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Maintainance Door

Fyrd Argentus

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The "which-direction, forward or back" thing is a cool way to get people lost, but the handed-ness of the turn is incompatible with the map. If the scene were to be mirror-imaged left-right it would fit with normal geometry.

Now, maybe there is intended to be something special/magical about this scene, but it would be the first where the scene just does not match the map.

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no..isn't too often so. I don't deny there are some issues, but usualy the point of view changes maging it look as if the path is wrong connected. I am talking in general, idk what specific location you talk about here

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Is a LEFT turn on the map (moving toward's Knatty's House) but is a RIGHT turn in reality.

Back-front is inverted in the classic confusion move, and the door could be on either side of the path, but this is a mirror-image reversal/contradiction.

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