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Complaint against Seigheart


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I wish to officially complain against Seigheart.

He is supposed to give me 70 silvers but because I am not in the main land to receive them (BHC) I asked him to send them to No one.
He refuses to do so because:

Quote from the mood panel:
"Seigheart - I will not help you abuse alts, nice try dst." - i have print screen also
Pm sent to No one:

*From: Seigheart (ID:182140)
*sent 35 minutes and 37 seconds ago Read later
Treasure Keepers
We are not to transfer items to alts. You will be sent the coins directly."

He accused me of trying to ABUSE alts without having any proof that me and No one are alts (it has been proven numerous time that we are 2 distinct persons).
Also, if he bring proofs that No one is my alt, I wish to quote this topic:
Please read Mur's comment about coins and alts.

He REFUSES to give me my money. I think, since they are mine, I can use them as I wish and give them to whoever I wish. Based on that i want Seigheart REMOVED from the post of Treasure bla bla because he is biased. He CAN'T be neutral as he should be so he is not suited for this job.

Thank you for your attention,

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LOL is all I have to say.


You can see my confusion. I do not keep track of who is an alt of who, but I've seen No one's creatures being sold through dst, and vice versa. I figured they were alts of one another. I wanted to do the right thing.

I am sorry dst for the confusion, it won't happen again.

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That's adding an extra job to the person. What if I say, give 1 coin to X, 2 to Y, 1 to W, 2 to J, and the rest distribute them evenly amongst the first 5 people you see?

Yes, he can follow that request if he chooses to but that is not something that he has to do. It was a request, not a demand that must be satisfied.

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It has been solved.

I spoke to him about it and No one has his coins.

If this happens again, with you in particular, dst, please let me know in private.

My apologies to you. It will not happen again.

It is the job asTreasure Keepers to send out prizes to prospective owners. If the owner wishes it to go to someone else, then so be it. The TKs will send it out to that person. No questions asked.

Any and all questions that could turn into this mess here will be handled by me.

That is final.

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It was my understanding that we can't reward alts of a person. I was under the impression that dst and No one have shared the same accounts at one point or another (No one had played dst originally, bla bla bla).

Do you see my point?

Edit: Anyways, I understand now that they are no longer considered alts, or were never, not sure what their past was concerning it, that is why I made the decision to give dst the coins directly.

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Esmaralda, I am not able to get the coins until the end of the BHC which might take a while. As long as I PUBLICLY stated that I want him to send the money to someone else I don't see what the problem was. I need the money and I only trust No one to get them.

Now, I'll accept the apologize and ask a mod to close this topic. But I do want this to be recorded in his "Resume" for the job he's currently on trial period.

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