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Recent deaths and the whole hysteria


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So, apparently the recent deaths turned MD into a bunch of hysterical people.
Time to destroy some myths and share some ideas.

There is a kill spell. Nobody has it. Except the person who has the Stone Dagger.
The Stone Dagger is an item that can kill a person. However it has a really long cooldown.This means that the kings+Z were NOT ALL killed with that dagger.
IMO Z was killed just to create confusion and mass hysteria. It fits too well.
Me and Awi are NOT next to die. Why? Because of the above reason for Z's murder.

I suggest you concentrate on resurrecting the kings. Everything else is just...a jest.

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Dst just said:

They were killed with the STONE dagger.

I know of only one dagger, and that belongs to Ivorak...

But anywho, it requires a spell to revive them it said when clicking on a king. With the introductions to sand and stones, perhaps that could be of use in the ressurecting of the kings.

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Yes well as self proclaimed queen of the Underground, one can hope they wouldn't overlook you. As for being killed with the Dagger, there's no way they could have all been killed with the Dagger in such a short time. It's entirely possible there's another item out there that has killing power.

Also Ivorak doesn't have the dagger anymore.

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Self proclaimed queen of the Ug? Are you high or mad? I have NEVER said I am the queen of the UG. I am a simple guild leader. Where did you get that idea?

Ivorak gave the dagger away.

I've heard (not confirmed) that Mur said in chat that he doesn't have anything to do with the deaths.

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If it was the Dagger, we know who has it. But to think that a citizen of a land dared to kill his King is outregeous in my opinion. Unless he has good motives or a high salary for his actions.

If it was a spell, I have no clue who has the power to do this. What intrigues me is that the first victims were those of authority, the main Kings and Queen and afterwards Zleiphneir. Who is next and most of all, why?

P.S. That dagger isn't the only item that can kill someone. There is one more weapon as such in our realm.

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  • Root Admin

just to mention this, i have absolutely nothing to do with these death. So really dont look for answers or reasons with me as i have no answers to that nor time to investigate. My top priority at this moment (and i mean TOP priority) is to finish the cauldron.

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[i][color="#2e8b57"]Im really not sure about Z being a red-herring. One of the first things I learnt on MD is that nothing is random. [/color][/i]
[i][color="#2e8b57"]Why Z? why not Dst or Awii some other random?[/color][/i]

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  • Root Admin

Z is an either or, meaning that it possibly could have been chosen, and also possibly just been random.

If you picked someone truely random, then you wouldnt bother to really look for some kind of pattern. Wheras at the current we are looking for, and trying to ignore him from the searchs.

Effectively picking him, makes logical deductions and path following harder, since he is possibly a red herring. So you cant rule him out.

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