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I don't know what this is...


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No, there likely is an answer, Mur (from my experience) just likes people to work it out themselves, tends to frown on people asking him directly and not answer them

Luke, try using a zoom button, it might...idk zoom in and make things bigger, easier to see what he's holding?

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Well I thought so.
Well I was going to ask [color="#ff0000"]Mur[/color] permission to investigate on it. Because it may be off limits or something.
Well thanks for the posts.

By the way don't close this yet someone might know something about it.

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Well I mean maybe someone else is already researching it and I don't know about it then I would be doing their job.
Well anyway thanks again for the info.

Anyway anyone interested on it too is welcome to PM me, whether in MD or here in the forums are okay, so that we can work together.
I'll be checking back tomorrow for PMs.
By the way I'm in the Tribunal in the building where there is supposed to be a flying book(sorry but there's no actual name for it now so bare with me).

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  • Root Admin

You are allowed to research what you want, Who cares if someone else is also researching it, They wont nesscarily publish their research and if you dont know about it then you likely will never hear about it.

Dont ask and try and get spoonfed the answers to everything, look, investigate and learn.

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Okay... I guess...
Anyway you can close this already.
I don't want to start something here.
I just asked a simple question and I guess that was the wrong move(or wrong way of asking).

Anyway thanks again for the info and please be easy with what you say.
It's pretty scary(traumatic) when you guys tell a new guy(at researching and such) that it is wrong(?) to ask such questions.
Oh and I don't have anything against being frank or anything just please be gentle at the same time.

Wish me luck on what I will be doing. :D

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  • Root Admin

asking questions is fine, going back to asking Mur of all people for a direct answer is pointless, since thats not the idea of research and he most likely wont give you a direct answer. People were helping giving you their opinion, thats a nice type of collaborative research.

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Okay I'll change the question.

What do you think the statue is doing?

I personally think that he/she is a guard/ian which is supposed to be protecting the missing floating book. Why you ask? Well let's assume that the place where he/she is located at has the "Floating Book" that is mentioned at the coordinate(which can be found at the lower right). But as we can see there is no book whatsoever, floating or not. So the statue may be waiting for the book to be placed in the building then it will be reanimated or he failed to look after the book and he was turned to stone.

The statue looks like he/she is holding a gun and he/she wears a boot on his/her left foot and he/she also looks like he/she is marching.
Oh and I also wonder about the ball under his/her right foot.

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I don't know. I was just wondering what's on the statues right leg.
My eye sight is kinda poor maybe I'm seeing things.
And by the way we have "guns" made out of wood that can hurt people not kill.
We used to play with it when we were kids.
I kinda missed those days.

Anyway I kinda immagined that this place is related to the AL about the Book of Principles which was never found or rather Akasha made it her self. I think that if the Book of Principles were to be finished by Akasha(I don't know if it's finished or not) it would end up here. I don't know why I thought of this but it just popped into my mind.

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This place also made me think about the book of principles, but I was thinking about Alche and the floating pyramid on mount Kelle'tha. This place might hold the key reach to the book without getting burned to dust.

When it's related to the book of principles looking into Alche might help you find out what he's holding.

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Okay I [b]NEVER[/b] said that the Book of Principles is actually (will be/placed)there. It's just my theory and nothing more. So don't assume that it is there or will be there.

I hope I didn't cause any confusion.

I'm currently researching the 4 lands first and I suggest you do the same because as someone said it's quite hard to research on The Tribunal if you don't understand the 4 lands.

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