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A Show Of Force - Episode 5 - The Player Strikes Back


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oke this is a tribute to murs show of force topics :P just to point out that i want to read murs next show of force which he said he would post but didnt, and just to show that players can show some force as well :D

since i started playin md, casual player gets to mp5 in like 30-90 days time, for ppl that got to mp5 month time it was considered fast levelin, well let me show ya wots fast, i planned to get to mp5 in less than 3 hours but since not everythin went as planned so we did it under 4 hours mark :P still uber fast

but let me tell ya this... theoretically its possible to get from freshly reged acc to mp5 in like 20 mins, if ya have all resources... still thats crazy idea which i wont try :P it just takes too much work

so here is proof

this is starting point

and this is finish point

btw MUR ya got 15 creds from your newest refferal Justin Time :P

tnx to Neno for help with this and to Lone Wolf for tryin to help but he didnt managed to make it in time due to power problems

just to mention that libs that were mp3s are mp4s now, also tnx to neno and lone wolf for helpin me to get them to mp4, planin to hit with them mp5 soon as well :P

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i can go to mp1 in under one minute...:P.. still has nothing to do with a show of force but more with the "extreme md" topic. Even if you would write a show of force topic in the sense i started it, i would probably release a decree and banosh the attempt by "law"..or the forum would give a random error just when saving that title :))

funny fact, when i saw the title today i was "omg i need to go to a comp and read it, there is a new episode up"... speaking of insanity, i just forgot i was the one writing those and i was curious myself what could be in episode 5 ... :|

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