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Lowest ID Coin

lone wolf pup

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Currently looking at a silver coin with ID 200 (Necrovion) And was wondering if anyone else have a lower ID coin.. this may not be important but was wondering if anyone else have a coin with lower ID and what land it belongs to. >>

Side note, if a similar topic about this was made, I searched for Lowest and ID.. not so much for coin..

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Coins didn't get imprinted with a land until about half a year ago, so the coin won't be imprinted with the land it was originally given to, but with the land of the owner at the moment it was first given away after they became different for each land.

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  • Root Admin

Using magic i can tell the oldest coin traded the last couple months is this one

[attachment=3047:oldest coin.jpg]

You also need to remember that coins have ID's just like items, Meaning that the "first" item id, wont nesscarily be a coin, Much more likely to be an item of some kind.

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Yeah, there was a conversation about first item ID while around Mur. Thanks Chewett! So as far as I'm concern it was Czez who had the first coin after Mur >> I guess this can be closed or open.. I'm satisfied with that..

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[color="#CCCCCC"]Ann. 695 - [2009-02-25 22:45:01 - Alpha 8][/color]
Two new items added in the MD Shop, both for increasing skills permanently by 2%. These new items also give you one silver coin each. The silver coins are similar to the items distributed until now (around 140) and will be used within same interface as them. Because of the large number of "coin items" that will appear in the realm from people buying these two new boosters, they will be a good trading currency. No additional support or automated pricing will be added in the feature. The trading of items is up to each one of you, the coins are just an additional "reason", feel free to use it any way you can think of, from quest rewards to markets.

The original announcement regarding coins says there were around 140 items in the world when they were first introduced, so the oldest coin should have an ID around 140. This coin could of course have gone lost through the years.

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  • Root Admin

if requested i can look that up and tell you what the lowest id coin is...unless this is a quest of some sort..i don.t want o spoil anything if someone doesn.t want me to.

a bit of history:

the markings on the coins were supposed to serve for a future role/item/ability that would allow someone to identify collectable coins among common coins, and convert or mark them to show that somehow. That role/ability/item was never done but coins are still marked differently and one day that info will serve for such purposes (coin marking, authenticating, dating, etc - role based)

(i am currently away with no way to check that id from here but i can do that monday)

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Ah well it's not for a quest I was just curious which coin is the oldest the coin, if it's not too much trouble knowing the ID of the first coin would be nice to know. Although the information behind the coins and the reason for the markings is a better find then the actual ID itself. *insert phrase* with the role/ability/item for the coin if you do finish it, and thanks for the bit of history.
All very interesting!

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[quote name='Hedge Munos' timestamp='1310788897' post='88039']
Sorry if this is a bit offtopic, but:

What is the lowest item ID? Not specifically coins. I know of an item with quite a low ID number. Just curious,

The lowest item ID would be 1, naturally :P

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