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Job Posting: 2nd Round of Anniversary Prizes


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This is the second round of Anniversary Prizes. Here is the list of who sends what to whom. I shall PM you individually the CTCs with the creature name. You each also get ITCs for coins. If my math is correct, then you get 11 things. The Merry Deviler's prizes are a bit confusing, and I ask that this be double checked in case I am incorrect.

While you do this, it is IMPERATIVE, you write down the information stated above. You can find the ID of the creature right after it says CTC. This is because I do not have the stock in my account any more, and this is coming straight from Mur. The assignment you got before was just a chance for you to figure out what works, and what doesn't. I will not be recording this, so I can't help you if something isn't right in your list.

I do not care how you send it-- just get it done within 2 days. There is a lot of stuff that also needs to be done.

Aramors have all been sent out.

I have it organized in sections for who gets what, for what reason. Please state why they get something like so: X, you have received y creature [or item] for z reason. And then send the CTC after. Things are a bit fudged at the moment because of my math... my apologies. ><

Seigheart will send the following:
[b]Best Feedback:[/b]
1. Handy Pockets

[b]Merry Deviler Team:[/b]
1. Burns
2. Kyphis the Bard
3. Ivorak

Gold notes:
1. BFH Lighthing [Split Gold Note]
2. Shemhazaj [Split Gold Note]

1. Fyrd Argentus
2. BFH Lighthing

Pipsticks will send the following:
[b]Best Feedback:[/b]
GG Drachs:
1. Maebius
2. ShadowSeeker
3. Lifeline

[b]Anniversary Contest Mods:[/b]
GG Drachs:
1. Sagewoman
2. Xcerces
3. Paracelsus

[b]Merry Devilers:[/b]
Gold Notes:
1. Clock Master [Gets entire Gold Note]
2. Princ Rhaegar [Splits Gold Note]

Apophys will send the following:
[b]Merry Devilers[/b]
GG Drachs:
1. Eon

1. Kafuuka

Gold Notes:
1. Pipstickz [Splits Gold note]

[b]Anniversary Contest Mods:[/b]
GG Drachs:
1. Dragonrider7
2. ClockMaster
3. Junior
4. Mr. Holyone

Please look this over and see if I am correct...

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I think this is really going to make a mess, splitting up the gold notes like this. One person should handle this, to make change, and keep track of it all, and I think that should be me.

I also am due a gold note personally due to the feedback prize.

Please, please just send the FIVE gold notes to me....

There should be a fourth Darkling, going to Chewett.

Also, the GG Drach Dragonrider7 is getting is as a team member, not as a Mod. But he does get one.

[Edit - *Clockmaster* was NOT on Merry Devilers team in any event. Perhaps he is getting gold for some other reason.]

Edited by Fyrd Argentus
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Merry Devilers get 4, the fifth goes straight to feedback.

Seig's got his two under control, but I'll send the last two to you, Fyrd.

Chew's got his Darkling already, I had one left in my stock and gave it to him.

I do not have enough ITCs because I effed up in counting and I am missing at least 8, I guess. That is why that is not put on the list as of yet.

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Seig/BFH/Shem - let me know what transpires so that I can get the accounting straight.

BFH and Shem offered to break down certificates into change for me/the team.

Prince, Pipstick (and also Junior) have also offered that service.... so if they were to get notes, I would need the change to distribute ...

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I will send you the CTC, Fyrd. Please split the note into individual silver coins and send them to Pips and Apophys. if they aren't on, PM them and then organize a time to meet up please. If not that, then I will have Seig do it for them because I want this done asap.

I don't care how you get it split. I don't care by who. I want it done. I want all supposed amount of silver to be either in Apophys', Pip's, or seig's possession for distribution.

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Well, Shem and BFH are both in never-never land right now (BHC) and will be for some days. You may need to find others who can break certificates.

If you guys are going to distribute all the silver per the list given on http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9655-rewards/ then that's fine -- I don't need to be involved. Just send me the one for feedback prize, when it comes available.

Multiply the numbers below times 7 to get the silver due to each of the team members getting coins. There were going to be a few silver left over I was offering to those making change.

7x 10 – dst – Helped with the 7 diff quest, and was responsible for team formation
7x 2 - lone wolf pup – conducted several sessions as host
7x 1 – phantasm – held auction on the spur of the moment when I screwed up
7x 13 - Rhaegar Targaryen
7x 10 - Brulant
7x 9 - Mighty Pirate
7x 5 - xrieg
7x 5 - Esmerelda
7x 4 - Luke27
7x 4 - AmberRune
7x 3 - Shemhazaj
7x 3 - mocove
7x 3 - display name
7x 2 - Shiona
7x 2 - Passant the Weak
7x 2 - Prince Marvolo
7x 1 - Tarquinus
7x 1 - Pipstickz
7x 1 - Mith
7x 1 - Esmaralda
7x 1 - Eon

[Edit - that's 581 silver vs. 600 awarded. 19 extra -- 1 each to the certificate changers and 1 gold left over to split amongst whoever is doing this dirty task. Was going to be me. Thanks for taking it off my hands.]

Edited by Fyrd Argentus
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Apophys will Send this list: 189
91sc - Rhaegar Targaryen
28 sc - Luke27
21 sc - Shemhazaj
21 sc - mocove
14 sc - Shiona
7 sc - Tarquinus
7 sc - Pipstickz

Seigheart will send this List: 196
70 sc - dst
63 sc - Mighty Pirate
28 sc - AmberRune
14 sc - prince marvolo
7 sc - phantasm
7 sc - Mith
7 sc - Esmaralda

Ppstickz will send this list: 196
70 sc - Brulant
35 sc - xrieg
35 sc - esmerelda
21 sc - display name
14 sc - Lone Wolf
14 sc - passant the weak
7 sc - Eon

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For the "Darklings" I got those directly from mur....

I do not know if he had to mutate something to get those, but if that is the case, then the mutation must have gone wrong.

I will notify him and have new CTCs sent out.

As for the list:

I KNOW it is wonky.

I was having a bitch fit trying to get it figured out and this is the end result-- STILL NOT CORRECT. I don't care what reason you got it for, just as long as you are getting the creature and silver/gold or whatever that is supposed to be assigned to you. IF something says you get something and you don't, or vice versa, notify me and I will make changes.

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... I will deal with that when I get home... I am going on a mini vacation for the weekend.

As for those who have gotten the wrong creature....

Mur says the following:
About the windy, ask them if they wish it replaced then
let me know their ids (ctc changed obviously) and i will make sure
they mutate into a darkling. Sorry for the confusion 'i should have
been more carefull'

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Just a note on the 2 people whose coins I have still to give:

Ossa (Shiona on forums) is lost in the Tribunal, and will contact me when she gets out.
mocove is out of town, and will contact me in a few days.

EDIT: All rewards given.

By the way, I've given 189 silver equivalent, and only got 150 silver equivalent to give it out with, so I've been giving from my personal wealth. Now I need 39 silver equivalent to make up the difference. :P

Edited by apophys
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I have the gold notes now.

I will not be having the TKs send these out because Mur sent them straight to me. I will be wandering in MD. If you are in BHC, that is okay. I will hold them for you just please come to me straight away when it is over.

Poppy, I may be able to help you with 20 silver that you need.... the other 10 I am unsure of... I probably messed up again and one of the TKs may have extra silver.

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Not sure if it's still needed but you made Seigheart unnote 2 10 gold notes (300 sc), and apophys and pipstick unnote 1 10 gold notes (150 sc) each, so Seigheart should have the extra silver to send to apophys (39 sc) and pipstick (46 sc) with 46 sc to himself and the remainder (19 sc) to Fyrd, but not sure if this is still needed or not.

It was what apophys was mentioning when he said he had to pay 39 sc out of his own pocket, and I'm assuming pipstick did too.

You shouldn't be giving apophys the 20 sc, Seigheart has the extra coins.

Edit: For clarification.

Edited by lone wolf pup
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