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[Entertainment only]Creature Mating Rituals (mature-ish content)


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[b][i]Angiens: "The Burning Sensation is Not An STD"[/i][/b]

-Angien mating is a truly complex thing, due to the energy burn. Some speculate that the reason for angiens being so rare is that one partner always dies during the act. Since the continuation of the species depends on the female (or male, if males lay eggs) survive, that must mean that one gender of the angien population is dominant. Which, I can not say. I've had some trouble taking a peak under that armor. *fingers his burn scars*

-Direction of further research: The size of the eggs. How in the seven hells do they lay it?!

[b][i]Aramors:"How To Get Past Her Armor"[/i][/b]

-No one knows (except for Mur, perhaps) if Aramors have any other parts except for their armor. They seem completely empty. One has to wonder then, if the clashing sounds from the Aramory are battle... or perhaps some other activity... Khm... Yes... Close examination of an aramor produced no trace of reproductive organs.
-Direction of further research: Reason for Grasans being mindless beasts being the constant banging of aramor metal parts. It would drive anyone insane.

(Aramor mating sounds coming tomorrow)

[b][i]Drachorns:"Rubbing Them Together Doesn't Work"[/i][/b]

- Due to the lack of access to the Drachorn Cave, I can not say how these strange beasts reproduce. I can only say that I have tried rubbing them together in different poses in hopes of getting a Drachorn baby, but I've had no success what so ever. They might require special conditions, like Pandas or some silly species like that.

[b][i]Grassans:"For Those Who Like Them Big" [/i][/b]

- The source of the grunting and shouting in the Aramory, the Grassan mating call is a hoarse thing, best listened to with the tunes of Barry White for optimal arousal. Males fight for dominance, while females clean, make food and iron loin cloths.
What do you say? Grassans are always hungry, dirty and with wrinkled loin cloths? Ugh... Yes... Let's move to the next creature.

(Grassan mating call mp3 coming tomorrow)

[b][i]Lorerootian Archers: "So, Your LR Archer is a Homosexual"[/i][/b]

- Lorerootian Archers do not reproduce, but they do mate. I will leave out the details, and just say: By Mur, those guys can party.
- Common misconception is that Loreroot Archers keep their hair neat at all times, listen to Village People and excercise every day. This in fact is not true. In order to find out the truth, I suggest reading "My Sharptears Boost Me From Behind." Not to be mixed with the song of the same title.

[b][i]Remains: Bark Friction Relief.[/i][/b]

-I'll just say: you better have lubrication if you want to party with the Trees.

(More content coming tomorrow, including Shades:"Wait, what, I'm doing it/will do it/did it with myself?!")

If you have observations on this specific topic to share, please do so. I'm always looking for a different perspective on things.

*All the things in this topic are for entertainment purposes only. They are not facts about the MD world.
*I did not mean to offend anyone with this thread, but if I did, I apologize.
*If the moderators feel this topic is inapropriate, please remove it.

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I'm much more interested in the Water Beings. Something tells me their snaky hair is quite interesting in it's involvement of the process. ;):wub:
Or they are like worms, and hermaphroditic.

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@Vic: It was meant to be weird and disturbing.

@Shadowseeker: Thanks. I had no idea where to put it myself, really.

My current stream of thought includes jokers and their rubber accessories, if barren souls are really barren and how to seduce a Water Being and their hair.

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Soon SW will overthrow armors population hehe
Proof: 2009 Sw = 5g
2010 SW = 4g
2011 SW = 3g
and now SW = 2g 10sc

only way to stop the SW's population explosion is to upgrade them from lvl1 to lvl 2 very Quickly. Cos' it is at lvl1 they get in a position which they can't resist.

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