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Fenths Press bugged?


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18:40:00 server time, went to the Fenths Press and sac'd an Elite Knator with 200k+ heat, expecting it will lower my Stored Heat below cap, with +50 attack stat and some principle bonuses, [b]but the only i received was Heat, and the crit is gone.[/b] i haven't made a screen shot of my Knator prior to my altar offering because i thought it is functioning well. attached is a screen shot of my progress for the day.


thank you

[i](low five)[/i]

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i upgraded it from its 2nd level (when the announcement about critters' exp thing came out) up to Elite Knator only (when the announcement about mp limit on upgrading creatures came out too). they are usable in my mp level.

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[font="Book Antiqua"][color="#696969"]stat gain from sacrificing creatures on the alts doesn't depend on the amount of Heat stored on it.
But Heat should get lowered no matter what lvl the knator was...

announcement quote: "Creature XP lowering on sacrifice works now also for creatures that are not upgraded (level 1). This might change eventually."[/color][/font]

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@Boss [i](handsome)[/i] Shem: my Knator had [color="#C0C0C0"]1,086 wins[/color] as far as i remember, and the altar said it will give me +50 attack if i sac it. none of the bonuses stated there was given to me until this time i logged in, and i really feel disappointed..

Help please, thanks!

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