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User-class Error:

Drudj Brackwater

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I just started. When I log in and click on the icons to the left I get this error code.

User-class Error:
1===Scene info not found in db for coord __

My initial character generation seems to have been interrupted as well.

I just read about others having this error. I have had the error for two hours now.

Here's a screenshot

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  • Root Admin

Rendril will look into it when he will be able to. Until then i advise you create a new account since you just started anyway, and keep access to both so that in case this can't be fixed we will replace the playernames on those accounts and use the new one and abandon the bugged one.

If you see such an error it means a lot more is probably messed up with that account. Some accounts (rare) don't save right when they are created, for some strange reason i don't know.

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User-class Error:
3===e3 Current story is not end of the line,
unable to find next part, unable to go to next chapter,
Storyline option (0), current path: intro.marind#0#0.0.0

From someone called vamp Lore.

I advised him to make a new character while we try to fix his old one.

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