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S0S Design Quest 01


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The device must have 2 switches.
One emergency off. (not to be counted in the 2 switches.)
An enclosed power source that is perpetual.
An amplifier.

This quest will run for one month and is open to everyone. Yes that includes Lorerootians, and even
Muratus Del Mur.

The reward will be negotiable pending on the person, and the actual submission.

The device must be able to function in MD and have a real purpose.

If you have any questions regarding this quest refer to the forum and post your questions there, and I will
try to refrain from making any rude remarks.

Also, it is suggested that you wait to post your actual submission for the quest until near the end as
others may steal or improve upon your ideas.

You are all warned now this may be part of a multiple chain quest.
[center][center]P.S. Lick it.

[size=6]On hold until further notice.[/size][/center][/center]

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  • 2 weeks later...

SOS = Save Our Ship, a cry for help?

Or is SOS an acronym for something you expect us to know?

The only way we can design a device that "works in MD" is using MDScript on a clickie or item... yes?

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SoS is Seal of Six

I believe work in md, would possibly mean be able to function somehow within the MD realm, not just as a clickie but taking whats known about the realm and finding a useable way for it. Though that is just my guess.

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In terms of work in MD, a logical function, not literal, so a clickie would not be necessary, and would be far to limiting to majority of people.
SoS Does stand for Seal of the Six...

So something like a toaster would be out of the question...

I hope this clears a bit up...

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No it is not, thanks pip for answering my ISP has been having issues recently...

I do not recommend trying to figure out the whole picture for this "quest" yet as there is still about 90% of the information to it's intended goal missing. Inner magic will happen when it happens, at this point from my perspective, I would actually rather not see it implemented (at this time) but thats another topic....

If you are set on trying to figure out the point though, look at what I have done in the past as, all things I have done, and will do connect in some way and at some time...

But I would rather people just try the quest for now and see where it leads, taking it as it for what it is.

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I hereby present my submission: The Angien.

(Device can be sold for the proper reward)

First, two switches. Each switch can only be flipped when certain conditions are met, creating a change within the device.

The switch will be labelled "Upgrade".

The emergency button is called CTC- a secret code that when used will reset the device back to the original state, however it has to be passed to another person to happen. This always works, unless you happen to be restricted by other special forces.

The enclosed power source is perpetual and keeps the being alive, unless one is so dumb as to empty the vitality- then it becomes useless, but exists as matter still, using all of the energy to sustain itself. This self sustaining always happens.

The amplifier is the ve it holds- creating an effect of burning others, only possible at the last stage.

The real purpose? To burn trees your enemy might set on defense.

P.S. Any further switch pressing beyond the first two times is not included within the guarantee.

I have been asked to show proof that I designed it:

(All to be taken humorously.)

Frankenangien...er, *cough cough*, I mean The Angien!

Read from right to left.

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Devise : Anti- Farting Nose Clip


2 Switches : It has Two Uni controlled switches(Both ON/OFF)
One Emergency off : A weak link button in the center of the Back spring. If in case the Spring gets stuck and if u can't take the clip out. Then u can simply Apply pressure In the weak link Button. It will Break by a normal hand pressure = 1.5699 KN* 10^8 rascal Square root of 9 / 6.
Enclosed power source : U don't need any electric eel nor Wind to run this devise. The Spring Holds all the Power it requires.
Perpetual : The copper spring is ever lasting. Need min maintenance.
Amplifier : The nose Plug act as amplifier. The bigger the Dia.of the Nose plug the better it defend form farting gases.
Function in MD : It function as a defense purpose. Can be implemented in MD.
Have a real purpose : Its a very good defense against Granos Farting Attack.
Rumors says members of the 'Save Our Soul alliance(SOS)can also perform this amazing Rituals. So Prevention is better than cure

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  • Root Admin

I wish to sponsor this quest (as ruler of the Tb).

The sponsorship will vary depending on the winning item. Let me know when a winner is named and i shall decide then a suitable sponsorship. I wish to have no involvement with the progress of this quest or any decision regarding the winning item, thats Granos business. If I consider the item to be "not worthy" i will stil sponsor, the quest, as i said.

I need to make all these empty specifications because some tend to think that if i sponsor it means it will be functional or that they get in my grace somehow, or that its involved to inner magic or whatever... "for the record", i have no clue what this quest is about but i appreciate that part where it sais "item be functional in md"..something so many forget when roleplaying nonsense.

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So Granos, you’ve got Shadow’s submission “All to be taken humorously”, you’ve got Tipu’s “Anti-farting nose clip”, and Mur saying he has “no clue what this quest is about”.

This quest went 10 days before I was the only one with the courage to try to get you to explain what you were talking about. For that I get insulted in your tag line. Thank you very much. You have shown us where your interests lie.

Fyi – 16 very active months in the realm and I have never seen an rpc or spell doc. Note that all we’ve got from the obsolete description of Inner Magic is “create a good logic for the spell and back it up with research about the parties involved and it will happen”.

Your response to my PM was to tell me to post on the forum, so here it is.

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Actually within 10 minutes people contacted me asking me about it (as well as other members of the SoS), but regardless, my interests? Assume what you will and by all means attempt to convince others of what you seem to think they may be, in the end your wasting your own time and others (Nonsense like that accomplishes nothing.) Like with this post you just will come off as foolish. If you feel the need to make obtuse remarks, when trying to understand something then you should expect a slap, simple as that.

As for belittling the entries, you seriously have issues, if you feel the need to do that when you even claim to not seem to understand this quest, otherwise why would you be so obtuse? Or are you trying to play crusader and make it seem like your asking questions for something so simple (even Tipu* got it right away-no offense) for the benefit of others as another act of self promotion leeching off of someone else?

Simply, attempt it and learn from it, before you scrutinize others...


Do not.

Also as for the spell documents, in the 16 months you've been active, you should have taken a look at the main page.

[i]*I use Tipu as an example because English is not his native language.[/i]

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Soul Aspirator

The device is intended to silence the dead once and for all. A sucker is placed over the mouth of the corpse and after the on/off switch is driven, the soul is sucked inside the device. Once there it will be transformed by an amplificator into energy source that will feed the power supply of the device. The second switch controls fotovoltaic cells to feed the power source for the first use. And an emergency button if anyone wishes to stop the process or change mind about silencing the corpse.

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[b]Electrified Mace[/b]

Kidnap a small group of Tiny men from Golemus and explain that their job as a group is to keep the mace running, by running
Take one Tiny Man and explain he is the first chosen one for such a serious task
Place Tiny Man in sphere made of insulating material
Wrap wound wire around insulating sphere
Place sphere inside conductive larger sphere so it has enough space to rotate
Cover conductive sphere in spikes made of same material
In bottom of spikes place magnets of opposing polarities opposite each other on the sphere to create fields

The Tiny Man will run and your mace will become electrified as electricity will jump from the wire to the outer sphere and spikes.
Tiny Man...in theory...should be safe...sort of...

[b]Switch one[/b] - Locks inner sphere revolution
Place mace head on ground, twist handle right

[b]Switch two[/b] - releases inner sphere revolution
Place mace head on ground, twist handle left

[b]Emergency Stop[/b]
Place mace head on ground, push button within handle.
A central arm will break the central sphere and squish the Tiny Man.
Replace central enclosed power source to get it to work again.

[b]Amplifier[/b] - dunk target in a river before use or make sure your target is a living being.

[size="1"]- King of Golemus has not sanctionned such a device
- Tiny man may become exhausted, so good command of your power source is required
- Im not a physicist but im assured by one that in theory this should work...
- There were no rules against slave labour[/size]


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[quote name='Phantom Orchid' timestamp='1311099187' post='88288']
How can you have an enclosed, perpetual power source? That would violate the first and/or second law of thermodynamics.

I am not convinced this is possible, but I eagerly await to have my mind blown by a successful entry!
It doesn't seem possible in RL terms with current human technology, but this is MD, we have magic :P

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Quadrant Amalgamation Device

-Device is intended to hold up to four different substances in four seperate chambers (which are removable if a different material is needed to contain a substance), and to allow those substances to mix together in a fifth chamber in the middle
-The device is big enough to (approximately) cover an average desk, with parts underneath
-The first switch is actually a set of four, each controlling a doorway to one chamber
-The second switch changes the mode between mixing and extraction
-The power source is a viscous fluid flowing through a tube that is lined on the inside with memory stones, which will absorb heat. The fluid flows overtop of the stones and creates friction and therefore heat, which is used to power the device
-The amplifier is extraction mode. For extraction mode to work, you must donate some of your own heat to the device and use that to make the viscous fluid in the "friction generator" move faster, and create more energy for a small amount of time
-The emergency off is a lever which removes the support underneath the result chamber, causing it to fall. The chamber can then be emptied if it is safe to do so, or disposed of entirely. Emergency off also closes all four chamber doors if they are not already.
-The mode can only be changed to extraction if all four doors are closed

More may be added if I think it's necessary.

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Hard to believe, I got a cold in summer.Thus I had a lot of time to ponder...

I tried to think something that could be useful in this times of intoxicating spores and unexplainable deaths. Then I noticed that some creatures, like grasans for example, lack this, so I created it:


Short description: THE_NOSE uses the power generated by abdominal muscles to let the air in and out of your lungs, while filtering and polishing it with its internal hair.


Functioning: No particular action to perform in order to make it work, just plug it to your face. Due to the nature of the lubrication liquids that cover its inner surfaces, THE_NOSE needs two simple maintenance procedures to be performed. The two buttons, A and B, accomplish to this task.

First maintenance procedure: press button A down to the bottom while blowing with decision to clear the left hand channel from impurities.


Second maintenance procedure: press button B down to the bottom while blowing with decision to clear the right hand channel from impurities.


Amplification:THE_NOSE can amplificate the vibration generated by air while passing through its channels. To use this option simply push gently with your fingers into the depicted position and blow with decision
THE_NOSE's external walls will start to resonate making a loud and funny noise.

Emergency off: No need for one by default. In case of emergency simply open your mouth, THE_NOSE will stop to function by himself.

Since using THE_NOSE could come out to be a bit unnatural at the beginning for someone who is not used to, THE_NOSE can be equipped with a leather band at the bottom. This ensure that the mouth will keep closed while THE_NOSE is working.
An emergency strip (denoted by the letter C into the picture) will suddenly release the fastener in case of malfunctioning of THE_NOSE.

[log=Enhanced version of THE_NOSE]
For an advanced user: does not include the mouth wrapper.

Edited by VonUngernSternberg
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@VonUngernSternberg, yours is truly amazing!!! :))


A magical mirror.
Somehow close to the concept of 'Mirror ritual spell', this mirror has a 'swallow creature' switch that consent you to capture inside one creature of your last opponent's army (based on combat log).
For this purpose it requires heat (based on the xp of the creature you want to steal).
Due to its never-ending natural reflective power, the mirrors channels his memory (this item requires a Memory Stone to be crafted) into an heat amplifier (let's say k=100), so that you can capture a creature with xp=1.000.000 using 10.000 heat.
The captured creature is glowing, lost inside the mirror world, and can be used in fights by the new owner, for a certain amount of time (this item requires Timeless dust to be crafted, if you craft it using 10 amount of Timeless Dust, let's say you can own the creature for 10 mins).
As time expires, the creature becomes permanently inactive, so can be sent back to the owner. Can be… It has a "free creature" switch for this purpose.
The mirror can hold only one creature at each time. It's an item, with it's id, and an associated code (captured creature's CTC).
The "emergency button" is something odd: the mirror can be crushed by one particular item (which can actually exist in MD or being implemented for this purpose: what about a dagger..?).
If this happens, the mirror is no longer usable, and the creature comes back to its original owner.
Thus, if you play fair, you can use it anytime you have the required heat, for the amount of time explained before.
If you want to keep this creature for yourself (actually stealing it), even if it's no longer usable, you have to be aware of the man with the dagger… It can be anyone. :ph34r:
Obviously, the stolen creature can't be sacrificed, it can exit the mirror only thru the "free" switch (which transfers it back to the original owner), or when the mirror is broken.
Further info available on request.

To be crafted, this item requires:
1 common mirror,
1 Memory stone,
X amount of Timeless Dust (the more, the merrier)
1 mirror ritual stone,
2 camera-style switches
magical words


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[center][size="5"][font="Impact"]Something from Nothing[/font][/size][/center][font="Microsoft Sans Serif"]

There is an inherit problem with an enclosed, perpetual energy, because that violates the first and/or second laws of thermodynamics. The closest I came is to utilize energy from the attraction/repulsion of magnetism and from splitting Aether - that creates more positive energy needed to initiate and maintain the flow of negative energy from Aether (for Aether contains energy)

Spinning magnetic bubbles in a magnetic field is one way to split Aether and release negative energy (ie. source of negative photons and so-called ‘cold’ electricity). Both have energy / force gradiants which may be released (similar method as splitting atoms for atomic bomb). This creates a darkening of sorts, antigravity (since it cancels gravity field), and cooling.

Basically, there are small magnetic bubbles and magnetic rolling tracts within the main magnet. When you spin said magnets (see picture below, not my picture but there to show the idea), it splits the Aether and dark/negative energy is created/released - which repels or cancels gravity.

[img] http://www.transproducts.net/ag/large_seg.jpg[/img]

Like an atomic bomb, and probably more dangerous, it releases energy from a closed system.

Again, the magnetic bubbles are on rollers and roll around center ring at high speed. This releases negative energy out of Aether and causes negative entropy – which perpetuates and speeds up the rollers even faster (closest I can come to perpetual energy).

[img] http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/40/Logarithmic_Spiral_Pylab.svg/220px-Logarithmic_Spiral_Pylab.svg.png[/img]
[img] http://wikicompany.org/wiki/images/Hopf_map_001hor.gif[/img]

Switch #1 – the initial ‘push’ to get this device going, let’s call it the ‘on’ switch, would require heat fusion to initiate the spinning of the magnetic bubbles.

Switch #2 - The ‘off’ switch would be a spell to stop its movement (ie movelock spell).

Amplifier – depends on intention. SoS would probably want to ‘grease’ the rollers with black water.

Emergency switch – [s]This would be… well, I honestly have no idea. This is a really scary device and should probably not be constructed in the first place because of how dangerous it is. But, if one were to be made, then an emergency off switch would be essential – even if ultimately futile, it would give the person trying to stop it an illusory sense of control in a hopeless/powerless situation.[/s] [b]Mur's red button![/b][/font]

[center][sub]“I made one great mistake in my life,” Albert Einstein said on the morning of November 11, 1954, “...when I signed the letter to President Roosevelt recommending that atom bombs be made; but there was some justification - the danger that the Germans would make them.”

Disclaimer: I do not know how to resize images in forum posts. sry. Also, I draw crap pictures so the ones posted are only to give you an idea/framework of device[/sub][/center]

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