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Festival of War and Remembrance 29th of June to 4th of July

Metal Bunny

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Last year Indyra suggested the idea of a festival of war.
I saw its brilliance and organized the first edition of the festival with helpers.
It had trivia, war games, war stories as well as a day devoted to the legends of the game.

It had a great turnout, lots of attention, it was a great learning experience (coughclichecough), the prizes were really good and it had gathered a lot of positive attention.

I feel like organizing another one at roughly the same date (which roughly equals when I no longer have exams, just like last year :D)
I'm going to change the wargame, or maybe just remove it completely (it was the only thing I didn't like about the festival from last year), suggestions are welcome.
I will expand the trivia and make it better (because all the info is on the md archives site anyway).


I will accept new entries into the 'legend' section.
My acceptance of a player being 'legendary' is completely my own opinion and arbitrary, but if you feel like it, try and convince me (and I have been watching you...).

The rest will mostly be the same (time, location, etc (I didn't write them down here, because I was too lazy to find last year's topic)), unless you have other, good, suggestions.
Best I can remember, is that it was late server time, meaning that for some it starts on the 25th and ends on the 30th.

I will also accept donations from other people so that they can be used as a reward in the festival.
I will also accept donations for being an awesome guy.

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Alright, since I haven't heard any oppose this, I'll postpone the festival, so that it starts on the 29th of June and ends on the 4th of July. (Or the 30th and 5th respectively for the ones who live in different time zones).

Could a mod change the title? :D

Also, I haven't seen any posts regarding new legends. If you were wondering who is already regarded as a 'legend', go visit md-archives.com.

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[quote name='Metal Bunny' timestamp='1308670359' post='86530']
Also, I haven't seen any posts regarding new legends.[/quote]
If I may, I would like to nominate Innocence, the realm's only Intangible, a being of quirks, humor, and intellect in equal measure. Long-time Archivist (with the tag [b]Raconteur[/b]) and close friend, and sometimes adversary to MRD, Pamplemousse, Cryxus, Tarquinus, and many more. Still plays.

[b]Edited to mention the Cap'n ;)[/b]

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Innocence? O.O Innocence? Are you for real Tarquinus? What on EARTH did Innocennce DO? Apart for being your lawful friend?

You want legends? Take Cutler for example or even Fyrd (even cause he's pretty new but he did more then a lot if the vets). They did a tone of stuff more then your pal Innocence.

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For legends that have not been included on the book of ancients, I would like to nominate:
[*]Morrel - One of the early MP6s and well respected artisan
[*]Saki - The founder of the Legend Tellers
[*]Glor - Head of MD artisan guild
[*]RJ - First drachorn lord and bunny's archrival
[*]Buns - mad bunny lord who will someday take over the world with the power of awesomeness and RJ's archrival
[*]Bootes - the major driving force in MD stellar studies and one of the people who brought night back to the realm
[*]Calyx - dojo founder

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[quote name='dst' timestamp='1308719607' post='86550']
What on EARTH did Innocennce DO? Apart for being your lawful friend?
Innocence did a number of things for which s/he received no official credit, writing chunks of the AL being among them. I honor Cutler greatly, and the fact that his Astral Plane was deprecated takes nothing away from his efforts. The same goes for Inno and Renavoid; their work might not be "canonical" - but then, neither is all of Ady's. You seem to think I merely want my friend to be in the "official in crowd". I don't. I want recognition where recognition is due; and just because you are unaware of a thing doesn't make it any less real, dusty.

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Should I remind you that Innocence won an award last year but he didn't even bother to show up at the ceremony? Even more: he sent the award back to Grido when Grido dispatched it. So no! He doesn't deserve to be called "Legend". EVERYBODY received credit for their work (sooner or later) so don't give me the "he works for the community but he is not credited bla bla" speech cause I will not accept it.

Work with the AL? You mean: screw with the AL! Both Renavoid and Innocence! And I will not even start talking about Adi's work.

So again, I say (it's just my personal opinion but I hope it will count) NO! No to Innocence as a legend because he does not deserve it. Period.

LE: I just saw Ud's post. YES! Those are the persons that SHOULD be called Legends!

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You can't have it both ways, dusty. If Cutler deserves recognition, and he does, then so do Inno and Renavoid. You don't want to talk about Ady or the AL? Good! You don't seem to have anything to contribute to the subject other than your dislike for it. People have spent long hours trying to contribute to MD, and sometimes their work gets rejected, sometimes it gets used, sometimes it is used and later discarded, and sometimes it becomes "lore". All of these contributors deserve to be considered legends. Anyway, you've had your say, and I've had mine. Shall we agree to disagree and move on?

For the record, Udy, I agree with your list, except that everybody but Morrel and Glor (I think) were on the list I saw already. I give Fyrd a big thumbs-up, too - the guy has put a LOT of effort into MD.

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No. I want to know what exactly did Innoncence do to IMPROVE MD? Or what did he do that is worth mentioning and that entitles Innocence to be called a legend?
As I said: what he did with the AL is pure crap. One of the reasons AL got stopped is the "work" Renavoid and Innoncence did.

And it's not about both ways because there IS JUST 1 WAY. Innocence is just a normal player that didn't stand out of the crowd other by having you as a friend (apparently).

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Don't be juvenile, dusty. What did Cutler do to improve MD? His astral plane was entirely deprecated. But anyone who remembers it remembers the amount of effort he put into it. He wanted to improve MD. He got too far from Mur's vision. So it goes: it's Mur's playground, and we play in it because he allows us to.

Renavoid thought he could help improve MD, and for a long time he had Mur's support. Surely you remember that. MP1 ring a bell? He enjoyed many extraordinary powers for quite a while, and while you might not have liked the work or respect the considerable amount of research he did (as I did not, particularly), you cannot deny that what he did was significant and had a significant impact on MD.

Some of the work Inno did was NOT deprecated, but if you want details, I suggest you take it up with Mur. You're the one with the problem over a courtesy title, a trifling remembrance. And as a character, Inno has had a very substantial impact, far more than you may be willing to admit. S/he is more than "just my friend". Inno altered the experience of MD for a sizable group of influential characters - just ask around. That is remarkable in its own right.

Indyra - by my standards, anyone whose presence strongly impacted the experience of MD - for better or for worse - is a legend. Many characters come and go leaving only brief impressions, but some leave strong, lasting impressions on many players, giving the game experience a certain tone while they're in it. With huge charismatic personae such as Khalazdad, MRD, and BigC, there's no argument at all. It's the second-tier "legends" that seem to be at issue here. It is my feeling that, given the list MB put together, a very liberal understanding of "legend" should be understood.

[b]LE: Touché, Rhaegar. I'll shut up now.[/b] :)

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Yikes. Advice from a guy who has been through the whole Legend quagmire one too many times.

When you broadly ask the question, "Who do you consider Legendary?" the responses are going to inevitably be varied and subjective. To Tarquinus, a person who I believe values Roleplay above stat-grinding and other amusements, of course finds Innocence to be one of the top-tier players of our humble realm. Innocence does it often, does it well, and has been slighted on prior occasions (which is not to say that Innocence has totally avoided being rewarded. He has, sometimes, been recognized.) DST, on the other hand, is renowned for her abiding hatred of all things overly-dramatic and obscenely fictional (pregnancy, Lore, etc.), and admires coding and quests (hence, Fryd and Cutler). The fact that the two players within page one of this board have disagreed, unfortunately, exactly mirrors previous attempts, mine and others, to find some sort of objective way to discern who is and is not Legendary.

Quoting Tarquinus, "Anyway, you've had your say, and I've had mine. Shall we agree to disagree and move on?" To which DST responded that no, she would like to hear your reasons. We're all somewhat entitled to express our own opinions, and equally entitled to ask for further proof.

So: my possibly irrelevant suggestion is that if you are going to suggest a Legend, you must have a listing of their accomplishments, impacts, etc., and it should be specific and researched. And, if you are going to contradict or argue against someone's suggestion, your backing should be stronger (to be decided by Bunny, I suppose). But please, knocking down other idols simply because it doesn't align with your own evaluation of their "Legendary" qualities is incredibly egocentric. We value by different scales, so go about your arguments with tact. Feelings get wrapped up in our role-models.

If I have anything to say about the matter of Legends: the people that leave true impacts seldom need canonization and chapters in books.


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By your standards Inno doesn;t meet your own requirements. You've mentioned strong characters : Khalazdad, MRD, and BigC . Each of them had a big impact in MD as a character for their roles. I do not see such implication from Innocence( but that's my own oppinon). By your own definition i see more fitted Z , Awi or phantasm , not Cutler or Inno. When i first had the idea of this festival i meant as legend people who had a great impact on our lives, who helped us develop , take a stand for our self , understand where we fit in this world. If there are some who consider Inno has done this , they are welcomed to bring arguments. Udgard's proposal is appropiate since it;s referring strictly to game play.

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Cutler improved the experience players had. He offered his work to EVERYONE. His quests were always a thrill. He was and still is a valuable asset to MD due to his skills and due to the fact that he's willing to use them for players' benefit.

What did Innoncence do? Help you and a few others from the "elite group". I haven't seen him ONCE doing something for the community.
And no! I will not go to Mur. He's not the one to propose Innocence as a legend. YOU are so I expect you to give reasons for it. So far you only said that he is a legend cause he helped with the AL. Bs! Then you say that Innocence "has had a very substantial impact" but you refuse to give details. I am a noob when it comes to Innocence work so if you expect me to accept him as a legend I except you to give reasons.

Imo Innoncence did <insert bad word here>. He stays in the Ivory Tower. He's too good to talk to us, mortals. When he received an award he refused it with a flick of hand. He's too smart for us, normal players.

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