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Anyone who has previously applied to be a forum mod and still wishs to become one please contact me via forum pm or post here.

Anyone who wishs to become a forum mod who hasnt contacted me previous can also do so.

A little bit about mods.

Forum mods are around to help other users with the forum mainly.
They will move, close and delete topics that others uses might want deleted
They also help keep the forum clear of spam, and deal with problem users.
It doesnt confere any special powers ingame, and is a completely voluntary role
You are not obliged to do anything respectively, but complete inactivity will lead to your demotion

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I would not mind helping out.

I would say that I would be fit for this...job..because I am well organized, I look at the forums more than I do MD and because I enjoy helping other out. As to why I would bee unsuited for this job...well, you know some of my flaws. :)

I hope that you choose a good applicant, and an early congratulations to that player.

~Sasha Lilias~

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Didn't really want to apply for the job, because now it's going to seem people are doing it for a shiny tag...

But,... I'm a BMFH... I was a global moderator on a few forums...Two of them were bigger than the MD one...

If you want me, you have me. I'll take virgins as payment.

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I'll apply but I am unsure about my activity.
However if I do I need to know a little bit about policy. I've looked at a few different forums and they all vary in what is a swear greatly. For example if I type WTF I've actually got that stared out by a mod well in other cases I get no conflict in other forums.

Edit:Minor spelling errors.

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