some days has past and I have improved my rk:

Leaders Belief: 30 (is like a average points of game through battles, like loyalty in MD)
Main sub-city population: 42 (how big is your pop in main city to build army and workers)

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sounds intresting this

I used to be a top 10 player in top 10 Corprations 4 years ago in EVE online (dont have screenshots stoped playing a long time ago)
I used to be top 20 player in tribal war on worlds 2 and 5 (again stoped playing a long time ago so no screenshots)

on all games i play i am known by the same name as in MD.
if you do a google search you will find my name is unique :D

I steped away from the gaming comunity a long time ago to take a break from it
as it was at the time taking over. I am happy to give my help where i can.

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Screenshots of games before WoW I no longer have. Here is a list of games since 1994 when me and my brother first started playing MMOs. Listed are only premium paid online games. The Realm is the only free one listed, until Sierra baught it in 1997.

The Realm (was baught by Sierra in 1997) *names* Phantasmagoria, Zuez
This was one of the first actual MMO's to be made. I started the game when there were two screens. One was an 'instance' of you personal hut, and exiting that hut there was grassy plain screen. There was one grey wolf that spawned every 5 minutes that 10 or so of us had to fight over. The creator and his partner would all sit around and talk with us about how to better the game. Screens slowly got added until finally a part of a town (i think it's name was leinchester, was a long time) I was co-leader of a guild called The Assassin's Guild after Timothy stepped down in 1995. There were two sides of the guild the good, and the evil side. Was one of the largest weddings held in game in 1997 before Sierra took over the game. In that game GMs could gift as they pleased, and I was given a suit of gold armor. (the 2nd non-GM to ever wear it). The guild dissolved around that time, and I joined Legion of Hades (LoH). Left The Realm in late 1998.

Ultima Online (Origin game) *names* Zuez
Came to Ultima Online around a year after its release with the LoH guild. Great Lakes server. Nothing spectacular in the 2 years i played. Was a miner and smith. Owned a castle and boat. Ultima Online I would have to say is probably one of the best games I ever played. It's balance between crafting, story, and fighting was fantastic. It was an 'open world' system, meaning anyone could attack anyone, including in towns. It was the first game to have a factioning system in which you could lose or gain faction with other towns. It was also unique in when ingaged in combat with another player, the guards killed whomever had the least faction with them. Castles could be broken into and things stolen from it. Mages could set traps on chests, doors, pictures, about anything to deter it. Most any sort of thing that could have been constructed in midevil times was the same in UO. It's graphics and engine were its 2 downfalls. Everquest came out and UO was all but forgotten.

Everquest (Sony Entertainment) *names* Wahledor
Played on Povar server. Was a barbarian tank. Played all the way up to the Planes of Time before leaving. Was in a raid alliance and was a raid off-tank (name eludes me). We raided 4 nights a week, each raid time taking between 4-6 hours. One of the few warriors to own both the Scepter of Destruction, and Blade of Carnage. Used those weapons until finishing my epic weapon shortly before leaving the game. My father and brother also played. My father was Nikeah a well known cleric on that server. Brother was Galedienie a druid. Started on expansion 'Plane of Power' and ended on expansion 'Depths of Darkhallow'. All left the game around the same time for WoW.

World of Warcraft (Blizzard Entertainment) *names* Wahledor, Phantasm
Undead warrior. Was a tailor/enchanter as well. This was a great game in the start. Started a few months after it actually started to the public. Played Doomhammer server. Was secondary tank in alliance 'Terminus'. Raided BWL, Onyxia, Ruins of Ahn'Quirage, Zul'Gurub, Molten Core, and Upper Black Rock Spire. Was max level 60 with many of the epic tailor/enchantment recipes, as well as full raid gear. "The Burning Crusade" expansion came out and all the big guilds fell apart. The officers of our alliance, along with our main raid force, formed the alliance "Urban Achievers". Most raiding had moved down to a 15 man scale instead of the much larger scale (40 man) raids like BWL. Maxed level 70 and raided for a while. Was main raid tank for UA. Raided Kharazan Gruul's Lair, and old raids that had become much easier with the new armor/levels. Raided 4 days a week, time varying upon instanced raid. The Arena was the downfall of WoW IMO. The expansion already devastated most large scale guilds. The "core" of raiders as were often known, felt like they had too many people they were carrying on their cloaks, so left to form small alliances where everyone had to do their part. Then the Arena destroyed most of those with their 'elitist' 6 man teams. Once teams were chosen there was no changing, so many spent more time in the arena then in raids. All 3 of us left and went to Vanguard. I have some screenshots of WoW.

Vanguard (Sony Entertainment) *names* Wahledor
Was a Giant Warrior. Was a Blacksmith/Armorsmith. (server name eludes me) Started in alliance 'Beyond Redemption'. After a few issues the alliance fell apart and became Main Raid Tank for "Blood Sworn". Owned largest house and boat possible at the time. (boat made by Shutat my brother). Raided 'Ancient Port Warehouse' raid at max level of 50 (required level to raid). My father was exiled from the alliance after a few issues, and have not playing online games with him since. I have quite a few screenshots of Vanguard. Main downfall of Vanguard was it was PvE only, and at the time was only one raid zone. Crafting is what kept most of us around until we all maxed it out and got bored. Raided 3 days a week, usually lasting about 4-5 hours per raid. Have screenshots of this game.

Warhammer (Mythic Entertainment) *names* Wahledor, Phantasm
My and my brother Shutat moved to Warhammer on its initial release date. We both played a little of the Closed beta and purchased the premium edition of Warhammer. Included a book, figurine, ingame stuff, and a few other little treats. Was a Chaos Chosen class. Was mainly PvP game with a few small PvE instances. Started with alliance called Strife. The alliance dissolved and joined "Imitatio Dei". Was as you guessed it, a warrior, and tank for many of the group instances held in the alliance. Was originally in "Sylvania" server (i think). Servers were merged and became part of 'Volkmar' server. When on the original server, was well known in the PvP 10 man instances. Left 'Imitatio Dei' and form the alliance 'Shadows'. Did alot of leading raids in the open RvR fields against castles. At one time led 4 raids simultaneously. (Full raids consisted of 32 members) The downfall of Warhammer was the server merging. When the original servers were up, most RvR open fields were one/two raid vs one/two raid, with a slight difference in numbers. People knew who people were on the other side and was a very personal fun game. When the servers merged into "mega-servers" there were sometimes upwards of 200 people on each side. It opened up availability to City Raids, which was fun, but due to the overwhelming amount of players many times the server would crash due to overload of a zone. Had top end gear before the server merges, and most City Raid Gear before leaving after the merge. Left in late 2009 I have quite a few screenshots of this game.

2010 (one month) *names* Wahledor
Aion (NCSoft Corp)
Shortest time playing ever:D. Me brother convinced me to join this game. It isn't Euro or USA based so it didn't have to follow that USA/Euro gaming standards. We both purchased the game which came with a one month free trial. Before the month was ever up my brother's account was suspended for "illegal activities". He, of course, had done no such thing and was outraged. Called the company, sent letters, sent emails, and they pretty much told him tuff luck and if he wanted to play to buy another account. Apparently after research this was known to happen to alot of people. The game was full of spammers and gold-farmers. I have, and would give again this game the most negative review possible.

November 2010-current *names* Wahledor
Lord of the Rings Online (Turbine)
With having a long spell of not playing MMO's with my brother he talked me once again into another game. I had me doubt initially with LOTRO, but it seems good so far. As many know I just took a new job where I work 12 hour shifts, so I don't have much time to play this one. Am currently level 40, and I believe max level is 65. Am a Grand Master Prospector, Master Jeweler, and Grand Master cook. *Grand master is mastery level of T5, T6 is max* Currently unguilded while learning the game and its dynamics.

This doesn't include Closed Beta's I had acess to or played, such as DarkFall, Age of Conan, Guild Wars, and a few others. This also doesn't include MUD games that predate any sort of multimedia games. Since my mother was a teacher, we were one of the few around my home to have personal computers in their early stages. Playing such games as "The Art of War at Sea" and such were a thrilling part of our life. (Art of War at Sea was released in 1987, when the Apple II took over the world of computers). Screenshots can be posted or sent upon request, as there are ALOT of them, and some were scene when I posted them in the forum for a short time before taking off by request.

*edit* the date of when Sierra officially baught The Realm, and the date I stated as starting played may not be 100% accurate. The CD I still have of The Realm was dated 1997. However Sierra did buy it before they released the "pay to play" CD. As to the accurate date I am a little fuzzy on due to the length of time ago it was. Also the date started may have been 93 instead of 94, though I do know for sure I was playing it in 94.

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Time to brag :D

On RuneScape I'm not of a significant level but I have played for 6 years and have every holiday item since the Skeleton Costume except for thanksgiving because I'm on vacation then with no computer access. Also, I have the Zombie Walk and Zombie Dance emotes (those aren't difficult yo get you just have to be REALLY lucky)(Zombie Dance makes you dance like the zombies in Thriller :D)
-That stuff usually gets people to ask how I got it
-I can look good in screenshots
(Skeleton costume, Chicken suit, morph into a pile of bones, spider in my hand)

On MapleStory I don't have much to offer but I'll see what I can do if I ever feel like getting the patch.
-I'm a Cleric and usually they can easily team up with other players because the have Heal

On AdventureQuest Worlds I have some really old items from the Gamma phase (It's like beta only they want us to think they are "testing" something but just sound cool)
-People usually call me the character I'm wearing the armor of and fun happens :D

Screenshots for AQW-
Costume change reason: they both look cool
Area change reason: someone else came to the area almost nobody knows about and got in my way
I noticed the 10+ downloads on most of the screenshots don't claim you're aaront222 or any of that crap

Screenshot for RS-
My holiday items screen
Some other holiday items
(carrot, spider, skeleton spider, etc.)

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I have been playing:

Utopia -> Played for 6 years In 2nd / 3rd year I was part of top kingdoms But I'm not sure If I have any screen saved then. I might be able to find something in my old PC. When I quit Utopia and BECAUSE of it, I started playing MAGICDUEL :)

Human-Age -> This is actually how the first age is called. The present LAST Age is Called Kingdom-Age. I have to brag in this game that I started in prehistory and ended up now in the kingdom ages , advancing through Pharaohs, Celts and Greeks ages , for about a total of 7-8 years of gameplay.

Bitefight -> Not such a long time but I was in one of the top 10 alliances. Also My stats were in top 50 i think but , I sold my account so I guess you can take this OUT of counting.

I'm also playing a LOT of MMORPGs on the iPhone. But They're not that complex and I don't know if they could take part in this category.

Edit: Sorry for the delay, I though we should message you, I didn't know there was a thread about it :>

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warhammer online
lineage 2
guild wars
sword 2 grenado espana
battle forge
world of battle
king of king 3 si multe altele..Sunt un impatimit al mmorpg dar ma plictisesc foarte repede.Daca pot sa te ajut cumva cu cea mai mare placere!

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1) Game name : Battle dawn
Type : MMOG Turn based browser game, Military strategy.
Works on flash.
Played for 3 yrs.


I was in the legendary alliance' AOHX' Angels of Hell known for its deadly defense statics.
My best moments where when we defeated 2nd Rank alliance 'ECHO' in World5.


We were ranking just 12 and ur enemy was 2nd. and still we managed to defeat them. ECHO consist of full Supporters members and AOHX consists of pure free members. SO this battle was considered to the most talked battle in World 5 history.
The only down fall of this game is there is no restriction on the usage of the game shop, image u can reset ur MDshop 100 times ho yes it was like that.


When ur leader got attacked every one supported him, some even scarified their own colony to defend ur leader.

I left the game cos all the OLD members of AOHX left. After playing with such Good players i don't like to play with others who cry for small losses. One of my best days of Gaming.

2) Game name : Imperial online
Type : MMOG real time military statergy game. Browser based.
playing for more than 2yrs. STill playing currently in realm 50 as the leader of '300'alliance.
One of the best military strategy game.

3) Game name : tribal wars
Type : MMOG statergy game. Browser based.
Only down fall ur village can be captured. SO u will be surprised to find after a good vacations that all ur hard build villages is been conquered my ur enemies or ur own allies hehe
Used to play in speed servers when time available.

4) Game name : Shogun wars
type : MMORPG browser based.
Ranking is not done on the Net points but based on HONOR muhaha.
Stopped playing. played for 1 yrs

5) Game name : Runeescape
Guess no need any info. for this one
I stooped plying cos of the battle system.
played for 4 months.

6) Game name : ages of strife
Type : MMOG browser turn based. Military game.
Similar to utopia.
I lead an alliance 'Order of strife' With came 2 at the end of the round. Belive me that was the first round for me too hehe.

7) And now The best Game ever played
Game name : Chaos lands.
Type : MMORPG, Turn based bowser flash game.

The good thing about this game is it is absolutely free i mean there is no in game shop. The game was run on pure donation from hardcore players and in return they don't get anything. SO is the fairest of all the games.
The only down part is if u get defeated u can't brag that ur enemy was over powered thru cash(shop) like what we do here hehe
Sadly the game was stopped. I tried to contact the game owner but no reply(.

8 ) Game : Nadirim
Type : MMORPG browser based turn based flash game
Finally a RPG game with strategy. It is still in the closed beta stage and in testing mode.
Already have massed a huge online gamers.
The graphic is excellent considering it to be a only browser game.
Iam playing as tester and working under community manager to make this game even better.
Currently @lvl 11.

Yeah i know no one asked for my stories but i just want to show off hehe

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Hmm I played and played and played(I could go on with this to enfatize how many I played xD) many games.
For example Bitefight,Ikariam,BattleKnight,Tanoth,Tribos and few others I cant remember I wasnt like OP,OP but was in a decent place specially Bitefight.
Anyways these are MMORPG Browser games, however from what I´ve seen their expensive to get decent gear without paying and there aint any system (at least that time not sure if there is now) for free credits to get the respective (Ingame exchange coin).
I play MagicDuels also since a long time like almost 3years been inactive for quite a while, but its fun to check things around, since I got more or less interested on this game since it helped me with philosophy ;p
I played Flyff had a BillPoster lvl 76, too lazy to download game again since my net is a bit slow and game is a bit big, the graphics are decent for gameplay it allows you to have skins neverthless but the upgrade item ratio and the upgrading cost is to high in my opinion.
I played Tales of Pirates also had a lvl 75crusader, at that time was really hard to lvl them not so easy now that its possible to get over 80 in few hours from what I heard at least -.-, graphics are decent but could be better.
Played World of Warcraft also, the game even thought its payed on a monthly subscription or every three months or six months its a bit expensive since people cant afford it that easily.
The graphics are quite good, at that time I had a end geared level 70 blood elf warlock when cap was still level 70.
I had fun killing the naps in Alterac Valley and get mostly 1st on dmg rank ;P
Currently im playing Runes of Magic, a MMORPG, got a level 62warrior/58priest on smacht server (sadly people consider this combo sucky w/e!) xD.
This game is based on plenty type of ranks to Strenght,stamina,intellect,physical attack, magical attack,etc.
I am on the first ten on the str ranking at this moment.
The graphics of the game are quite good and it offers a free playing game thought however for the extra items you need to buy diamonds(in game exchange coin) or buy ingame,with gold you can farm.

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My achievements are four, in order of decreasing uniqueness:

1. One day a few years ago, I decided to play Indestructo Chopper, a flash game hosted on addictinggames.com . After a couple hours of nonstop play, I got all the medals and submitted my score, and it turned out to be the [b]#2 highest score ever.[/b] Maybe it was my 97% accuracy...
However, I have no screenshots (I was a computer noob back then) and the highscore pages seem not to exist anymore, so I can't verify this.

2. On the old [url="http://shoddybattle.com/"]Shoddy Battle[/url] leaderboard, I reached #22 at my peak. This was a pokemon battle simulator, with ratings like in chess. Unfortunately, I also don't have any screenshots, and the leaderboard for the official server doesn't even exist anymore (now redirects to smogon's). Not that I'd still be on it; scores drop with time and require regular play to maintain.

3. The only standard MMORPG that I can claim something in: PWO (Pokemon World Online). I got into the top list of wins minus losses, and I headed an alliance (The Round Table) that got into the top of alliances in the category of wins minus losses. The game was young then, so it isn't that much of an accomplishment.
I got introduced to MD from a xat.com chat for PWO (I don't remember by whom, but in hindsight it may have been Yami no Sakura, as one of my friends on PWO was Sakura, with a similar cute and bubbly personality. Kinda like Curiose. :3 ). I shortly left PWO due to the Sleep status glitching. I had built my team around exploiting sleep. My jumpluff was feared. :3 After a year of me leaving, I returned to check on the situation, and most of my friends had left, too. Sleep had still not been fixed.

4. Another flash game on addictinggames.com : Isoball 2. Also a few years ago, I found an exploit that allows me to gain unlimited score by leaving the game running in the background. I did that for a day and got a top ten score. [url="http://www.gimme5games.com/hi-scores/isoball-2?gameId=249&levelId=0&platformId=0&name=apophys"]It's #62 currently[/url]. If you want me to run it for a month to climb up in score, I can do so. :P
Notice the top highscores for this game - #4-15 are users named: I, am, removing, your, name, to, the, second, page, of, high, scores. Also, #17-31 are various incarnations of jason.swingle .

I don't really play MMORPGs much because I despise grinding for level; it's mind-numbing. I also don't have time to search for alternative MMORPGs like MD, where "a noob can beat a vet."

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I played Freeciv (open source remake of Sid Meyer's Civilization) in the Longturn community. Longturn would be a 30 player game, with each turn at a 23 hour interval (so turn change time - and opportunity for double attack - would always vary as not to benefit players in one location over another). Games would go for many months.

I had the priviledge of playing as a peaceful civilization in a game with interactive diplomacy disabled and space race disabled, with a sole goal of survival and prosperity. With strength and negotiations I was able to keep myself and my immediate neighbor and ally safe from war from start to finish. One alliance ultimately conquered the rest of the world and we accepted them as victors under the condition that they would leave our cities and lands in tact and free from foreign military presence.

During this time, I was able to build my civilization into an economic powerhouse and defensive stronghold. Using a slow growth model, I was able to achieve first ranking of all players in every statistic category other than militarism (based on number of units). I chose not to go to war, although I had the capacity to go from the pre-industrial revolution (where I chose to halt research) to nuclear superpower inside a couple weeks. I was spending a great deal of energy designing and terraforming my continent into a place of supreme abundance and protection. I had celebrations of happiness and prosperity in all of my cities every day.

I took daily screenshots and wrote a daily history throughout the six month game. I have not played Longturn since that game, but I have been requested by veterans to join other games to build and lead a strong peaceful alliance based on my slow growth development strategy.

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  • Root Admin

this topic will be closed in one day.
some of you will be contacted with further instructions about this.

Thank you all that posted, sadly i can't make this public on a forum that can be checked by anyone (outside md i mean) but soon you will figure it out and those selected may share the info just NOT in a public place.

This post will be removed eventually

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