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Necrovion Closed - question


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Ann. 1990 - [2011-08-19 14:54:10 - Stage 10]
[b]Necrovion Closed[/b]
King Jester reached a situation where he can't rule Necrovion anymore, (and no i won't allow elections because he still has a penalty point left so tehnically he still has the crown). Due to the recent events, and the fact that all Necrovion alliances/guilds are currently DISBANDED, Necrovion remains without a social/political structure. Necrovion was from the start in a special situation. Its human inhabitants were allowed on that land by the will of the Shades, to guard it and preserve its values. As this is no longer possible in a decent manner, the LAND WILL BE CLOSED. What will happen to its current citizens, to resources present in this land, creatures, ..we shall see.
I am a bit confused - sorry if that's a noobish question....
Does it mean that only humans with special relations with Shades can enter - and those who could so far (open Necro, AP boosting) should not even try of face penalty? Or - if one can pass they may? Finally - one may enter but should be prepared that with no agreement between humans and Shades regerding NV access, Shades may react... unfriendly?

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[quote name='Vicarious' timestamp='1313851367' post='90474']
The AP is so high (666) that the only way in would be a spell.

I am not saying the spell would allow you to enter, but that would be the only work around.

not really :-P ppl are really cooperative often. I did enter NV with higher number of AP recently.... I think I can manage in terms of AP - but am not sure how to understand that NV is closed. would entering be accptable - or announcement should be understood that it would be not.

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  • Root Admin

Drach lair was closed and forbidden from entering there, it was specifically said so. Necrovion is "closed" meaning its _almost_ impossible to enter, i never said you are not allowed to enter. When you are not allowed to enter it means you are not allowed to enter even if gate is wide open with a big sign "we have cookies". It is not the case here.
Closed means the door is closed, or apartially closed as you noticed, i will however consider it closed from a political point of view, there wont be events there, there wont be any rescue missions there, you enter on your own risk and i will continue to do "partially effective" efforts to keep people out without ruling them out. If you suddenly get kicked out from there to a distant land or crushed by a 1000% skilldamage shade with 1min attacks , its your own problem, i wouldnt be able to take any complains about that since its CLOSED anyway.

666 was jesters wish while he was still operative so to say...so 666 is it. I would have put maybe more, maybe less, but still ap lock not closed gate.

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