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    Through the looking-glass.
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    Music, especially parody, storytelling, puzzles. In RL I'm a scientist, gardener, writer, jack of all trades, and raise fish, cats, and boys. My wife is a professional musician/teacher.
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    Fyrd Argentus, Fetch, Bongo++

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  1. The day will come when we want to generate a wave of new players, who will form a self-reinforcing community, which grows.  LIke lighting the pilot on a furnace.  We may have but one chance.  How do we selectively reach ONLY people who communicate & by typing chat, and would be into MD?  Give it thought.  Prepare yourself mentally for the day.  Don't burn your friends out on lonely solo ventures into GWI.

    1. Mallos


      Reinforce player interaction mechanically... The onus is often on the players when community activity is in question, but the game itself has a huge quotient for mechanical solutions and these should be present. The further time goes on the less need you have to interact with anyone, as all the barriers of you being new are lifted you become independent. Few things require actual cooperation currently.

      I think of things like the billboard at fortunes well being a signup page for quest givers/quest takers, not quests as we know them today, but quests in typical video game style like fetch quests, simple trade interactions, an "I need this done please" style similar to treasuries as we have them, specific input and output.

      I imagine we can have stats given based on player interactions, stuff that really takes two or more parties to agree or collaborate on something and the end result is like the now hidden "testing" (or whatever it was named) stat, that these hidden stats will have positive affects towards other objects in the game such that a player will need or want to raise these stats although not consciously.

    2. ignnus


      sorry to rp here, also can't read that one sorry @mallos

      currently it can be thought as i'm just wandering the (necrovion?) wilds in a beast form. I don't think i'll be back soon from there outer journeys, or rather i can't quite.

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