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I do not want to step on anyone's toes, but Aysun started this and now after months of inactivity on it her original thread is closed.

I do not know what Aysun did or didn't submit, what she did or didn't acquire - but I intend to complete what has been left unfinished.

Aysun - if you want to contact me to get this finished, please do so...as I have stated to you previously. If you can head it up again, all the better.

Everyone else - this is everyone's project, I'm just making this thread for the sake of saying what I intend and hopefully then anyone with input can contact me just so we have a hub. I don't know about anyone else but I want to see it finished, and someone has to get off their butt and make it happen, so it might as well be me.

Lets do it.

I've already finished October. Anyone with input on Sept, Nov and Dec send me the shizzle. Hopefully we can finally get it done. I know people have been trying to do this for a long time, but please don't give up hope, we will get it sorted as a big ol MD team - I'm not going anywhere, and I will make sure it gets submitted in full - unless Aysun appears to take hold of the project again, which I hope she does.


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Asterdai: Myths which whether MD like it or not are now crafted and melded with our world
Asterdai: it is a momentus task for Z, he should really value Anyones offer to help
Asterdai: and i think it will be a great opportunity to have a direct effect on the realm

(posted from chat)

I seriously think is is something which would interest me. Delving into obscure days/events immersing yourself in a magical history, facts about ancient fiction. Imagine how reading and studying such myths and legends would tantilise your imagination, fuel for your next poem or story.
My interest would be in North mythology,i would value if someone who also enjoys this could submit their findings on this subject.

Everyone is interested in the game when they start because it is in development and the "new" "experimental" paths it explores, and they believe they can have a measurable and proud impact on this "player crafted world". To their dismay or bad luck, if you have not been in the right place at the right time, your efforts have been un-noticed, even though you feel you try really hard.

This is your calling. You can have a chance to find your interesting little tit-bit, myth, date, story, crafted into the game. Im unsure how many you completed Z by saying you completed October.. but i can imagine using all resources and looking over may historical papers, even 2 days would be an achievement for me

To help in the process, anyone who Z deems as providing sufficiant can ask for a bonus prize from myself, i really value the calander and it allows me to remember how much mythology used to be a big part of my life

(if i was to start something like this id crumble, crys, and run away O.o)

Roman Festivals and holidays - not date order but name order


Greek myth names - under festival section there are names for days/myths starting in july,which can be googled


Egypt festival dates


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Yes, Fire Starter - as long as you can show me evidence that it is a real festival then I will do my best to incorporate it (I say do my best rather than just 'will' just in case there is a day with like 10 festivals on it lol)

Support very much appreciated Aster.

This is great guys, keep going.

Awiiya has done work on Sept and Oct too, so it is mainly November and December that need the major work. I think BFH did a week in Nov? Trying to find out.

How would you feel if I post up completed months for comment/additions/just so everyone can see what is being done? Separate thread or here for that?


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Ok, in that case, I have just spent the last 5 hours :blink: merging mine and Awiiya's October information. Obviously when I send it in the word doc it is properly formatted - but I wasnt about to spend another hour formatting a forum post (italics aside). I have put some links in there too where possible.

[log=Calendar for October]


• Ancient Macedonia: Celebration of Alexander the Great’s defeat of Darius III
• Aztec: Celebration of Coatlicue.
• Ancient Rome: Celebration of Fides.

[i]Darius the III was the ruler of the Persian empire, and his defeat at this battle lead to the downfall of his empire.

Coatlicue is the goddess of all gods, and the festival was also a way of remembering the women that had died in childbirth. Their names were written with stones and then covered by food and jewelry.

Fides is the Roman Goddess of fidelity, good faith and honesty. She oversees moral integrity.[/i]

• AL: The Shade balance – After many debates, Renavoid decides there cannot be a treaty between alliances until they learn to work together properly. Without imbalance to sustain their lives, the remaining shades retreat into Necrovion. Yrthilian stands poised having to choose whether to stab Wodin or not.
• Announcements: Specialised Voting system implemented in the realm. 2009
• Announcements: First ever MD Festival of Pain. 2009

http://www.musesrealm.net/rome/festivals.html )


• Viking: Blood festival for Thor to ready for an invasion.
• Inca: Sun festival.
• Egyptian: Honoring of Tefnut.
• Korea: Start of the Gongju cultural festival, celebrating the traditions of the Baekje period.
• Persia: Mihragan - The Festival of Autumn.

[i]Before attacking another village and pillaging, the Vikings would hold festivals to strengthen and anger themselves. An angry Viking fights better than a calm one, and takes away the fear of death.

In order to keep the sun on the correct path, the Inca would hold a festival and the head priest would sacrifice a llama.

Tefnut was the goddess of “moist waters” and so she was honored by a pouring of water over the priests.[/i]

• AL: A Freezing Fire Starter – The sun comes out due to a mysterious person with an Umbrella... and Phrog gains just enough energy to move.
• Announcements: Alt forum accounts are officially frowned upon and deleted. 2009

http://www.shilla.nl/?page/129322/Festivals.aspx )


• Ancient Rome: Festival of Bacchus
• China: Mid-Autumn Festival
• Mesopotamia: Celebration of Tiglath-Pileser III.
• Germany: Oktoberfest ends.
Bacchus is the God of wine, on this day he is thanked for the year’s grape harvest.

Mid-Autumn festival is celebrated to mark the end of the Harvest season, and it associated with mooncakes, pomelo and the full moon.

In honor of Tiglath-Pileser III’s successful reign, a grand feast was held for him.[/i]

• AL: A Freezing Fire starter – Someone persuades Phrogs spirit to get into a log and takes him to the Gates of Ages. They carry him across the bridge to GG and energy slowly starts to ebb back to his body thanks to brave adventurers lifting his spirit!
• Announcements: Artisans Guild Disbanded 2009

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oktoberfest )


• Aztec: Festival of Ixtlilton
• Dahomey: Celebration of the Cobra
• Maya: Ceremonial reading of the Popol Vuh.
• Ancient Rome: Fast of Ceres.

[i]Ixtlilton was the god of healing, and his festival involved cleansing of the body and mind.

In Dahomey, the Cobra was an animal associated with the afterlife and Gods.

The Popol Vuh is an account of the birth of the Mayan world, and their Gods.

The fast of Ceres was originally held once every five years, but once the Roman empire ruled it became an annual event. It celebrates Ceres, Goddess of agriculture and fertility.[/i]

• AL: The Shade Balance – Wodin imparts wisdom to Yrthilian so profound that it gives him the chance to let Wodin walk away untouched. Some don’t notice, but for those that do...the Sun is moving in the sky....
• Announcements: Mood panel is implemented in the realm 2009

(http://www.musesrealm.net/rome/festivalsinfo.html )


• Ancient Rome: Mundus patet
• Mesopotamia: Religious festival in the Ziggurat.
• Brazil: Start of Circo de Nazare

[i]Mundus patet is a festival celebrating the dead, and is when it is believed the Mundus Cereris, the door to the underworld, is open. The festival is held to placate the “Manes”, the spirits of the underworld.

The Ziggurat was the center of religious activity, and was a pyramid like structure.

Circo de Nazare honors the Virgin Mary who is said to have saved the lives of a nobleman and an Amazonian hunter. This legend has become one of the largest festivals in Brazil.[/i]
http://www.musesrealm.net/rome/festivalsinfo.html )


• Norse: Praying for the head of Mímir
• Inca: In Cuzco, the Inca held a festival for the Mountain Gods.
• Egyptian: Honoring of the founding of the Valley of Kings.
• Ancient Rome: Day of Bad Omens

[i]Mímir was renowned for his intelligence, however he was beheaded during the war of the Gods. Odin carries the head around, and from time to time he whispers secrets and information into his ear. Norse people sometimes prayed to the head so that he would whisper in their ear.

The Incan festival involved much feasting and games.

The Valley of Kings is where many of the most important Egyptian pharaohs were buried, and the festival honors Meretseger, who is said to be the God who founded the Valley.

Roman anniversary of the battle of Arausio (105 BC) where differences between military commanders meant armies did not co-operate - leading to failure. Nearly all soldiers died.[/i]

• AL: A Freezing Fire Starter – Being carried along, Phrog feels more and more energy as he gets closer to the destination. Set down by the cave entrance, now what should be done?

(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Arausio )


• Hebrew: This day celebrates the day when the Hebrew Calendar was created.
• Greece: Pyanepsia (to boil beans)
• Egypt: Feast day of Ma-at

[i]Pyanepsia is a day of thanks to the god Apollo for conquering the Minotaur. Pulses and an Olive branch are hung on the gate of the temple of Apollo.

Ma-at is the Egyptian Goddess who set order from chaos at the creation of the universe. She oversees and regulates all things. The word itself means the concepts of balance, truth, order, law, morality and justice. She is also known for weighing souls in the underworld.[/i]

• AL: A Freezing Firestarter – Thanks to his spirit’s control of drachorns, Phrog’s spirit takes physical form once more, truly the master of flames.
• Announcements: After a mass of voting, Yrthilian remains King of Golemus 2009

http://www.angelfire.com/realm3/shadowsofegypt/Festival.html )


• Aztec: Market festival of Maize.
• Mesopotamia: A festival of a polo-type game.
• Lenape: Praying for the manitowak of others.
• Morocco: Horse Festival. A medieval celebration of horsemanship.
• Japan: Start of Marimo Matsuri

[i]Maize was an incredibly important food in the lives of the Aztec. It was so important that they worshipped it like Gods. During the Market festival, the harvested Maize was sold and there were games and other festivities.

In the Mesopotamian version of polo, the men would sit on another man’s shoulders, and they would run around trying to hit the ball into the goal. Often the men doing the running were slaves.

The manitowak is said to be the life-force of all things, and each thing has a manitowak associated with it.

Marimo Matsuri’s origins derive from the observation of spheres of endangered Marimo Algae which take one hundred years to grow ten centimeters in diameter. It is a festival worshipping mother nature.[/i]

http://www.whatsonwhen.com/sisp/index.htm?fx=event&event_id=221777 )


• Nepal: Vijayadashami
• Norse: Night of dverger.
Vijayadashami is the celebration of the triumph of good over evil.

Dverger are the Norse dwarves, known for the technological advancements and ruthlessness. On this night, they are said to come out of the ground and take children to the underground for experiments.[/i]

• Announcements: Necrovion King elections begin. 2009


• Ancient Rome: A massive funeral for Germanicus
• Pagan: Blood moon
• Celtic: Michelmas
• Hindu: First day of Navrati Festival
• Japan: End of Marimo Matsuri

[i]Germanicus was a well known Roman general. On this day people grieved for his death.

The blood moon is when blood rituals are the strongest, and the blood of the dead is said to boil.

Michelmas is a celebration of the equinox.[/i]

• Announcements: Wodin’s soul is closed in a seal broken into 4 parts and given to Ailith, Burns, Grido and Yrthilian. 2009


• Ancient Rome: Meditrinalia
• Hindu: Day 2 of Navrati Festival
• Inca: Night festival to Quilla
• Aztec: Start of Tepeilhuitl (Feast of the Mountains)

[i]Meditrinalia was when the Romans stopped drinking their old stores of wine and began drinking the new batch. It was also associated with Jupiter.

Quilla is the moon, and though not as important as Inti (the sun), Quilla was still worshipped for her celestial importance.

Tepeilhuitl is a festival for rain and rain deities. Two sisters would represent famine and plenty and be sacrificed to the four great mountains thought to generate rain. Amarath dough was eaten ritually.[/i]

http://www.amoxtli.org/cuezali/festivals.html )


• Ancient Persia: Cyrus the Great sacks and controls Babylon.
• Hindu: Day 3 of Navrati Festival
• Aztec: Day of Tenochtitlan
• Japan: Oeshiki
• Spain: Pilar Festival

[i]Once a year in the capitol city of Tenochtitlan there was a massive festival, perhaps when leaders were introduced and priests ordained.

Oeshiki is in memory of the 13th century Buddhist priest Nichiren involving a massive procession of people with lanterns and chanting to drums and flutes.

The Pilar Festival commemorates St James the Apostle’s bringing of Christianity to Spain via the word from the vision of the Virgin Mary he had.[/i]

http://www.spanish-fiestas.com/zaragoza/pilar-festival.htm )


• Ancient Rome: Celebration of the ascension of Nero
• Ancient Rome: Fontanalia
• Hindu: Day 4 of Navrati Festival

[i]Nero was one of the later Roman Emperors, famous for making people listen to him play his instrument.

Fontanalia was in a festival in honor of the wells and springs of the land which garlands were thrown on to. It was presided over by the God Fontus and the Goddess Fons.[/i]

• AL: The Inner Sun – Bootes, Penelope and Nelya find some documents that appeared once the sun started to move. They have to keep it secret, the Archivists don’t seem to want people to know. I am bored gets kidnapped, he was talking about the documents in public, ‘hopefully the shades will deal with him’ the kidnappers say.
• Announcements: No more RPCs from today 2009

(http://www.musesrealm.net/rome/festivalsinfo.html )


• Hindu: Day 5 of Navrati Festival
• Norse: Mótsognir’s day of creation.
• Mesopotamia: Praying to Ninurta
• Egyptian: Day of Peace.
• Laos: Boat Racing Festival

[i]Mótsognir is the first dverger, created by the three brothers Odin, Vili, and Vé.

Ninurta was the god of heroes and war. The heroes were also remembered on this day.

No fighting or work was allowed to occur on the Egyptian Day of Peace.

The Laos boat racing festival takes place to mark the end of Buddhist Monks 3 month rainy season fasting. Donations are given at temples with festivities reserved for the evenings. Candle light processions are held and hundreds of floats are set adrift down the Mekong River, paying respect to it’s spirit.[/i]

• AL: The Inner Sun – Bootes pours over the papers, a mention of “The Inner Sun” what could it all mean? I am Bored has only himself for company running through dark corridors with no seeming exit. Someone else appears, Bored is in the Archives it seems.
• Announcements: Peace is elected Queen of Necrovion by a huge majority after a Public Vote 2009
• Announcements: The first raw material items get randomly distributed across the realm 2009

(http://easyexpat.blogexpat.com/blog/expat/2009/09/17/festivals-around-the-world-this-october )


• Ancient Rome: Equus
• Hindu: Day 6 of Navrati Festival
• Inca: Blessing for the stonemasons.
Equus is where the right horse in the winning team of horses was sacrificed to the god Mars.

The stonemasons were among the most important in the society, for they were needed to build majestic temples. The priests of Incan societies would bless them so that they could do their work better on this day.[/i]

• AL: The Inner Sun – Nelya realises the documents will make sense if all put together. Bootes begins to do so and realises they don’t relate to the Sun. Bored and No one walk the dark corridors.
• Announcements: WP exchange strictly and officially forbidden from today 2009
• Announcements: From today on everyone can achieve the ability to give WPs 2009
(http://www.servinghistory.com/topics/Equiria )


• Hindu: Day 7 of Navrati Festival
• Aztec: Celebration of Tlacaelel
• Korea: End of Gongju Cultural Festival

[i]Tlacaelel was one of the most important rulers of the Aztec period. He strengthened their religion and military ability. Each year on the day he died he is celebrated and remembered.[/i]

• Announcements: King of Loreroot elections begin 2009


• Hindu: Day 8 of Navrati Festival
• Norse: Festival to Muninn
• Egyptian: Festival of figs.
• Japan: Samurai Festival of Toshogu Shrine
• Hindu/Sikh: Diwali

[i]Muninn is the norse god of memory, and people would pray to him so that they would not forget their loved ones when they went away.

Figs were an important crop for the Egyptian, and they honored them in a number of festivals centered around the eating of them.

The Samurai Festival of Toshogu Shrine is also known as the procession of the thousand samurai warriors. It involves a procession of warriors dressed in armor and traditional formal attire.

Diwali is also known as the festival of lights. It is a 5 day celebration in honor of the return of Lord Rama from defeating Ravana the demon lord king. Triumph of good over evil.[/i]
http://easyexpat.blogexpat.com/blog/expat/2009/09/17/festivals-around-the-world-this-october )


• Hindu: Day 9 of Navrati Festival
• Inca: Celebration of an Incan war campaign to the “savages” in the rainforest to the east.
• Mesopotamia: Religious festival in Ngirsu.
• Morocco: Festival of Dates
• Peru: Festival of the Lord of the Miracles
In celebration of their victory, the Incan would hold a massive festival. Every Incan male was required to serve in at least one military war.

Ngirsu was the religious center for the kingdom of Langash. The Gods were honored in various ways, but in this festival they were offered food and prayers.

The Date Festival involves Music, folk dance and tastings to celebrate the good luck that dates are thought to have brought the land.

The Festival of the Lord of the Miracles is to commemorate a 350 year old mural of Christ that has endured despite attempts to remove it.[/i]

• AL: The Inner Sun – Bootes and No One walk the corridors and finally find a small door, walking through the see a dark clouded sky through the broken windows of the hall. No One stares at the closest thing he has ever seen to night. Somehow from the Archives...they are now in Necrovion. Bored goes to look at the corridors again while No One wanders into necrovion.
• Announcements: Citizenship is implemented in the realm 2009

http://www.perutravels.net/peru-travel-guide/art-festivals-lord-miracles.htm )


• Ancient Rome: Celebration of the Battle of Zama
• Ancient Rome: Armilustrium
• Hindu: Day 10 of Navrati Festival

[i]The Battle of Zama was fought between Hannibal and Scipio. The Roman army defeated Hannibal, protecting them from an invasion.

Armilustrium is when weapons were put away and stored for the winter, and is associated with Mars.

On the 10th day is Dasara, the celebration of Lord Rama’s defeat of Ravana.[/i]

(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armilustrium )


• Bahá'í Faith: Birth of the Báb
• Lenape: Guidance of the nianque.

[i]Báb is one of the three central figures of the Bahá'í Faith.

The nianque was said to be an animal guidance, especially on visual journeys. The lenape would on this day focus on their nianque and meditate.[/i]

• Announcements: Tainted warriors become available for a new leader 2009
• Announcements: Q docs can be gained by anyone based on certain requirements from today 2009

(http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/religions/bahai/holydays/birthbab.shtml )


• Greece: The temple to Apollo is destroyed in a strange fire.
• Norse: Day of offerings to the Fylgja.

[i]The Fylgja were like spirit animals, and every person has one that is associated with their fate. Often appearing during the night, but sometimes seen during the day. In order to assure a good fate, one would offer food for it in the middle of the night.[/i]


• Aztec: Fertility ceremony involving human sacrifice.
• Inca: Monthly cleaning and rededication of the huacas.
• Senaca: Honoring of Eagentci
• Egypt: Abu Simbel
• Japan: Jidai Matsuri (Festival of Ages)

[i]The sacrifice of humans was an honor, and those being sacrificed were said to go straight to the Aztec’s concept of heaven. The sacrifice of humans was used for various purposes, but here a man is sacrificed in hopes of improving the fertility of the community.

Huacas were the religious cites, located in caves or on mountains. They were often were mummies were buried.

Eagentci was the mother-goddess, and one who created all things.

Abu Simbel is also held on the same day in February. It is a day when the light fall perfectly lights up statues of Ramses, Ra and Amun.

Jidai Matsuri is a festival of historical re-enactment where authentic costumes are worn.[/i]

• Announcements: Firsanthalas is voted King of Loreroot by a vast majority. 2009.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jidai_Matsuri )


• Astrology: First day of the sign Scorpio
• Mesopotamia: Celebration of the founding of Ur.
• Egyptian: Celebration for fertility, centering on Taweret

[i]In ancient cultures, Scorpio would be celebrated by a quiet ceremony, as introverted people are those associated with Scorpio.

It was on this day that Ur was said to have been created with the help of the Gods.

Taweret is the goddess of childbirth and fertility, and is pleased by material offerings.[/i]

• AL: The Inner Sun: I am Bored sits in a forgotten dark corner, his screams echoing with no response.


• Pagan: Druid feast of the spirits
• Norse: Sacrifice to ensure good Hamingja.
• Buddhism: Sangha Day
• Zambia: Independence Day
• Brazil: End of Cirio de Nazare

Hamingja is roughly equal to luck.

Sanga Day celebrates the last day of the rain’s retreat.[/i]

• AL: The Inner Sun – I am Bored tried to light a fire, but to no avail for some time. Finally, when he manages, he sees the enormous amounts of books there. Some he puts on the fire, but one he reads “Rare Creatures”.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_national_independence_days )


• Aztec: Pīpiltin day of feasting.
• Maya: Rain festival.

[i]The pīpiltin were the highest social class in Mayan society, and as such held their own separate festivals. On this day they feasted in honor of the human mind, and took intoxicants to see the future.

In days of long draughts, the Mayan would gather together and perform a massive rain dance.[/i]

• AL: The Inner Sun – Penelope gets frustrated. Either they are missing some documents, or there is something else they are missing.


• Ancient Rome: Ludi Victoriae Sullanae
• Inca: Snake festival.
• Australia: Independence Day

[i]The Ludi Victoriae was a military celebration of Sulla, a Roman General. The celebration lasted 6 days.

Snakes represented the inner earth, and in the festival people made snake-like figures and had a procession with them.[/i]


• Ancient Rome: Ludi Vicotriae Sullanae Day 2
• Norse: Honoring of the Raven
• Egyptian: Grand Market day
In Norse mythology, the Raven was an almost spiritual figure associated with death, luck, and the afterlife. Raven’s were said to be able to see the future.

The Egyptian people would go to their capital or local city to sell the goods they had harvested.[/i]

• AL: The Inner Sun – In a Pub, an unknown hands Bootes a map to Sage’s keep, but it shows something different. The unknown is gone before Bootes can thank them.


• Ancient Rome: Ludi Victoriae Sullanae Day 3
• Mesopotamia: In time of drought, festival for Enki.
• Egyptian: Night of Apep
• Greek: Ohi Day
• Czech Republic: Independence Day
• Peru: End of the festival of the Lore of the Miracles

[i]Enki was the God of rain, and he was said to be pleased by honoring his name with songs.

On this night the demon-god Apep was said to wander the land, looking for women to take back to his kingdom under the earth.

Ohi day is known as the anniversary of the “no” and celebrated in Greek communities around the world. It commemorates the Greek refusal to let Italy occupy them during WWII.[/i]

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_national_independence_days )


• Ancient Rome: Ludi Victoriae Sullanae Day 4
• Aztec: Tlachtli tournament in honor of Tezcatlipoca.
• Turkey: Independence Day
• UK: National Honey Show

[i]Tlachtli is a game played with a rubber ball, in which the players could only hit the ball with their elbows, knees, and hips. The team that got the ball through the hoop would automatically win. This was such a difficult feat, however, that games often went on for hours.

The National Honey Show was first held in 1923, now held in October every year. Honey farmers compete for a title donning them with the status of best honey production.[/i]

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_national_independence_days )


• Ancient Rome: Ludi Victoriae Sullanae Day 5
• Norse: Hanging of Hagbard
• Inca: Day of divination.
• Aztec: End of Tepeilhuitl (Feast of the Mountains)
Hagbard is a renowned sea king, who was hung for loving another out of wedlock. People near his gallows sometimes visit and offer a flower on this day.

In order to predict the coming harvest season, the Inca would call the assistance of the priests. [/i]

• Voting on Marind Bell Kingship begins 2009


• Ancient Rome: Ludi Victoriae Sullanae Day 6
• Pagan: Samhain
• Mesopotamia: Eridu festival.
• Mexico: Day of the Dead
• Norse: Start of Winter Nights
• Aztec: Start of Quecholli (The Precious Feather)

[i]The final day of the Ludi Victoriae was marked with a feast and a mock fight.

Samhain is a number of festival rolled into one. It is a festival of the end of summer and the harvest season, but it is also a festival associated with the dead.

Eridu was one of the first cities of Mesopotamia, and so was celebrated as the birthplace of Mesopotamian culture and society.

The day of the dead is a festival to link the dead with the living. Fancy dress is worn, many visits to grave yards are done and sugared skulls created.

Winter Nights is also known as the festival of the Wild Hunt. Odin rode his horse Sleipneir and led the gods chasing a boar in the skies. Spirits roam free as the light in all nine worlds goes out.

Quecholli is a festival in honor of Mixcoatl - God of Hunting. Deer were hunted. People dressed as deer were also hunted, and then eaten.[/i]

• AL: The Inner Sun – Bootes goes to the back to Sages keep to find two lion statues who want an answer to their questions before they let him pass. The rest of the realm work to try to help him.

http://www.amoxtli.org/cuezali/festivals.html )



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Hey guys- just as I was ready to start compiling properly, finals hit, and then the holidays.

I've been compiling old books using my university library that have world events of the days- some of the books dating very old- that I've been collecting to use for the days where information's been hard to find. Z, if you'd like to work with me to help in compiling and formatting, I could certainly use it. I'll go ahead and send you a PM.

Again, sorry for the delay- real life's a bitch.


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A 5 month delay is pretty massive. Could you do me a favour and let us know how far you have gotten? What is still missing? etc? Awi has already done September, October I already did and Awii already did, so have we gotten anywhere with the last 2 months in the last 5?


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two heads are better then one! you could asign days which still need doing, to the people replying on this thread, and see if you get anyone that takes the bait :P and wants to help
icould do one day i guess.. if you like.. but im not promising! (skulks off back to the gurilla's hidden forum to have another think..)

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Consider the missing two months completed. I'll be compiling the last of my books of days hopefully by next weekend since I'll have to type out everything by hand- I'm not at home at the moment but out of town for a doctor's appointment. A week and a half after that my editing and formatting should be finished and I'll submit the finished product to the powers that be- I'm assuming Rendril since this will have to do with MD coding.

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Very well then. I will start building something about my specific country. Then I will compare it with the MD Calendar and will try to eliminate errors or doubling.
Of course this will take a month or so. I will contact you, Z, when I am finished in order to coordinate further.

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  • 4 months later...

Another 4 months on and I'm none the wiser as to anything happening with this, so as it's now only 3 months until September I've done the last two months anyway. If you're still alive Aysun then you can use this how you want whether you submitted anything or not, otherwise I'll just send it in when the community is done fiddling with it.

Have a look, make your comments, additions etc and I'll add in and what not.

There are some days where I could find very little. If you fancy padding out that info then that would be cool.



• Ancient Rome: Celebration of Pomona
• Norse: Ancestors Night
• Roman Catholic/ Western Christianity: All Saints Day
• Ancient Egypt: Festival of Hathor

Pomona is the Goddess of Plenty. She is mainly associated with the blooming of trees, her name deriving from a word meaning fruit.

Ancestors night is usually celebrated around a bonfire with candles lit to honor individual ancestors.

All Saints Day celebrates all saints, known and unknown.

Hathor is the goddess of fertility, love, beauty and joy. She is often depicted welcoming the dead into the next life.

This was considered new years day in many ancient cultures.

• AL: The Inner Sun – I am Bored reads through the book of Creatures which is filled with detailed images and descriptions. It is totally immersive, and he forgets where he is for a moment. 2008
• Announcements: Archer unit becomes available in War Hold in Loreroot on this day 2007
• Announcements: RPCs were each given an inner magic spell document to reward players with on this day in 2008.


• Norse: End of Winter Nights
• Roman Catholic/ Western Christianity: All Souls Day

All Souls Day is a day where prayers are offered for those souls who may remain in purgatory, with the aim of sanctifying them to allow them entrance to heaven

Beware, for folklore tells that marriage on this day can only end badly.


• AL: The Inner Sun – Uttering the word “Sand”, Bootes conquers the stone lions and enters Sage’s Keep thanks to Burns. 2008


• Ancient Egypt: Last Day of Isia; the rebirth of Osiris
• Dominica: Independence Day

The Isia celebrates the search of Isis for her son/lover Osiris. She collects his dismembered body parts and reunites them via magic powers. On this, the last day, Osiris is re-born. Crowds of people would shout “Hilaria” (Osiris has been found). Images of Osiris were made from grain, watered and once barley sprouted, sent down the Nile. This was a day of unrestrained rejoicing.

This is also a traditional Celtic day for making new plans.


• AL: The Inner Sun: Bootes enters Sage’s Keep and seeing a pedestal illuminated by candle light, he thinks he has found what he was looking for. He stands in reverence. On the Pedestal he finds a map that directs him through the maze-like hallways of the keep. Candle in hand, he sets off. He finds a study room, wall to wall in scrolls and books. He begins searching for one that will continue his quest. 2008
• AL: The Inner Sun: No One wanders in the dark and finds a fire. He thought there were only shadows. He leaves the fire and continues through the wasteland which seems dead. The sky is dark. He hits a cross road with a well in the centre. He finds not life here either, nothing but wind, dust darkness and…a vase… 2008
• Announcements: The first ever testing of a creature that drains principles, Dark Archer was used for this test. 2009


• Ancient Rome: Start of Ludi Plebeii

Ludi Plebeii, or the Plebeian Games, were held from the 4th to the 5th of November and were in honor of Jupiter Optimus Maximus. The first week was reserved for plays and such, the last three days reserved for athletic events.

• AL: The Inner Sun: Bootes finds a wooden box with some papers, which rattles when picked up. All the items bear the mark of the inner sun. 2008


• Druidic: Turning the Devils Stone
• UK: Guy Fawkes Night
• Celtic: Feast Day of Kea

In Shebbear in England a stone sits on the ground, said to have been dropped by the devil in a fight with god. Bellringers must turn this stone on this day every year or peril will befall the village.

Although it is said this comes from a far older Pagan tradition, the UK celebrates Guy Fawkes night by burning the effigy of the man who tried to blow up parliament over a bonfire. It is also a custom to give a penny to any effigy of Guy fawkes. There are lots of firework displays also.

Kea was a monk said to have tried to resolve royal disputes. People often ask for his help to cure toothache.


• AL: The Inner Sun: The inner sun image on the lid of the box fades, revealing a scrambled picture. With Awiiya’s help Bootes shuffles them and clicks the last one into place. A congratulatory message displays and the box unlocks. 2008
• AL: The Inner Sun: No One trips and yells angrily at the shadows. Paranoid, he runs, watching his back. He trips again, over what he thought was a root, but terrified, he realizes it isn’t. Something rushes past him and he faints. 2008
• Announcements: Lifeline is elected King of Marind Bell. 2009


• Egypt: Raising the Djed Pillar
• Babylonian: Festival of Tiamat

Raising the Djed Pillar is a ceremony symbolizing stability and endurance.

Tiamat is usually depicted as a dragon monster, she is said to embody primordial chaos.

• AL: The Inner Sun: No One is awoken by faint whispers. He sees nothing, but shadows play at the edge of his vision. As the shadows draw closer, the whispers get louder and eventually No One cannot distinguish his own screams from those of the shadows. 2008
• Announcements: Invisibility/Ghost spell no longer detectable in triggers by ID. 2010


• Ancient Egypt: Festival of the Ploughing of the Earth
• Hawaii: Festival of Makahiki

The ploughing of the earth involves planting seeds in honor of Osiris.

In honor of the god Lono, god of fertility, peace and music, this festival occurs in various ways between October and February, including this particular day. War and unnecessary work is forbidden during this time.


• AL: The Inner Sun: Bootes opens to box and takes out a long metallic object with sliding pins on it that lock in place. “Is it a key?” he asks himself. He leaves and enters Necrovion. He hears a soul-wrenching scream somewhere nearby and hurries, hesitating before the entrance to the dark house. He sees several doors. 2008
• AL: The Inner Sun: No One shuts his eyes and screams until his throat is raw, when he opens them, he is alone. He tries to walk but stumbles, dust falling from his mouth. The shadows continue their game, but nobody can hear him scream. The shadows manifest into a puppy before him, he finds solace in this. He hopes it lasts. 2008
• AL: The Inner Sun: I Am Bored happily closes the book and decides to keep it. The fire has almost gone out, its fuel lost forever. I Am Bored leaves the fire saying “I want more books like this!” 2008
• Announcements: Hollow warrior changes upgrade costs and gains double anti-freeze aura. 2009
• Announcements: Lorerootian Archers gain the aimed hit ability. 2009


• Ancient Rome: Mundus patet
• Japan: Fuigo Matsuri
• Celtic: Feast day of Cybi

Mundus patet is a festival celebrating the dead, and is when it is believed the Mundus Cereris, the door to the underworld, is open. The festival is held to placate the “Manes”, the spirits of the underworld.

Fuigo Matsuri, or the festival of the bellows, is to purify the bellows and furnace to celebrate the various deities of sword-making. Ricewine and mandarins are placed on the furnace. The mandarins are later thrown to children, it is thought to prevent colds.

Cybi was a monk who has a healing well dedicated to him in the Teifi Valley. He is said to have made a miraculous return from a sea voyage.



• Thailand: Loy Kratong
• Cambodia: Independence Day

On a full moon in November people float banana leaves or bark from the spider lilly full of coins, joss sticks, candles and food down a river. You make a wish and if the candle is still lit when it disappears into the distance, it will come true. It is often associated with Buddhism and is a romantic night for lovers.



• Latvia: Martini Festival

The Martini Festival marks the end of winter preparations with a feast of Martini balls which are a local delicacy. They are made from peas, beans, potatoes and hemp.


• AL: The Inner Sun: Bootes searches for documents, the house makes him feel ill. He sees the remains of a fire and discovers a strange door. 2008
• Announcements: Credit and Wishpoint codes do not have an unlimited lifespan. They will expire after a few days to a week. 2009


• Celtic: Lunatshees
• Old England: Martinmas
• Hindu: Chhath Puja
• Angola: Independence Day

Lunatshees is a day to celebrate heroes and to appease the sidhe (devilish faeries).

If there was heavy frost on Martinmas it was believed that the following winter would be full of heavy rains.

Chhath Puja celebrates the Hindu sun god Surya. It thanks Surya for sustaining life on earth and asks for wishes to be granted.

• Announcements: Rebel citizens system implemented. An official way to protest against land leadership. A certain number of land loyalty days are required in order to do this. 2010
• Announcements: King items can be forcibly returned to the relevant king, subject to certain terms. 2010


• Celtic: Feast day of Cadwalader

Cadwalader was also known as the battle-shunner, hence this is a day to celebrate peace.

• Announcements: Land leaders receive access to all of the locations available in their land. 2009


• Ancient Rome: Epulum Jovis (Feast of Jupiter)

Epulum Jovis happens on two dates. One in November and one in September. It began with the sacrifice of a white cow and was a ritual feast celebrated during the Roman and Plebeian games.

In Celtic tradition it is said that if this day falls on a Friday, those born on it will have the evil eye.

• Announcements: Awiiya morphs into a Tree. 2010


• Druidic: Feast of the Musicians
• Eskimo: Aiyaguk

On the feast of the musicians songs were sung around a bonfire and offerings thrown into it in honor of the gods of music.

Aiyaguk, also known as the asking festival, allows men and women to become temporarily married thanks to the exchange of gifts should they so wish. Much dancing and feasting is done.

In India blessings are given to children on this day

• Announcements: Wish shop active days requirement lowered from 60 to 40. 2009


• Japan: Shichi-go-san

Shichi-go-san stands for seven-five-three, girls of seven and three and boys of five are taken to a shrine to thank the gods for their good health.


• Pagan: The Night of Hecate

On the Night of Hecate animal sacrifices were made and left for her supper. Those wishing her to be their key goddess often chose this night for their initiation.

For Wiccans in particular, this was also the night of paying tribute to the three-fold goddess.

• AL: The Inner Sun: No One picks up the puppy and suddenly the land turns into a field of golden wheat. Surrounding him and the field is a shimmering transparent bubble, outside he can still see the horrible landscape. He touches the bubble, it remains intact. The sky seems blue inside the bubble and the puppy barks and runs around No One’s legs, seeking his attention. 2008
• AL: The Inner Sun: Bootes has trouble opening the locks, but he manages to open all the locks on the door. 2008


• Ancient Rome: End of Ludi Pebeian
• Hindu: Tulsi Vivah

This signifies the end of the monsoon season and the beginning of the wedding season. It celebrates the wedding of Tulsi and Vishnu/Krishna.

• AL: The Inner Sun: Bootes searches the vault, marveling at the other old books there. He finds a marked wooden box and opens it. He stuffs the documents into his pack and leaves. On his journey from Necrovion he feels excited and eager, the Howling Gates appear swiftly. 2008
• Announcements: Icons added to stats. 2007


• Persia: Ardvi Sura
• India: Start of the Pushkar Camel Fair
• Old England: The Liar Festival
• Morocco: Independence Day

The festival of Ardvi Sura was in honor of Ardvi, Persian goddess of the stars and was held under the night sky in her honor.

Hundreds of Camels all gather together and are raced, bought, sold and taken for rides.

At the Liar festival people gather and each tell ten minute tales to win the biggest liar in the world award.

• Announcements: Sacrifice alter at Fenths Press activated and now functional! 2007
• Announcements: The first MD promotional item is available to purchase- a mug. 2009


• Aztec: End of Quecholli (The Precious Feather)

An old wives tale tells that the first person you meet on this day is a warlock. You must avoid looking them in the eyes for fear of bewitchment.

• AL: The Inner Sun: I Am Bored finds no further books of the kind he wants. He goes back to the remains of the fire and wonders “Did I burn it?”. He leaves, oblivious to the newly opened vault behind him. He wanders the dark corridors muttering to himself about his book, oblivious to his surroundings. Emerging from the tunnel he runs up some stairs two at a time, he sits at a desk and looks through his book. “Archer, Barren Soul, Knator … This book has all the creatures in it! Wow!!” 2008
• AL: The Inner Sun: Bootes returns to his study exhausted. He sleeps a deep dreamless sleep. Hours later, refreshed, he sends a letter to Loreroot “We have a lot of work to do!”. Bootes stands back taking in the documents spread over every surface when he hears a knock at the door. “Penelope, I’m glad you’ve come” he says, not paying attention, but a gentle cough comes in reply “Circumstances have necessitated a change”. 2008
• AL: The Inner Sun: No One is dumbfounded, as laying back on the wheat the blue sky darkens and a pale orb appears amongst many sparkling dots. He looks around, the sky looks jeweled, the moon illuminating all of the surrounding land. Awe struck, in the distance he sees another strange light.
• Announcements: Curse punishment spell to be used with or without notice for certain types of crimes. 2009


• Greece: Festival of Praetextatus and Paulina
• Egypt: Festival of Sekhmet
• Aztec: Start of Panquetzaliztli (The Raising of Banners)
• Cambodia: Bonn Om Touk

Praetextaus and Paulina are keeps of the Eleusinian Mysteries, the greatest and most sacred of all mysteries. Initiation, celebration and ceremonies.

Sekhmet sustains the spirit of the deceased by bringing them sustenance. She is a symbol of protection and punishes wrong doers.

Panquetzaliztli was a major festival in honor of the god Huitzilopochtli. Banners would be raised and parades would occur. Captives would dance and sing for the captors who had caught them and who had fasted for five days before this day. The dancing captives would be sacrificed to the god during this festival.

Bonn Om Touk, or the water festival, is a wildly celebrated event celebrating the turning of the current of the Tonle Sap River.

• Announcements: Account resent no longer an option. 2008
• Announcements: New terms and conditions implemented. 2009
• Announcements: Weaken defence no longer stackable. 2010


• Celtic: Observance for Cailleach Bheara
• Egypt: Feast of Hathor

Cailleach Bheara is one of the three aspects of the crone, She shaped the world from primordial chaos and of her fifty children came all the races of mankind.

Hathor is the goddess of love and happiness, keeper of the eye of Ra and goddess of the sky.

• AL: The Inner Sun: No One sees another light, it is odd and surrounds Marind Bell. The sky lightens and the moon fades, No One hears a thumping and sees the puppy ramming against the bubble. Blood begins to smear the bubble and No One screams, the puppy finally smashes it. Shattered glass swirls around No One, slicing his face and arms. 2008
• AL: The Inner Sun: I Am Bored studies his book intently. He finds a wax seal, but no matter how he tries it won’t budge. He has a thought…”when I was sitting in the dark, a seal opened…” 2008
• AL: The Inner Sun: Tarquinus and Bootes talk. They agree to return to the study room and get started. 2008


• Norse: Festival of Ydalir
• Greece: Festival of Artemis Calliste
• Lebanon: Independence Day

Ydalir celebrates the God Ull and his hall; a god of hunting who strengthens warrior’s shields and has been known to rule in Odin’s place when needed.

Artemis Calliste is celebrated today as the patroness of music.

• AL: The Inner Sun: It is impossible to tell how long the two men have been working and puzzling over what has been found as the sun is defiantly stationary. Tarquinus asks “Bootes, could we still be missing some documents?” 2008
• AL: The Inner Sun: In Marind’s Room Renavoid traces the word ‘Turmoil’ in the air with his quill and asks Amoran “What do you understand about personal strife?” 2008
• AL: The Inner Sun: I Am Bored decides more seals will open on their own in time and keeps the book, impatiently awaiting each new seal opening and relishing the pages that he can already access. 2008
• Announcements: First ever penalty point assigned to a King. 2010


• Norse: Festival of Weyland the Smith (Volund)
• Japan: Shinjosai Festival

Weyland the Smith is a legendary blacksmith and armour maker who made the very sword that slew Grendel in Beowulf. He is renowned for having pure Norse spirit, having turned his enemy’s children’s skulls into goblets, and teeth into jewelery, then sending these to their mother.

The Shinjosai festival celebrates Konohana-Hime in way of a rice festival. She is the grand-daughter of Amaterasu the sun-goddess.

• AL: The Inner Sun: "Personal strife is what leads us to our rewards," says Amoran. Renavoid nods and continues the lesson. "Hmm...but perhaps not quite so personal then? Perhaps we have need to include more people so that our hardships are not our own...I've been dreaming..." 2008
• AL: The Inner Sun: No One screams, this must be a dream, but as the torrent subsides he sees there isn’t a scratch on him. Instead, far more disturbingly, he is covered in something thick, black and sticky like oil…or blood. 2008
• AL: The Inner Sun: Hearing a clamour, Bootes looks out of the door to see a figure with a book shouting and singing on his way out. Tarquinus scowls dismissively and turns away, but Bootes points and asks “Wait…what do you see there?” 2008
• Announcements: From this day, alliance members can achieve perpetual balance once they have over 1000 won fights. If they drop below 0 honor however, they lose this. 2008


• Egypt: The Burning of the Lamps
• Russia: Celebration of Baba Yaga

The burning of the lamps is a festival dedicated to Isis and Osiris in celebration of their being reunited. Some say that this festival was not just for them, but for all goddesses of light and birth.

Baba Yaga has been reduced to a folk lore witch, but once upon a time she was a well known and respected mighty diety who was celebrated on this very day.

• Announcements: MD moves to Alpha 8 with MP2 level implemented in the realm for the first time giving brand new players the ability to use the illusions interface. 2008
• Announcements: Last level art works for the soulweaver creature completed today. 2009
• Announcements: Land Rules implemented. 2010


• Ancient Europe: Women’s Merry Making Day
• Greece: Festival of Persephone
• Old England: Feast day of St Catherine

The day of women’s merry making is thought to have been a cover for an array of celebrations held on this day by very old religions. Although women were supposed to have this day free to do as they please, generally they were just given slightly less work than usual.

Persephone is a goddess of the underworld, but also goddess of vegetation and sprouting seeds.

St Catherine is the Patron Saint of Lace-makers.


• AL: The Inner Sun: Ripping No One’s flesh off with each drip, the ooze strips No One to the bone. 2008
• Announcements: Anti - Discrimination rules and conditions defined. 2009


• Persian: Jashn-i-A’zam
• Mongolia: Independence Day

Jashn-i-A’zam is also known as the day of the covenant and is when the Baha’is celebrate the appointment of Abdu’l-Baha as the centre of Baha’u’llah’s Covenant. He was the founder of the faith.


• AL: The Inner Sun: Renavoid continues, "When I sleep, I dream the same dream, almost everyday. It's a dreary dream of discomfort. I stand alone in my office, when dark overtakes the land. From the Balcony, I can see beautiful twinkling lights in the sky. But, the darkness does not stop. It creeps closer, drawing near and blinding me." Amoran listens. 2008
• AL: The Inner Sun: At the horrific sight of the puppy bursting apart, No One wakes up with a start, covered in sweat, still alone in Necrovion. 2008


• Hindu: Day of Parvati-Devi
• India: End of the Pushkar Camel Fair
• Thailand: Monkey Banquet

Parvati was the third consort of Shiva the destroyer.

Today is taken by a multitude of cultures as Wreath Making day.

In Khmer ruins an annual banquet for monkey’s is held with over 600 money guests.


• Mexico: Start of the Festival de San Andres

The festival of San Andres is the most important of the year and celebrates the patron saint.

• AL: The Inner Sun: Bootes and Tarquinus discuss plans and ideas on how to obtain the page I Am Bored has. Uneasily, they decide on a plan and a message is sent to a spymaster. “Think of the greater good” says Tarquinus. In a dark corner of the archives four shadowy figures discuss their plan, with a nod of the head, the plan is set in motion. 2008
• Announcements: First ever MD Holiday Card Exchange. 2009
• Announcements: WP repeat reward limit dropped from 50 to 25. 2009


• Ancient Rome: Saturnia

Saturnia is dedicated to the sons of Saturn, that is Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto.

• Announcements: Clickable items, although not yet functional, start to exist in the realm. 2008


• Norse: Day of Skadhi
• Greece: Day of Hecate at the Crossroads.
• Mexico: End of the Festival de San Andres
• Barbados: Independence Day

The gods killed Skadhi’s father and she was livid. She marched to Asguard and made such a ruckus that the gods said she could marry one of them and they would make her father’s eyes into stars. She married Njord, but left him for her homeland which had always kept her heart. Later, Odin came to her doorstep with all his ways and she became his wife in the end.

Hecate is the goddess of the crossroads among other things. She could see past, present and future, all three at once. Rituals were held at crossroads, considered places neither here nor there and so a gateway to the otherworld. For Hecate, food was left at crossroads. Always help travelers and strangers, especially if they have dogs, and never look back at the crossroads once you have departed.


• AL: The Inner Sun: In all the noise of the Dojo, and distracted by his own blabbering about his new book to a complete stranger, I Am Bored does not see the man brush past him acquiring a paper he did not have previously. 2008
• Announcements: A committee of 6 people is chosen to hunt down people during the heads contest and throw them into more public locations. 2008





• Mali: Start of the Crossing of the Cattle
• Iceland: Independence Day

The Crossing of the Cattle is an age old tradition celebrating desert herds crossing the river Diafarabe.

• Announcements: Public Logs right hand panel implemented. 2009
• Announcements: Muratus del Mur is declared just a character and his actions should no longer be considered the official actions of Mur. He forcefully assumes the role of King of the Tribunals. 2010


• Celtic: Feast of Arianrhod
• Japan: Hari Kugo Festival
• Egypt: Ipip

Arianrhod is a goddess of fate representing the moon. Often referred to as the silver wheel disappearing into the sea, it is said she can transform into an owl, and with large eyes see into the very darkest depths of the human soul.

Hari Kugo festival, or the festival of the broken needles, honors all goddesses and patrons of crafts and craftswomen.

Ipip festival was yet another festival to celebrate Isis.

• AL: The Inner Sun: Bootes and Tarquinus believe they have all they need. Tarquinus points to a rough diagram “I believe this is your next destination” he says. 2008
• AL: The Inner Sun: Renavoid tells Amoran he has other business to attend to and walks out towards the archives balcony. 2008
• Announcements: Win/Loss Balance now changed to Sword/Sheath balance to allow for better understanding of the concept. 2008


• Japan: Yomatsuri
• Ancient Rome: Festival of Bona Dea
• Greece: Festival of Rhea

Yomatsuri is a night festival held in Chichibu, teams of men in costume drag illuminated floats around while kids do dances and drama on them. Music includes drums and flutes. Fireworks are fuelled by barrels of Sake.

Bona Dea represents the earth and everything that springs from it. Men were not permitted to attend or celebrate the event, they were not even allowed to utter her name.

Rhea is the goddess of wine, growth and procreation, but more than that, she is said to have given the Greeks their knowledge of city building.


• Greece: Feast of St Barbera

St Barbera is the patron saint of anything connected with gunpowder, fire, thunderstorms and general sudden loud noises.

• AL: The Inner Sun: Bootes is excited and begins what he thinks will be the final leg of his journey. 2008
• Announcements: Kings can now exchange coins into promissory notes of their land. Coins are now marked with the land they were created with, based on your land affiliation when purchasing from the shop. 2010


• Ancient Rome: Faunalia
• Nigera: War Dance Festival

Faunalia involved merry-making and sacrifices. It was held in honor of Faunus, the horned god of the forest who could impart whispered wisdom as you slept and ensured you had good cattle stock.

Decorated in chalk and animal skins, the war dance is conducted by warriors carrying baskets which hold three skulls. They dance to drum music.

• Announcements: Knator available to recruit for the first time. 2007


• Europe: St Nicholas Day
• Finland: Independence Day

St Nicholas Day celebrates this bishop of the 4th century AD who is the patron saint of children. On this day, all over Europe, St Nicholas is said to bring presents to all children who have been good.


• Italy: Feast of St Ambrogio

St Ambrogio was the Bishop of Milan and was one of the original four doctors of the church.


• Buddhist: Bodhi day

Bodhi day celebrates the day Buddah is said to have experienced enlightenment.

• Announcements: Country flags added to all players. 2008
• Announcements: At the request of the King of Loreroot, the Savelites alliance is disbanded. As this is the second time, it is now dead and will never be used again. 2010


• Aztec: End of Panquetzaliztli (The Raising of Banners)
• Tanzania: Independence day


• Aztec: Start of Atemoztli (The Decent of Water)
• Ancient Rome: Lux Mundi
• Turkey: Start of Whirling Dervishes Festival

During Atemoztli Aztecs honored the bringers of rain. Blood-letting was done and men were to abstain from sex. Nobility celebrated this the most and sacrificed people of their choosing after adorning them with flowers.

Lux Mundi celebrates Libertas for bringing light to the world. She is the goddess of liberty.

Whirling Dervishes festival honors saint Mevlana with a spinning dance done to trance. This dance is called Sema. Mavlana is renowned for his words of wisdom and poems and is known as Rumi in the western world.

• Announcements: Fenths Wielder and Wasps Totem altars exist from today. 2007


• Ancient Rome: Septimontia
• South Africa: Independence Day

Septimontia honored the Seven Hills of Rome. Sacrifices were made somewhere on each hill. Some say that each hill once had a settlement and the coming together of these settlements formed a population which came to form what is now the city of Rome.

• Announcements: MD Script V.0.1 released 2008


• Old England: Festival of Angels
• Kenya: Independence Day

The festival of angels involves producing ice sculptures. There is a parade with people dressing up as angels.

• AL: The Inner Sun: No One pants and wipes the sweat from his brow, he daren’t close his eyes for the horrible images are still behind his eyelids awaiting him. He wanders the land seeing shadows at the edge of his vision, unsure if they are real or imagined or if it even matters. 2008
• AL: The Inner Sun: Renavoid comes back and tells his adept to go and find Amoran again. Amoran returns and the adept goes back to sleep. 2008
• AL: The Inner Sun: Bootes travels onwards to the Gates of Ages. 2008


• Guatemala: Start of St Thomas’s Day Festivities

St Thomas’s day is celebrated with the traditional dance: “The Palo Volador”. It involves hanging from a thirty meter pole on a rope and swinging and spinning.

• AL: The Inner Sun: No One suddenly drops to the ground, overcome with despair. The shadows within him far deeper than those that follows. “Is there nothing left of my humanity?” 2008


• Japan: Samurai Festival
• France: Fete de la Dindes

The Samurai festival has a parade of 47 Ronin warriors accompanied by evil lords, dancers, music and floats.

Fete de la Dinde, or the Turkey festival, is held the weekend before December 25th and allows Turkeys to run freely over the streets. A large food market is also held on this day.

• AL: The Inner Sun: No One gets up, crying out in defiance. He runs through the land and sees the Howling Gates, he makes a dash for them. He crosses the threshold and keeps running until he reaches the Gazeebo of Equilibrium where he tries to relax. 2008
• Announcements: MD Shop comes into existence. 2007
• Announcements: Limited edition Christmas creature Tamed Reindrach is released. 2009


• Ancient Rome: Consualia

Consualia involved games and racing chariots to honor the god Consus, protector of grains.

• AL: The Inner Sun: Bootes finds his way is blocked by a Drachorn flanked MRD, protector of Golemus. “I need to gain entrance” says Bootes “Okay, you’ll have to prove yourself” comes the reply. 2008


• Nigeria: Igue
• Bahrain: Independence day
• Kazakhstan: Independence Day

Igue is a week-long dance procession held for peace and progress. Full costume is worn for battle reinactments and offerings and sacrifices are made to Oba (the King).

• AL: The Traveler: The Traveler enters MD Realm. He has no face, no name and some can’t even understand it’s shape. 2008
• AL: The Inner Sun: No One hears a voice and gets distracted helping a newcomer. Helping the person makes No One feel at peace again. 2008
• AL: The Inner Sun: Bootes and MRD battle. 2008
• AL: The Inner Sun: Renavoid continues his story "The darkness, once it reaches me, continues to blind all of my senses, not just my sight. I can hear only my thoughts, though they are hushed. I feel only cold. It is most oppressing." 2008


• Ancient Rome: Start of Saturnalia
• Turkey: End of Whirling Dervishes Festival

Saturnalia celebrated the god Saturn. Sacrifices were made during this festival, colourful clothes were worn and the statue of Saturn was released from the ropes that held it for the rest of the year. This festival was so popular that having been extended from a day to a week, once it was attempted to reduce it again, mass riots broke out.
• AL: The Inner Sun: The Traveler moves deeper into the realm. None can see him yet and his search continues. 2008


• Ancient Rome: Eponalia
• Ireland: Closing the Gates of Derry

Eponalia honored the goddess Epona, a protector of horses, donkey’s and mules. It is also thought she and her horses may well have led souls in the after-life.

Closing the Gates of Derry is a historical pageant held to commemorate the siege of Derry in 1689.

• AL: The Inner Sun: No One considers how helping someone made him feel better for a short time as his feelings of desperation return. 2008
• AL: The Inner Sun: The battle continues and MRD thinks he has Bootes, but Bootes check mates him. “Bootes, I thank you for one fine game of chess” he says. 2008
• AL: The Inner Sun: Renavoid tells Amoran how in his dream when darkness was overcoming him he would reach for his quill which he would channel himself into and which would continue to glow despite the darkness. The quill would glow like the sun and the darkness would be conquered. This is where he would wake up. 2008
• AL: The Traveler: The Traveler carefully approaches an agitated mob in Marind Bell. 2008


• Japan: Laughing Festival

At the laughing festival there are many teams. The idea is you have to laugh for as long as you can with one breath, three times. The three times represent past, present and future.

• AL: The Inner Sun: No One thinks that if he can help others then perhaps they can redeem him. He now wanders the land, a beacon for those who are lost. 2008
• AL: The Inner Sun: Renavoid tells Amoran that he thinks his story holds some important meaning that most won’t understand. Amoran wonders if she is one of those ‘most’. 2008


• Norse: Start of Jul

Jul is the celebration of the Norse New Year where it is said Freyr flies the skies on a boar bringing light back to the world. The dead are said to roam the earth during this time. Children would leave boots full of sugar and straw out of Odin’s horse Sleipneir and in return Odin would leave them gifts.

• AL: The Inner Sun: Amoran stands suddenly “I need to think about this” she says, and with that, she leaves. Renavoid sighs and says it is a shame we cannot get personal directions, but our paths are too unique. Renavoid is now Master Archivist and his inner sun is unlocked. 2008


• Ancient Rome: Divalia
• Guatemala: End of St Thomas’s Day Festivities
• Pagan: Winter Solstace

Divalia honored the goddess Angerona. The rites of this festival were so secret that they even gagged the statue of the goddess herself.

Winter Solstice marks the first day of the winter season and is also known as Yule. It celebrates the shortest day and longest night of the year. A Yule log is lit to conquer darkness and the mistletoe usually seen growing around sacred Oak Trees is revered as a positive symbol of life in the dark winter.


• China: The Dongzhi Festival
• Inca: Capac Inti Raymi

The Dongzhi festival celebrates the end of winter. Families would get together and eat dumplings in the belief that this would ward off any coming frost in the next winter.

Capac Inti Raymi was the great feast of the sun. Humdreds of children were sacrificed on this day, buried alive by offerings of wealth and sustenance, later a feast was held and those men who got too drunk, swore or troubled the women in any way were killed.

• Announcements: Special edition Christmas creature released for the first time: The Nutcracker. 2008


• Ancient Rome: Larentalia
• Mexico: Noche de Rabanos
• Ancient Rome: End of Saturnalia

Larentalia involved funeral rites at the tomb of Acca Larentia – a mythical woman held in high regard for leaving a fortune to the roman people. How she acquired that fortune is a long lasting debate among academics and bards.

Noche de Rabanos, or Night of the Radishes, is a festival where people sculpt radishes of a special kind that are very large and can weigh up to 3Kg. Sculptures range from images of Jesus to folklore characters.


• Christian: Christmas Eve

Traditionally on Christmas Eve ghost stories were told.


• Old England: Plunging of Souls
• Christianity: Christmas
• Pagan: Birth of Mithras

On Christmas morning in certain parts of England people would plunge themselves into the ice cold sea. Some would wear fancy dress.

Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ and has a host of traditions associated with it.

The Birth of Mithras is also known as the day of the unconquered sun. You should not allow yourself to see a candle go out today.


• Bahamas: Junkanoo Festival
• Old England: Barrel Rolling

Junkanoo festival marks the slave history of the country and is a nationwide celebration with street parades and music.

In certain parts of England barrel rolling races are held on this day.

• Announcements: Creature transfers between alts restricted. 2009


• Peru: Festival of the Virgin of the Carmen

During the Virgin of the Carmen festival a dance called the dance of the Shepherdesses is done and 17th century poems are spoken to music.


• Chritianity: Childermass
• Spain: Dia de los Innocentes

Childermass commemorates King Herod’s slaughter of male children in Bethlehem in his attempt to kill Christ. Children are given sweets and parties.

Dia de los Innocentes is Spain’s version of April Fools Day. In certain regions they throw flour at each other.

Today is widely regarded as the most unlucky day of the year, starting projects today is seen as a very bad plan.

• Announcements: Slime at meeting of the roads comes into existence. 2007


• Aztec: End of Atemoztli (The Decent of Water)


• Aztec: Start of Tititl (The Stretching)

During Tititl a High Priest would dress as Ilamatecuhtli and other priests as other deities. A woman would be chosen to represent the presiding deity Ilamatecuhtli, she would sing and dance before being sacrificed. The priest dressed as Ilamatecuhtli would then cut off the dead woman’s head and sing and dance while holding it by the hair. Initiation into the merchant’s guild also took place during this time in private sacrificial celebrations.

• AL: The Inner Sun: Bootes steps into Golemus journeying onwards. He feels a hand on his shoulder and sees Nelya Setesh who embraces him and says he has much work to do. 2008
• Announcements: Morph indicator for creatures with that ability released. 2009


• Mali: End of the Crossing of the Cattle
• Norse: End of Jul
• Scotland: Hogmanay
• Pagan: Flaming Barrels

Said to mean a night of slaughter or kiss me now, Hogmanay is Scotland’s most important traditional festive night. Redding (cleaning) the house should be done today and at midnight bells are rung and songs are sung to bring in the New Year.

Men welcome in the New Year by carrying flaming barrels of tar on their heads, these can weigh up to 15kg. Their aim is to reach the unlit bonfire which they will each throw their barrel onto and at midnight everyone dances and sings around this bonfire.

• Announcements: land capitals now reveal the influence rebels have on a land against the king. 2010



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I've added the dates to the AL summaries. I was thinking it might really be better if something was coded in to link to the actual AL day logs, but I don't know how hard that would be? Also there is a concern that if that was possible then people might think those were new AL story sections. Thoughts?

Thought it might also be good to do Jan - Sept Announcements and AL so its all homogenus? Anyone fancy that?

Another issue that came to mind is that although it was said that AL and Announcements in calendar would be good, this will also mean continuous upkeep/updating if it isnt hard coded in anyway. Im not sure if thats a good or a bad thing, on the plus side it gives someone somthing to do every year, on the down side maybe nobody will actually do it. Thoughts?


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The council havent replied to any of the messages i have sent them since the announced shuffle. They have been sent all this n linked to this thread but i got no response at all, so i dont know what they do or dont want. If you look at the calendars there are some days with very little on them, if you want to find more for these days i recon that would be great n a quick editorial once over is always good too. Thats all i can think of without some response from council, dont know about anyone else


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