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Does it really take photoshop?


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[quote name='adiomino' timestamp='1297743224' post='78874']
My question is.. does it really take photoshop to put transparent gifs on the avatars we draw?

Becauuse.. I thought i heard of other ways. Eh..

Photoshop is expensive too isn't it? meh -_-

I use CorelDraw but that is even more expensive (unless you live in Thailand its only about 3$ US here).


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[quote name='adiomino' timestamp='1297745032' post='78876']
Darn.. Thanks cutler.

I suppose i won't be able to turn in my avatars after all xDD
Gimp is free. Just search for other programs, I think paintshop is still around too. You can also get a trial version of photoshop that lasts 30 days which is free.

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Could someone write a brief instruction on how to prepare avatar using gimp from raw scan/ photo file with basic tricks (which filters, what should be paid attention to)? It seems many decent quality drawings may be trasnformed to dismal quality avatars; some would not even take a pencil after a few conversion atempts. Such a public MD resource could only help to get more original graphics in game; I think when someone decide to draw something for MD, MD-requirement digitilizing should not be a major obstacle. (I have just spent a few hours doing that - alpha conversion and resize kept killing any quality I managed to put on paper)

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a small tutorial on how to use gimp to create a good transparent avy:

first you should take all color out of the picture:

Image > Mode > Grayscale
Image > Mode > RGB

and now we're going to start making it transparent:

Colors > Color to Alpha
set the background color to RGB = 241.239.214 or Hex #F1EFD6
Filters > Web > Semi-Flatten
and save it as a .gif file, select Convert to Indexed using default settings (You can convert to indexed before you save, it's up to you)

and you're done

don't forget to scale you're image to 100 x 160 px

and credits for the semi-flatten go to ravenstrider

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